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How to collaborate across individuals and teams

Reading Time: 3 minutes While Hightail makes it easy for teams to collaborate, there are certain permission levels for each user’s account, depending on their subscription tier. Can a Hightail Lite user upload even larger files if it’s to a Teams or Business plan user’s Space? Does a Pro plan user have more collaboration… Read more

Monday June 10, 2019  •   3 minutes read

Hightail 101: How to share files

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Wednesday May 29, 2019  •   2 minutes read

New secure features for sharing files

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sending and receiving files with Hightail just became an even more secure, streamlined experience. In the latest release for Hightail, we’ve introduced new features to help ensure your content is shared only with the people you want to share it with, and in the way you would like them to… Read more

Monday April 15, 2019  •   3 minutes read

3 drivers to consider for on-site agency operations

Reading Time: 3 minutes As companies look to improve their marketing agility and cost-cutting efforts, many are bringing their agency partners on-site. According to James Sanderson, managing director, Wunderman Inside, on-site teams can sometimes deliver work 50-percent faster and some companies have reported saving as much as 30 percent of marketing spend. During the… Read more

Friday April 5, 2019  •   3 minutes read

Stop the madness: 6 considerations for providing better briefs

Reading Time: 2 minutes When advertising clients provide creative briefs or statements of work (SOWs) to agencies, there is a bit of a disconnect in how those efforts are perceived. It’s “bad enough” that only 58% of clients said they provide clear assignment SOW/briefings to their agencies, according to Bruno Gralpois, co-founder of Agency… Read more

Monday March 11, 2019  •   2 minutes read

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