It’s easy to get your entire team collaborating by adding seats to your Hightail plan

Do you have new team members or external collaborators you would like to add to your Hightail Teams or Business plan?

If you are a Business customer working with the OpenText Hightail sales team, you only have to reach out to your account representative, and they will be happy to add the licenses for you. But if you purchased your plan online using a credit card and you are the administrator of the plan, it couldn’t be easier to add the licenses yourself—and you can have the new Hightail user up and running in minutes.

First, there are two places to choose from, which have “Add Seats” links that you can use to start the process.

1. The admin console

Admin console
Note: The console also shows how many seats you currently have available in your account, and how many are in use.

2. The panel you access when looking at your account settings

My account panel

Once you’ve clicked to “Add Seats,” you will see a purchase interface that allows you to select as many seats as you would like to add (unlimited for Business and until Teams accounts reach 30 members) and will show the monthly or annual cost (depending on how you have payment set up). The interface looks similar for both Teams and Business plans.

The next screen then allows you to confirm your order and/or change your credit card details.


Once you confirm payment for the new seats, they become instantly available for you to deploy and start using. And if you are ready to start using the new seats right away, you simply have to click “Add members” within your admin console.

Provide names and email addresses of anyone you would like to add, and within seconds, they will have an email to set up their new Hightail account:

Read this article to find out more about how to collaborate across teams and individuals.

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