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Goldbox streamlines team and client reviews in every dimension

Goldbox is an agency based in Oslo, Norway that specializes in telling stories through 3D visualization, animation, moving pictures and product visualization for customers in the commercial and residential real estate, advertising and entertainment industries.

After struggling with version control issues and time wasted trying to collect and sort through feedback, Goldbox needed a simple way to share and collect feedback on large multimedia files such as PDF, JPEG and MOV from internal teammates, clients and other parties involved in their projects. 

“Things were mostly done by email before.  This was quite tedious and could lead to misunderstandings or feedback not getting to the right team member,” said Petter Burhol, Partner and CEO at Goldbox.  “Hightail was the solution that addressed all these challenges we were trying to solve,” continued Burhol.  “We use Hightail every day and it has become a central part of our project pipeline.”

Goldbox leverages weekly meetings to review all assets in production and address comments from internal teammates in Hightail before sharing the finished product with their client.  “Our favorite features of Hightail include the ability to provide precise feedback on a digital asset and keep all versions and comments gathered in one place,” said Burhol.  “We save a lot of time by not having to check emails against each new version or forward feedback to team members since everyone has full visibility and can stay on the same page in Hightail.” Check out some of the awesome visualizations produced by Goldbox on their Instagram

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