Own the creative and collaborative process with Hightail

With so many businesses operating remotely, cross-collaboration tools have become a lifeline. Businesses are increasingly looking for an easy to use, all-in-one solution that offers the flexibility to respond to changing workflows and the ability to manage projects without compromising quality.

Simplify the collaboration process with Hightail.

Hightail is a cloud-based file sharing solution that allows users to send, receive, edit and synchronize files securely with anyone. Keep your entire team on the same page when working on client projects. Collect assets and feedback in one place and route content for approval. Maintain control of file versions and never miss a change in direction.

Experience better team, client and creative collaboration with Hightail.

Team collaboration without the hassle

Hightail offers high-resolution previews of generated content with the ability to track accountability of action items and maintain conversations in real-time.

Hightail allows you to:

  • Sync files from multiple locations, including Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox
  • Respond to feedback without having to leave any of your Adobe Creative Cloud applications
  • Manage all ongoing creative projects and keep your team organized with tools especially designed for visual content

Improve client feedback and project execution

Providing a seamless experience for your clients has become an important element of customer retention. Hightail offers client-ready views, the ability to provide precise comments and approval routing to track changes and authorization throughout the entire creative design process. With Hightail, we keep the file sharing and receiving process simple and effortless, so you can focus on making your deadlines.

Keep the creativity flowing

Allow your creative team to preserve its artistic and imaginative capabilities with smooth creative reviews. Hightail allows users to engage with freehand annotations, version control and side-by-side version comparison, so all of your project reviews are conveniently located in one place.

Embrace the creative process without the hassle. Experience better collaboration with Hightail.

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