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5 ways our Adobe extension cuts down on distractions

Stay in the zone with our Adobe extensions

Creatives know that it’s all about getting into the fabled ‘zone.’ We all have different strategies for it – some of us block off our calendars, some of us jam to our favorite playlists and some of us pray to the creative gods. But however we get into the zone, we all know that distractions can snap us out of it.

That’s why our Adobe integration is so great. It lets you advance your projects without the distractions that come with checking your email or slack channel. Here’s how our Adobe integration lets you stay focused while getting your work done:

1. Share files directly with reviewers

Whether your reviewers are internal or external, you can share Photoshop and Illustrator files without leaving the app. So if you’re done with one project, you don’t need to leave Adobe before starting on your next endeavor. You can invite members to a ‘Space’ and even add notes to them about next steps or with questions you have.

2. Automatic previews

You get it, it’s easy to share files with reviewers. We make the whole process even easier with our automatic previews and streams – they let you share files with stakeholders that don’t have Adobe. You don’t have to export to a PDF or other format and your stakeholder doesn’t have to download a large file every time there’s a change.

3. Stay in sync

With our Adobe extension, you’ll never again find yourself combing through file names ending in, and ProjectX.final_v.2. Once you’ve made changes, you can simply sync the latest version to Hightail for review. And you can even notify stakeholders that’s there a new version for them to review.

4. Add feedback

Another way you can avoid the distractions lurking in your inbox and chat logs is by adding comments and feedback about designs directly from Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. You can add comments when you’re syncing a new file or even just as a one of note. And when you mention as stakeholder in the comment, they’re automatically notified.

5. Request follow-ups and approvals

Now that it’s time to finish your project and move on to the next one, you can ask someone to follow up on something or ask for a final sign-off. And to make sure stakeholders don’t forget what’s on their plate, without leaving Adobe you can assign due dates to your follow ups and even add a to-do item for a reviewer.

Staying in the zone and minimizing distractions helps you get to final faster. That’s why our Adobe plugin is such a critical component of using Hightail. You can get work done without the distractions that go along with email, slack channels or other messaging apps.

See how it works:

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