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Remote collaboration built for creatives

Over the last 24 months, the onset of remote work has changed the way individuals and teams work together. For creative professionals, this has drastically shifted the collaboration process. Even though your team may not be working together in an office doesn’t mean you can’t keep the same level of collaboration going. That’s why finding a collaboration tool that meets your needs is so important.

While there are many tools on the market, not all of them provide a comprehensive way to share and collaborate like Hightail. Hightail gives you the freedom to own the creative process no matter where you work.

Why invest in a collaboration tool?

Collaboration tools, like Hightail, offer creative professionals the ability to work together without the hassle, improve the client experience and keep the creativity flowing.

When it comes to collaboration, Hightail gives you the flexibility to import files from Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox, respond to feedback without having to leave any of your Adobe Creative Cloud applications and manage all ongoing creative projects. This makes it easier to share files with external partners or clients. With high-resolution previews of generated content and the ability to track accountability of action items, Hightail ensures your creative workflow keeps moving.

Tips for remote collaboration

In a recent blog, we elaborated on the 6 ways you can collaborate remotely. Whether you’re scheduling kick off calls, writing briefs or using integration tools to sync different elements of a project, combining these processes with a tool like Hightail can take your creative collaboration to the next level.

Hightail offers four features that enable your team to keep the creative process moving:

  • File sharing: Keep the sharing process simple and secure. Send, receive and store files in the cloud with ease. Automatically notify recipients and preview files easily.
  • Collaboration: Collect assets and feedback in one place, have conversations in real-time and assign and manage tasks.
  • Project management: Organize teams, create to-dos, assign follow-ups and request approvals.
  • Apps and integration: Access your content when you need it. Import from cloud storage and integrate with Adobe Creative Suite and OpenText Media Management.

Get to final faster with Hightail

Whether you’re working in-house or in an agency setting, remote and hybrid work will affect how teams harness their creative energies to produce award-winning campaigns and align their work to client needs. Don’t let the distance impact your team’s ability to collaborate.

Hightail’s features give your team the ability to collect feedback from multiple reviewers in one place, share files with ease and manage creative projects with tools made for visual content. Start a project to manage creative assets, feedback, decisions and approvals in one location.

Don’t take our word for it. Begin a free trial of Hightail today.

Our 14-day trial gives you the opportunity to share large, multimedia files securely with anyone, collect precise feedback on file previews in real-time, manage project files, tasks and approvals in one place and integrate with many of your favorite productivity tools.

Curious about our plans? Click here to find the one that’s right for you.

Experience better team, client and creative collaboration with Hightail.

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