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Why Use Content Collaboration?

The makeup of creative teams has changed. Remote or hybrid work is the “new normal” – meaning many teams nowadays are distributed by default. And teams comprising full-time employees, contingent workers and third-party service providers are now commonplace.

Because of this, content collaboration is more important than ever to the success of creative enterprises.

How does content collaboration work?

Content collaboration refers to a secure file-sharing platform that supports the modern digital workplace and helps teams enhance creativity and efficiency.

Hightail, our content collaboration tool, is specifically designed for creative teams. It’s a snap to use: Just start a new project, upload key files and share what you want with relevant stakeholders.

From there, your team will be able to view creative assets such as images, videos and a wide variety of other supported file types. You also send messages, leave comments, assign tasks, request approvals and much more – all from within a single tool!

Content collaboration offers a number of benefits to creative teams:

1. Everyone stays in the loop

With content collaboration, you don’t have to worry about getting lost in an email chain or forgetting to CC your boss on an important email. All work communications happen in one place, eliminating miscommunication and duplicated messages.

2. Faster feedback

Content collaboration speeds up communication and creative review on big projects. You don’t have to wait for all members of your team to review items one at a time. Instead, multiple users can provide real-time feedback simultaneously.

3. Easier team collaboration

Using content collaboration helps teams work better together. All users can view high-resolution previews of large files directly in the browser – without having to download them. Since platform users can view and comment on files at their convenience, content collaboration also helps when teams are working asynchronously.

4. Seamless client collaboration

Hightail’s approach to content collaboration is built around Spaces: centralized repositories where a project’s shared creative assets are stored. This makes it easy for your clients to preview your high-resolution images, large files and videos – and comment directly on the project and provide their feedback in context. This allows for clear and timely approvals, eliminating the need for multiple revisions, increasing efficiency and leading to faster overall project completion.

5. Project management

Hightail allows team leaders to assign follow-ups to tasks with due-dates and @mention specific users to define responsibilities more clearly. It’s an easy way to keep everyone on track and make sure they know what’s coming next on the project.

6. Version management

Hightail also allows you to see past versions or drafts of projects, and always ensures that everyone is working on the most recent version. With everyone on the same page, creative teams save time and money – and reduce frustration and duplicated effort.

Getting started with content collaboration

Creative teams today need to work together efficiently and effectively. Content collaboration is one of the best ways to make it happen. To learn more about how get started with content collaboration – and how to get more out of Hightail – check out our article on How to Hightail.

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