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Secure sharing made easy with IBM Connections

As the leading social network platform for enterprises, IBM Connections helps businesses share ideas and work together more effectively using the power of a social network. The rich visibility and interaction through Community, Project and Files components keeps everyone on the same page. But when users want to share files externally, the workflow can be more challenging.

When ideas become files, when a vision becomes a dot JPG, dot DOC, dot PDF reality, Hightail for IBM Connections ensures social power isn’t begrudgingly replaced by more mundane services like email, FTP or shared servers. By bringing the power of Hightail to Connections, users can share files created there to external partners without leaving Connections. They can also use Hightail’s sharing controls to ensure that content remains secure, even when going beyond the company’s firewalls.

External file sharing

When it’s time to share your work with an external client or partner, don’t break your workflow. Simply hit “Share” and use Hightail to send your files to anyone without leaving Connections. You can also securely send any document from My Files by clicking “Send File with Hightail.”

Share files beyond your corporate firewall with Hightail.

Share files beyond your corporate firewall with Hightail.

Keeping your data secure

Hightail builds on Connections’ security-rich foundation, giving you complete control over the files you share with options like passwords, identity confirmation, expiration dates and return receipts.

Securely send your files using Hightail controls like passwords, expiration dates and identity confirmation.

Securely send your files using Hightail controls like passwords, expiration dates and identity confirmation.

File tracking provides complete insight in all your sharing activity. You can track who has seen the latest version of a file and what actions that person has taken on their document.

Hightail Activity Stream

From the Hightail Activity Stream, users can keep track of files they’ve sent or received, right from their Connections homepage.

File Activity Hightail for IBM Connections

Clicking on View All within the Activity Stream, users get more details of the files that they have sent or received.

Enterprise-grade tracking and monitoring

Your Hightail account administrator can manage security controls and set policies such as requiring specific controls to always be used when sharing files. He or she can white or blacklist specific domains to ensure that users are only sharing files with trusted partners.

All Connections activity is available in the Hightail Usage Report, providing insights into how users are using Hightail for Connections and helping to monitor for any suspicious activity.

Hightail Usage Report

Hightail makes sharing files without leaving IBM Connections easy and secure. Whether you’re a Chief Marketing Officer, designer or an IT admin, let Hightail extend the power of your IBM Connections.

Contact us to get Hightail for IBM Connections

We’re #HighlyInspired by…the unnaturally natural

Our latest guest artist Ricky Montalvo has been inspiring us with his deadpan contrasting of natural objects and urban landscapes. And we now have a new favorite tree: the mighty Ficus microcarpa.

As Ricky’s #HighlyInspired series comes to a close, we round up some of his photos and our favorite user submission.

Parking lot Ficus microcarpa

Parking lot Ficus microcarpa

Neighborhood Ficus microcarpa

Neighborhood Ficus microcarpa

A juniper tree in an industrial park in Mountain View.

A juniper tree in an industrial park in Mountain View.

 picture of a tree reflected in an office building window

Submitted by Sallensmae: “Here’s a cool picture of a tree reflected in an office building window.”

You can see more of Ricky’s photos (and meet our next artist) on our #HighlyInspired Tumblr.


Email just got a little smarter

With all the buzz in the news around cloud collaboration solutions I know it is hard to believe that email is still the number one form of sharing and storing files for business professionals. On any given workday there are about 108.8 billion business emails sent/received and many of those emails have file attachments. That is a lot of data and information that isn’t easy to find or engage with once you receive it.

Sharing/editing/searching files becomes exponentially more difficult once you are on the go. Smartphone penetration is surpassing 68% in the US allowing the flexibility for more business savvy users to check email through their mobile devices. In most cases, a mobile user has to wait until they get back to their office to edit or take action on the file attachments they receive in their mobile inbox. However, if those attachments were automatically put into their cloud storage accounts, the files could be viewed, edited or shared right from your mobile device.



Currently, it takes numerous steps to get file attachments to your cloud storage accounts. At Ooberdocs, we make getting email file attachments to your cloud service seamless. Ooberdocs links your email to the top cloud storage providers, allowing a copy of incoming email attachments to be sent automatically into your cloud account.

Think of Ooberdocs as a traffic controller for your inbox, guiding each attachment in the right direction. Whether it’s a digital receipt from Best Buy or important brief documents from your client, those files should be deposited in you cloud storage account for easy organization and safekeeping. Ooberdocs is the trusted cloud service making that happen.

Ooberdocs now connects with Hightail. To ensure all your incoming email attachments are added to your Hightail folders automatically, join Ooberdocs for free today.

Best ways to be productive on mobile

Hightailphone(Pretty)We can all think of at least 3-4 moments a day where there are short bursts of time when we aren’t doing anything. Perhaps it’s when you are waiting the 6 minutes it takes for the barista to make your fancy latte, or when you’re waiting in the grocery line for the guy in front of you who brought 40 items into the 15 items or less line, or perhaps for you fitness buffs, while you’re on the elliptical machine or stationary bike. With that said, in order for us to be the most productive during our downtime we must have the proper mobile apps.

The right mobile apps are the key to mobile efficiency. They help you optimize workflow, organize data, remind you of tasks and those that are intuitive and user friendly are among the ones that will make being efficient on your mobile device, that much easier. We did some research and found a few apps one should consider instrumental while on the go.

A few of our favorite apps:

Evernote – A quick and easy way to take notes and set tasks for yourself across all devices. This is perfect for that moment when you’re in bed thinking about the next day’s to-do’s and you remember an email that needs to be sent out. Just log a task in Evernote on your phone and it will sync up with your desktop to remind you when you get into the office the next morning. Or how about that recipe for homemade cookies your friend has been raving about, jot it down in Evernote and have it readily available for when it’s time to get cookin’.

Garmin Fit – There are many fitness apps out there, but Garmin Fit is the perfect mix of fitness and music with a dash of GPS. It is a great way to track your fitness activities and get one step closer to your fitness goal, all while uploading a great soundtrack to go along. You no longer have to think about how many miles you’ve run, how many calories you’ve burned or even how far you are from home. Garmin Fit takes the guesswork out of fitness.

Hightail – Not to toot our own horn, but… Have you ever been out of the office and have your boss or client email you asking for a specific file? With a cloud storage and file sharing solution like Hightail you never have to worry about how you are going to access your files. With Hightail mobile apps you can access your cloud content right from your smartphone or tablet. You now have the freedom of accessing your important files and information on the fly, without having to run back to the office.

Timely – The time tracking app to end all time tracking. Schedule and log activities simultaneously. It’s a great work app, but easy enough to use for your personal life too. Let’s be honest, having to create a time sheet is cumbersome and frankly, boring. With Timely just move your existing schedule over and you’ll be logging hours simultaneously. You are even able to log next week’s hours as estimates, therefore having the ability to record hours in just seconds.

CloudOn – This app allows you to create and work on Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs, notes and to-do lists while on the go. That game changing PowerPoint presentation you and your partner have been working on doesn’t have to be put on hold because they’re on a trip to Tahiti. Project collaboration and communication while on the fly has never been simpler.

Using your time wisely and utilizing productivity apps like these will give you the tools to be more productive while still having the freedom of mobility.



Hightail partners with CA Technologies for improved enterprise experience

Hightail has partnered with CA Technologies to enable SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) for its users via the CA SiteMinder and CA CloudMinder applications. Companies using CA SiteMinder and CA CloudMinder can now seamlessly deploy Hightail and provide an improved SSO experience for their users across all of Hightail applications.CA Technology CloudMinder and SiteMinder Hightail integration

CA Technologies is one of the largest independent software corporations in the world. CA SiteMinder and CloudMinder provide secure single sign-on and flexible access management to applications and Web services either on-premise, in the cloud, from a mobile device or on a partner’s site. Both applications are deployed by top firms in almost every industry including banking, oil/gas, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and government.

These SSO applications help address several user and IT challenges. Today, users access a number of cloud and on-premise applications and most have to enter different login credentials for each application. This not only dilutes their experience, but also hinders adoption of these applications. The growing number of applications and user access points also poses greater security risks for enterprises and increases the number of help desk calls received by IT.

By partnering with CA Technologies, we can provide our enterprise customers with improved user experience as well as a faster deployment. By allowing users to access all cloud and on-premise applications through a common policy access layer, SiteMinder and CloudMinder enable users to login to Hightail using their existing enterprise login credentials, eliminating the need to remember multiple logins. Also these applications help reduce IT workload with regard to deployment and management. Companies using SiteMinder or CloudMinder as their SSO application can now add Hightail into their enterprise quickly and seamlessly. IT efforts are also reduced as they don’t have to manage one more set of user accounts.

Hightail is deployed in more than 150,000 companies and allows users to easily and securely collaborate with enterprise content. This partnership with CA Technologies is another step in enabling a better user experience and increased security for our customers. We are also compatible with other SAML IDPs such as Microsoft ADFS, OneLogin, Okta and Ping. Learn more about Hightail’s SAML capabilities here.

If you are an existing Hightail customer and want to enable SAML SSO for your Enterprise account, then contact

If you want to try out Hightail for Enterprise account, then please contact us here.

Hightail named hot vendor in content management by Aragon Research

Aragon Research, a technology-focused, California-based research firm announced Hightail as a Hot Vendor in its soon-to-be released Mobile Content Management research report. 

Hightail Hot Vendor 2014 Aragon Research

Cloud vendors clearly need to be more flexible when it comes to storage and access. Currently, many enterprises are not willing to put 100% of their data in the cloud, and we agree. But, as Aragon reports, the critical issue arises when someone needs to securely share content that is stored on premise, with someone that is outside of the enterprise—like a partner, custoer or vendor. Very few options exist that enable secure content sharing outside your company’s firewall—other than Hightail.

The second issue is around access. Employees do not just want to be able to access all their data at all times on any device, but once they are on that device they want to be able to easily and quickly find the file they are looking for, no matter where it is stored. With the increased amount of data repositories that are cloud-based or on-premise, employees are increasingly having issues with locating the critical file they need now.

Aragon Research strongly recommends Hightail as a vendor that enterprises must look at based on these growing content needs. Jim Lundy, Aragon founder, stated in the report, “What makes Hightail hot is that it has successfully transitioned to a full enterprise offering, combining the original ease of use of YouSendIt with solid policies for security and control that make it easier to validate compliance. This positions Hightail well for the emerging Mobile Content Management market, which is the new way forward to manage content outside of a repository.”

If you would like to read the full report you can download it here.

Let us know if you want to learn a little more about how Hightail can help your company securely share data inside—and especially outside—your enterprise. There’s more information on our website or call us at 1 (866) 558-7363.

Four ways to leverage SharePoint information using Hightail

Microsoft claims that it has 66% penetration in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market1. SharePoint’s dominance in the ECM market is also confirmed by leading analysts including Gartner2. But despite its leadership, companies face limitations in using SharePoint. These include lack of external collaboration capabilities with partners and vendors who are outside the company firewall and secondly, limited adoption within the enterprise by the end-users. It is for these reasons that Gartner analyst Jeffrey Mann called SharePoint a tool that people are required to use, not one they want to use2.

Hightail, a leading provider of enterprise cloud solutions, offers multiple ways for enterprise users to access, manage and share content stored on SharePoint. With ‘we work where you work’ being one of our strategic tenet, we provide four ways for enterprise users to easily and securely leverage information locked within SharePoint.

  1. Native access to SharePoint

For users who prefer to work within SharePoint, but would like to easily and securely share files with external parties, Hightail for SharePoint connector brings sharing and tracking capabilities into the application. Users need not disrupt their workflow and can share files externally with only a few clicks. To prevent access of their data, users can enforce controls such as passwords, file expiration, recipient login and preview only. They can also track sent files and revoke access at any time. And finally, user controls can be mandated by the IT administrator using the Hightail Admin Console.

  1. Mobile access to SharePoint

Microsoft does not natively provide mobile access to content locked within on-premise versions of SharePoint, thus limiting users to laptops or desktops to get to their SharePoint data. Hightail for SharePoint now opens up SharePoint content to be accessed via the Hightail mobile app (iOS). With anytime content access, users are more productive and projects are turned around faster.

  1. Sync SharePoint content with Hightail

Sometimes, content needs to be moved outside SharePoint because users either do not have access to it, or choose not to use it. For these cases, Hightail allows users to sync selected SharePoint folders with Hightail and specify the sync frequency. This way, users can access the required content from within Hightail using the desktop, web or mobile apps. The sync is bidirectional, meaning edits made to the copy in Hightail are sync’d back to SharePoint thereby ensuring that SharePoint is the system of record for the content.

(This service is provided by a Hightail partner and carries additional costs.)

  1. Move SharePoint content to Hightail

In cases where companies would like to make a permanent switch to Hightail, this is made quick and painless by the ‘Move’ capability, where content is migrated in bulk to SharePoint. As the migration of data is managed at the backend, it becomes a seamless transition for users. The process replicates the users’ folder structure in Hightail so they can start working and collaborating with their content immediately.

(This service is provided by a Hightail partner and carries additional costs.)

By providing multiple ways for SharePoint users to access and share their data, Hightail provides a number of benefits to enterprise users and IT. Users can access content on the go and share content easily both within and outside the enterprise, leading to greater agility and faster turnaround of projects. IT can track file sharing and minimize unauthorized access of enterprise information. And finally, by using Hightail, the company can get greater mileage out of their investment in Microsoft SharePoint.

Learn more about Hightail’s integration with SharePoint in this blog post. You can also learn more about our Enterprise product on the Hightail for Enterprise website. 





Hightail provides sharing services for Lenovo devices

Hightail is thrilled to announce its partnership with Lenovo, one of the largest smart connected device companies in the world. Hightail is pre-loaded on select new Lenovo PCs and Windows tablets, bringing the benefits of cloud collaboration straight to Lenovo customers around the world. With the dedicated Hightail for Lenovo app, users can securely send files, share folders, sign documents and store files in the cloud for easy access across devices.  All consumers who sign up through Lenovo will immediately receive 5GB of free Hightail storage.

“Partnering with a global leader like Lenovo gives us a fantastic opportunity to grow our user base by aligning with one of the biggest, most innovative connected device distributors in the world,” said Eric van Miltenburg, Hightail’s GM of Partnerships. “Everyone needs to access and control their files across their preferred platforms and devices. Integrating with Lenovo means a unified management experience so users don’t have to think about managing their files at all.”

Data security and information control are top priorities for Hightail. Hightail utilizes Single Sign-On (SSO) to provide its business customers with a secure way of helping approved users access different services without having to remember multiple passwords. This practice of simplifying controls without compromising security is extended to consumers through a tie-in with Lenovo ID, a secure cloud-based user authentication system that provides easy management of websites, applications, media and files through a single username and password across platforms.

“We are very excited about Hightail helping Lenovo execute a more intimate user experience by integrating valuable cloud services to Lenovo ID and Lenovo’s smart connected devices,” said Mark Cohen, Distinguished Engineer and Vice President of Ecosystems and Monetization. “Providing secure and convenient access to online storage is a core element for Lenovo’s cloud strategy moving forward. Hightail has delivered on this promise of value by providing convenient and easy-to-use storage with enterprise level security.”

This new strategic collaboration delivers Hightail’s intuitive, enterprise-grade security features, including data encryption, password protection, download tracking, identity verification and file expiration dates, to Lenovo customers across the globe. Hightail will tightly integrate into Lenovo’s smart connected devices and enable secure access to any file on any device. The Hightail experience will be available across Windows, Android, and Web platforms for end users to have access to their files across multiple devices.


Customer Spotlight: Wealth Engineers

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 12.36.58 PMJonathan K. Duong, CFA, CFP® is the president of Wealth Engineers, an investment management and financial planning firm. He founded the company to provide an alternative experience to that of a typical financial advisor.  Wealth Engineers specializes in working with busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and athletes. Jonathan works to help them navigate through unique financial challenges and help them build a more confident path to achieving their financial goals.

What is your company philosophy?

I founded Wealth Engineers on three basic principles:

  1. Clients deserve advice that puts their interests first at all times.
  2. Clients take 100% of the risk. Therefore, they deserve the greatest share of the returns.
  3. Research, evidence and data should form the foundation of all recommendations.

I work very hard to uphold these principles every day, with every client.

What led you to Hightail?

Almost by default, the standard method for sending files in the professional services world is by email attachment. It doesn’t matter whether the document is confidential or publicly available, most people simply ignore the security concerns associated with email.  All too often, I see email attachments get accidentally forwarded to the wrong person.

When I started my own firm, I needed a solution that was simple, but also secure.  That led me to Hightail.

Security is of the upmost importance.

As a financial planner and investment advisor, protecting client information is critical. Many times, firms will use email to send important documents back and forth because they believe their email is secure. Though this may be true, it doesn’t guarantee that the files are protected on an end-to-end basis. As a result I needed an easy way to share confidential documents with clients and know that their information would be secure.

Simplicity is key.

Although security is a top concern, I could not ignore the fact that email is simple.I knew that if I made it difficult for a client to send me what I needed, they probably wouldn’t do it. However, in order for me to provide comprehensive advice to my clients, I needed the ability to review large files in the most efficient way possible.

How does Hightail help Wealth Engineers get the job done?

Keeping the requirements for ease of use and security in mind, I found that the Hightail Uplink feature was the perfect fit for the needs of my clients. I simply send my client a link to my Uplink page and have them drop everything they need to send me right there.  Using Uplink, a client can send me dozens of documents quickly, easily and securely. Most importantly they don’t have to log in.  Asking a client to use yet another system that required a login would be a hindrance for my business.

I also use Hightail to send documents to my clients.  I like the fact that I can schedule the file to expire on a certain date or after a limited number of downloads.  This reduces the risk of a security breach.  I also find it very helpful getting alerts when a client has downloaded a file, as it allows me to follow up with them in a timely manner.

Ultimately, as someone who serves as a fiduciary committed to putting clients first, security has to be a top priority.  For that reason, I feel much more confident having files transmitted by Hightail whenever possible.

Coffee with: Michael Johns (MJ)

Michael Johns Headshot Hightail EmployeeName: Michael Edward Johns aka “MJ”
Hometown: Dalenco, NJ
College: San Jose State University
Degree: AS in Electrical Engineering, BS in Computer Science, MS in Software Engineering
Title: Web Analytics Solutions Architect

In groovy ‘77 Michael Edward Johns (known as ‘MJ’), made the trek with his family all the way from the Industrial State of New Jersey to sunny San Jose, California, where his afro grew bigger and so did his love for all things tech.

We caught up with MJ to talk more about his determination to be successful in Silicon Valley, his passion for traveling and his love for web design.

Emmy Rey: Why tech?

MJ: I always had to work; I have been ever since I was 13. I even put myself through school. My first real job was a Systems Engineer at Xerox and everything I was working on there was always Internet based. That was when I was really indoctrinated in to the Internet. After starting there in my early 20’s, just as a way to put myself through college, I ended up staying there for 12 years. Problem was, I realized that if I was going to move up in the company I would have to go back to school at the Xerox headquarters, which was in New York I had, had my fill of the east coast. This was when I decided to start my own e-commerce business.

ER: Wow, you had your own business. What drove you to do that?

MJ: I’m ambidextrous. I am left handed and right handed, just as I am technical, but also creative. I was a web-master back in the day. I did everything from graphic design to 3D modeling to development. I grew within that role, which widened the possibilities for career opportunities Like I said, I was a hard worker starting at a very young age, so diving into my own business seemed like a way for me to do what I loved and to make my own money. I quickly learned that I didn’t know anything about the business side of it, so I guess you could say it was the school of hard knocks. It was fun, I learned a lot, but I realized I liked the security of a 9-5 and not having to worry about where your next customer is going to come from.

ER: Why Hightail?

MJ: The people I met. I looked into Hightail a year before I actually started, but was a little unsure. I then came in shortly after Brad started and all of the people I had interviewed with were great! I really liked the team I’d be working with and to me it felt like home, it felt like a family.

ER: What do you love most about your job?

MJ: Really, it’s the work that I do. I’m an engineer at heart. Although I work 9-5 I still work when I get home because I love it so much. Right now I’m building frameworks, so for me it feels creative because I get to build and develop. My girlfriend looks at me at home and always says, “What are you doing?!” I tell her I just love what I do, I’d be doing this whether I was employed or not. I’ve asked myself, why do I love it so much? Growing up I always liked puzzles and to me programming is like a puzzle; you solve the puzzle with your code. I find it challenging, but also very rewarding. It’s something tangible. I mean, you get to see the results of your work right there.

ER: Who is your hero/biggest inspiration?

MJ: I hate to sound corny, but my mother. She was a single mother, and I recognized what she did, but I never truly knew until I had my own child. Then you know, I really started to appreciate what I had. She’s always been my number one fan and supporter.

ER: What gets you going in the AM?

MJ: My alarm clock? I’m a workaholic. I’m up late every night working, until like 3am. I thrive between 10pm and 3am. I don’t really drink coffee either. I just don’t really need a lot of sleep. I even have to force myself to eat in the morning. I’m not a big eater. In fact, I’ve never even had a sip of alcohol in my entire life. I don’t really have many vices, but I would say the one vice I do have is chocolate. Yup, definitely chocolate.

ER: Hobby?

MJ: Well my work is my biggest hobby right now. A couple years ago I used to train in the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira, which is kind of a mix between dancing and martial arts. I actually met Arian, Hightail’s operation manager, that way, before I even started working here. We both trained in Capoeira. A current hobby though, I guess would be traveling. I love to travel, even if it’s just a small trip.

ER: Well, since you love to travel so much where would be your favorite place to go?

MJ: If I won the lottery tonight? I would definitely travel to Singapore. I love Singapore! I have been there a few times on business with previous jobs and the first time I went there I had an epiphany, it felt like home. There are no natural disasters and it’s so safe there; there’s no crime. It’s so clean and the people are all so nice. I guess that’s because they have so many strict rules. But yeah, I would definitely go there again.

Customer Spotlight: North by Northwest

“From the moment we capture an image with a video camera, all the way through the edit process and the final delivery, our number one goal and what we pride ourselves on is high quality.”
– Brad Kaup, Editor

North by Northwest
What they do:
Full-service digital studio focused on storytelling through film, video and the web
No. of employees: 41

North by Northwest (NXNW) specializes in digital storytelling through full service video production, television commercials, feature films, corporate web videos and web design for customers like HP, Idaho Lottery and Albertsons. NXNW needed a reliable way to send high-definition videos to clients, who varied based on their geography and technical abilities. Hightail helps their team deliver large files to clients, who can simply click a link to download the video. NXNW also uses expiration dates to control time-sensitive commercials when sharing with TV stations across the country.

We’re #HighlyInspired by: Ricky Montalvo

Hightail is celebrating our favorite photography on our #HighlyInspired Tumblr page. This month’s guest artist is San Francisco-based Ricky Montalvo. We caught up with him recently to talk turning the banal into art and finding character in Ficus microcarpa.

Ricky Montalvo photographer

How did you first get into photography?

I’ve always loved taking pictures but it wasn’t until I landed my digital cinematography role that I really got into it. Because I was doing video for a living, when it came to personal projects the last thing I wanted to do was video. So I got more into photography as means to stretch my artistic legs.

Who is your biggest photography inspiration?

Without a doubt it’s Stephen Shore. Anyone who has worked in the 70s and can turn a color photo of something bland and banal into a medium of artistic expression is an inspiration to me. His photos were never meant to be a memorializing action. He used photography to explore the world and the things around him, even if there were banal to the everyday person. I want to do the same.

What inspired the Unnaturally Natural series?

When you live in San Francisco for as long as I have, you sort of get used to the environment around you. You stop seeing things that are there all the time. One day I saw this particular tree on the street, a Ficus microcarpa, and then I started seeing them appear more and more. They are just there in unusual spots and all of a sudden they have character. I took one photo and that’s what started it.

What else inspires you?

This may sound dumb, but my two-year old kid. He can barely string two sentences together let alone know the importance of photography but I hope that, when he’s older and is looking through my cartons of photos, he will come to understand how I saw the world.

Where can we see your work next?  

I travel a lot and constantly post photos at

We’re #HighlyInspired by…futebol

The World Cup has ended leaving Germans triumphant, Brazilians in tears and a gaping hole in our schedule.

All month long, Hightail celebrated the festival of futebol with 31 photographs by Brazilian photographer, Caio Vilela. Now that everyone is compiling their favorite goals, players and games of the tournament, we thought we’d look back at our favorite Highly Inspired soccer shots.


Porto Alegre, Brazil: Every day the barefoot kids from Porto Alegre’s poor neighborhood of Vila Protasio Alves play after school matches that, for them, are always as important as a national team’s game.


Gorée, Senegal: A kid entertains himself by playing football in front of a mural in the historical center of UNESCO’s protected heritage site, Gorée Island.


Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Dozens of amateur teams practice every day on the dusty pitches next to Ouagadougou’s main football stadium. It doesn’t matter how many people get on the field, one ball is enough.


San Francisco, USA: A student from UCLA trains alone but spares some time to entertain a kid on sandy Baker Beach, just under Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.


Buenos Aires, Argentina: Kids play in a park filled with colorful murals in Diego Maradona’s home neighborhood of Boca, a place where football is part of everyday life even more than the rest of Argentina.

You can see more of Caio’s photos (and meet our next #HighlyInspired artist) on our Tumblr page.

A fresh take for Android users

Hightail has just launched a brand new Android app, bringing sharing controls, file tracking and multiple language support to your Android device. The revamped Hightail for Android—now available to download from Google play—is a great way to securely, access and share documents, photos and videos from your phone or tablet.

Android App for Hightail the TrackerIf you are ever sharing a confidential file and want to ensure that only authorized people can access it, Hightail for Android gives you complete control from your mobile. All Hightail users can choose identity confirmation and with a Professional plan you can also add passwords, change expiration dates or get notified when your file has been accessed.

Because it’s reassuring and useful to know when someone has viewed your shared file, Hightail for Android shows Professional plan users who accessed a sent file and when it happened. Plus it gives you complete tracking information and insight for all your sent and received files.

When you receive a file via Hightail, you can now tap the link in the email and access the file in the app, rather than having to use the web browser.

Plus, we’ve added single sign-on support for our enterprise users.

Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system, with a 78% global market share according to a recent IDC report, so Hightail for Android now supports eight languages—English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian.

With a fresh design and great new features, all available in eight languages, Hightail for Android truly allows you to be in control when you’re out of the office. So keep working even when you’re on the move. Download Hightail for Android for free today.

Coffee with: Kiersten Hollars

Name: Kiersten Hollars
Hometown: Turlock, California
Joined Hightail: July 2012Kiersten Hollars, VP of Communications, Hightail
Title: Vice President, Communications & Brand Marketing
College: St Mary’s College of California

We caught up with Hightail’s queen of communications to discuss being a Silicon Valley native and why she prefers pools to beaches.

How did you get into tech?

I was born into the tech world. My dad’s family is from Palo Alto and my grandmother was one of the first women to work at Fairchild, an early innovator in the semiconductor industry. I think she used her tiny fingers to assemble chips before becoming one of the first women at HP (where my aunt also worked). So it was hard not to become part of the Silicon Valley bubble. Interestingly, both my parents did other things but my sisters and I all work in tech.

What do you enjoy most about working at Hightail?

The people. I know everyone says that so I’ll be more specific. In the file sharing world, Hightail is an underdog when compared to companies with significantly more money, like Dropbox and Box. Some people want to join a winning team, but I find that boring. I like people that are interested in helping the underdog win. I want to work with people who understand both success and struggle and enjoy taking risks in order to beat the odds. That’s the kind of people we have at Hightail and that’s why I enjoy working here.

Who or what inspires you?

My parents. As I said, they are unusual in my family for not being part of the tech world. My dad was a high school football coach and is now a principal, while my mom worked in the music industry. But as well as holding down full-time jobs and raising kids, they were serial entrepreneurs. They ran Mel’s Bowl in Redwood City, they owned a chain of pizza restaurants, they bought into the famous music publication, The Gavin Report. Everyone in the family had to pitch in and my sisters and I worked at all of these places. When I was younger, I thought our lives were normal. Now I realize that most families are not like that. But it taught me the value of hard work and what it takes to run a successful business.

What’s your favorite piece of technology (besides Hightail)?

The Bluetooth connection in my car. I’m always on the move and end up taking a lot of calls when I’m driving. Bluetooth means I no longer have to mess around with headsets or wires. It makes my life so much easier. (I also love my Jambox speakers.)

What’s your usual coffee order?

A large Philz Tesora with medium almond milk, no sweetener. One per day every day.

What is your ideal vacation?

Somewhere hot and sunny. Definitely near a beach, though I prefer to lounge by a pool. I’m not a big fan of sand. As long as there’s someone to bring me drinks, I’m happy.

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