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Is it the end of your creative project or the beginning of your legacy?

The end of a creative project also means the beginning of when people can start to experience it.

Tuesday August 20, 2019  •   2 minutes read

5 rules for infographics that resonate

The best advice I’ve ever received as a designer is to “keep it simple,” because overly complicated design tends to get lost, glossed over or confusing. When I was first starting out, someone even gave me a three-step process for it: Step 1 - Create an initial draft including everything… Read more

Thursday June 13, 2019  •   3 minutes read

How to collaborate across individuals and teams

While Hightail makes it easy for teams to collaborate, there are certain permission levels for each user’s account, depending on their subscription tier. Can a Hightail Lite user upload even larger files if it’s to a Teams or Business plan user’s Space? Does a Pro plan user have more collaboration… Read more

Monday June 10, 2019  •   3 minutes read

5 best practices for video stories that matter

Video isn’t always the right medium for telling your story, but it can be a very powerful one, according to Annie Granatstein, Head of WP BrandStudio, the branded content agency within The Washington Post. During a ClickZ webinar hosted by OpenText Hightail, Granatstein said, “We have all these different ways… Read more

Wednesday May 15, 2019  •   3 minutes read

The 6 rules you need to know to create a great business video

When it comes to creating business videos, Kurtis Thomas, manager of video marketing at OpenText says it’s important to distance yourself from what he calls a “field of dreams” scenario, because “if you build it, people might not necessarily come.” During a ClickZ webinar, sponsored by OpenText Hightail,  he added… Read more

Wednesday May 8, 2019  •   4 minutes read

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