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Customer Spotlight: Magbooth


November 12, 2013

With the power of a photo booth, Magbooth brings laughter and fun to hundreds of store openings, corporate events, weddings, craft fairs and even quinceañeras. I recently chatted with their Senior Regional Marketing Manager, Alexandra Owens, about sharing photos with thousands of smiling/surprised/goofy-faced customers and how Hightail helped Magbooth expand its business across the U.S.

“You grab the chicken, I’ll wear the funny glasses.”


Founded: 2007
What they do:
Design, build and rent photo booths for awesome events across the country.
No. of employees: 1-10

Alissa Dos Santos: Where did you get the idea for Magbooth?

Alexandra Owens: Our founder Peter Tower designed his first photo booth for a Kentucky Derby party in 2007. He just did it for fun, not for business. Guests at the Derby party loved the photo booth and having their picture taken – it was spontaneous and captured a unique moment with friends. Peter thought, “Hey, this might be more than a one-time thing.” And Magbooth was born.

AD: What’s the story behind the name?

AO: We were originally The Louisville Photographic Booth Company. But when we decided to expand out west, we needed to change the name to be more all encompassing for a nationwide company. We wanted something that reflected our vintage style but held true to our Kentucky roots. Thus, we thought Magnolia Photo Booth Co. fit the bill.  We have recently been going by Magbooth for short and love the originality of it.

AD: What happens at a typical event?

AO: We set up the Magbooth (yes, we branded it!) and a box of props outside the entrance of the booth. People stop by, grab some props (my favorite is the sombrero) and jump in. They take a set of four shots (all within 30 seconds), and then the booth prints the photo, and they’ve got the print in hand within a minute.  But people also like to have a digital copy, so they can share on Facebook, etcetera. That’s where Hightail comes in!


AD: How does Hightail help?

AO: At the end of an event, our Magbooth event workers use Hightail to share the photo files with our Post Production Managers, Evan and Michael, in our Kentucky office. Every week we send hundreds, if not thousands, of photos to Kentucky so without Hightail, this would be a slow and painful task. Once Evan and Michael receive the files they upload all of the photos to our website so our customers can access their online galleries. All of our wedding rentals also include our professionally bound coffee table book. Sharing our photos via Hightail makes our books feasible. Thanks to Hightail being so fast and cost-effective, we have been able to expand our business to nine markets across the country. We love Hightail.Magbooth employee

AD: What’s the coolest part about being in the photo booth biz?

AO: We all have smartphones these days and take a ton of photos, but there is something special that happens when you step into a photo booth. We see people connect while they’re waiting in line outside the booth and suddenly these new friends are jumping in together to share a unique, goofy moment. Not only do you have the photo when you leave, but you have the memories and the connection long after the event.

AD: So, you’ve been doing this for a while. What are your tips for taking an awesome photo in the booth?

AO: First of all, be yourself and don’t try to pose too much! Calling out themes right before the camera snaps works quite well. I hear a lot of “Look scared!” shouts from the booth and those shots turn out funny. And, you can’t go wrong with an animal pose. Next time you’re in the booth, try shouting, “Tiger!” and you’ll be surprised by the claws and “grr” looks your friends will come up with.

AD: Noted. Can’t wait for my next “zoo-themed” photo shoot. Thanks for chatting, Alex!