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Salt River Project gets its creative processes flowing with Hightail and Media Management

The Salt River Project (SRP) is a public utility that provides water and power to more than a million customers in Phoenix, Arizona—as well as programs to help conserve those valuable resources.

Such programs require the creation of compelling content to help customers understand the importance of protecting their water and power reserves.  Previously, SRP and their in-house marketing agency relied solely on paper forms and emails to create content, which was a time-consuming and tedious process that slowed creativity.

 “We had photos and assets that spanned as long as the organization has existed, and we needed tools and processes to manage and find them,” said Bill Garmen, senior technical strategist of Creative Productions with Salt River Project.

First, SRP chose OpenText Media Management as its digital asset management solution of choice for all asset archives.  Historical photos dating back over a hundred years are now available to the entire company for use in marketing and communications campaigns via simple digital search.

But that’s just one piece of the collaboration puzzle.  Next, SRP selected OpenText Hightail to accelerate the creative review process on videos, images and other collateral required for campaigns.  When new content is ready for review and approval, SRP marketing and creative staff can simply create a Space, upload their files and send for review, commenting and approval by simply adding an email address.

The seamlessly integrated solution for storing and creating assets allows SRP to meet daily operational demands while remaining focused on the production of high-value content.  “OpenText enables SRP to reach out more efficiently and more precisely with our messaging so we can deliver content faster to market,” said Garmen. 

Watch the case study video to learn how Hightail integrated with Media Management can streamline digital asset management and creative collaboration for your organization.

Want to see Hightail and Media Management in action? Please watch our webinar on demand: Take the stress out of content reviews with Hightail for OTMM.

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