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No print job is too small for Greater Dallas Press with Hightail and Carbonite

Greater Dallas Press provides high quality printing services for school, commercial and independent publishers, whose philosophy of “no print job too small” and reputation for exceptional customer service has allowed the business to thrive since its foundation in 2001.  Part of their success is also rooted in the selection of simple, dependable technology to enable the business and better serve its customers. 

Security restrictions with traditional FTPs

As a service that relies on the ability for customers to share large files for printing, Greater Dallas Press traditionally turned to FTP sites for collecting files. However, this proved to be problematic when customers, especially schools and universities, could not access FTP sites due to security restrictions.

Hightail is an easier way to share files

To upload their large files for printing, Greater Dallas Press uses Hightail’s Uplink feature. With Uplink, Greater Dallas Press can simply share a custom and branded url with anyone they need to collect files from, and their customers can quickly upload their large files without needing to log in to Hightail.

“My customers, under our recommendation, use Hightail to send files. Security issues have become a problem and some customers, including school districts, do not allow access to FTP sites.  Hightail fills this need nicely.”

Jim Jarvis, Vice President, Greater Dallas Press

“My customers have a greater sense of ease knowing they can use Hightail if necessary.  Every job we print is extremely time sensitive and Hightail provides an additional level of service backup to our customers, avoiding any interruption in our service to them,” Jarvis continued.

Back up and running when accidents happen

In addition to quick and easy file sharing with Hightail, Greater Dallas Press also selected Carbonite for the security of realtime backup of all their files.

“I have had many people ask if I liked Carbonite and previously, I would say I won’t know until I need it. Having had a crash, I can now say it is a life saver,” said Jarvis.  He also noted the value of Carbonite for retrieval of corrupted files or files that were inadvertently deleted.

The winning combination of Hightail for simple and secure file sharing and Carbonite for file backup have given Greater Dallas Press the confidence and peace of mind to focus on doing what they do best – delivering the highest quality print projects and excellent customer service, no matter the job size.

P.S. Did you know Carbonite is now a part of the OpenText family?  Learn more about how you can protect your personal and business files from data loss with Carbonite automatic cloud backup and recovery here.

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