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Sigma Contracting simplifies file sharing with Hightail

When your core business is leading the construction of hospitals, schools, public venues, retail spaces and office buildings, you don’t have time to waste when it comes to managing the exchange of large files.   Sigma Contracting turned to OpenText Hightail as its file sharing solution of choice nearly 7 years ago—and hasn’t looked back since.

Sigma Contracting is an Arizona-based commercial general contractor that has led more than 800 construction projects in the Southwest.  Sigma needed a simple and efficient way to share plans and estimates across their large network of clients, suppliers and subcontractors.  Their old way of doing things was manual and paper heavy, often involving the printing of dozens of sets of plans or copying plans to dozens of CDs.

“When everything went digital, Hightail was the first tool I used and I liked it so much I haven’t tried anything else.  I often receive plans via other tools like Dropbox, Box, Google or OneDrive, but I continue to use Hightail because it is the easiest to use,” said Robin Wierman, Estimating Assistant.

With Hightail, Sigma can now easily upload and send large documents for more efficiency and cost savings in their daily operations, having transitioned away from their dependency on paper or CDs to a clean and simple process in the cloud.

The tool is easy to use for everyone, so clients, suppliers and subcontractors alike can easily download documents without requiring an account.  Real-time email notifications to both recipients and senders keep everyone on the same page when files have been delivered and are available for download, and Sigma receives download notifications so they can track when a client or subcontractor has received and downloaded the files.

“The simplicity of sharing files with Hightail has made our engagement with clients, suppliers and contractors seamless so we can focus on providing excellent project management services and design build collaboration on every project,” said Wierman.

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