And the survey says: content marketing is hard (but it doesn’t need to be)

Content Marketing Institute 2017 survey

Content marketers – your future has arrived. Yes, the annual Content Marketing Institute (CMI) report is here, delivering a vision of how benchmarks, budgets and trends in B2C content marketing will look in 2017.

The report underlines the continuing importance of great content marketing to the success of organizations (check out some highlights in our infographic below). But even though budgets are increasing and creating content is set to be an even bigger priority for marketing organizations, challenges remain and we feel your pain.

Small teams are expected to deliver great new content consistently and most expect to increase the amount they produce in 2017. Marketers struggling with their program cite content creation challenges as one of their biggest obstacles .

We get it and want to see your content speed to market faster. Hightail makes it easy for the entire creative team — creatives, marketers, clients and approvers – to collaborate and streamline the review/approval cycle.

“Hightail helps me keep creative projects flowing and avoid delays.”
Michael Klein – Marketing Media Coordinator, MiTek

“Hightail makes our review process a lot faster.”
Tim Rose – Senior Video Production Manager, Polycom

“It’s a great place for multiple teams to collaborate.”
Tom Napper – Director of Advertising and Integrated Marketing, Jockey

Check out more of the findings from the 2017 CMI report, along with some other great nuggets on the importance of visuals in your content marketing program in our infographic. You can access the full CMI report here.

Content Marketing Institute report Hightail infographic

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