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Engineering better visibility among MiTek’s marketing team

MiTek Industries logoMiTek is a global supplier of engineering software and services. We spoke with the firm’s US Marketing Media Coordinator, Michael Klein, about managing multiple vendors and why accountability is crucial in the world of video production.

MiTek is a global corporation based out of St Louis, MO
MiTek is the world’s largest supplier of engineered products, software and services to the building component industry. With offices in 59 countries worldwide, MiTek is a market leader in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and more.

We put the glass curtain wall on the new World Trade Center
MiTek Industries Benson One World TradeThis was done by one of our subsidiary businesses, Benson Industries, which specializes in commercial glass curtain walls. I work for our residential business where we develop design software for the component industry who provide truss, wall and floor components for a structure. We also, offer engineering services to support the design and manufacturing of trusses

My role at MiTek is Marketing Media Coordinator
I’ve been with the firm for 29 years and began working with printed material and trade shows and now I have moved into digital content. With videos becoming more prevalent, much of my day-to-day activity is about coordinating video production. I also work on multiple newsletters and magazines, both print and digital, as well as managing trade shows. Because I spend a lot of time managing multiple vendors I need to be sure that my projects result in something effective and beautiful.

I hadn’t used a video commenting feature before
One of the production companies we work with introduced me to Spaces. We had been using Hightail for file sharing but this was something new. The ability to comment on specific sections of a video is important to us. In the past you had to send an email saying things like, “somewhere around the 1:21 mark, we need to do this”, which was time-consuming and not very precise and left us open to communication mistakes that would cause delays in the project.

Hightail helps me keep things flowing
Depending on the size and scale of the video, there could be up to seven people providing feedback. Being able to collate all the feedback is priceless. You mark the video timeline, insert your comment and your feedback is shared with the group. It’s especially useful for the editor who gets a complete set of details about what needs to be changed.

MiTek Industries Hightail Spaces

Accountability is built into the feedback
For me, my videographers and editors, the beauty of Hightail is two-fold. First it provides group visibility. When someone leaves a comment, everyone in the group is notified. The second benefit is the digital “paper trail” of why changes were made and who recommended them. The Versions feature makes it easy to go back and see when requests were made. That history is important.

Hightail is a valuable communications tool
When working on a video project I can share a video for reviewing purposes, then any changes are communicated back to the project team. Next, versions are updated and final approval is provided. It’s very intuitive and simple. You don’t have to hunt for anyone’s feedback – it’s all right there. I can share videos with as many people as necessary and can track changes and stay current on new versions. It does everything I need it to do and there are no hoops to jump through. Simple is beautiful.

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