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This week in content marketing: digital marketing maturity

Colm Larkin

December 16, 2016

You’ve probably spent every spare moment this past week frantically shopping for gifts, so we recommend taking a break from all that hard work and catching up with three of this week’s essential content marketing reads.

Content marketing grows up

Research and consulting firm Altimeter released an interesting report on the 5 stages of digital content maturity. Having analyzed the most successful content marketing businesses, the report highlights six traits that each shared, including a company-wide commitment to content and employing real-time personalization.

To get to that point is a five-stage process from zero interest to sophistication. Perhaps the most crucial juncture is the third stage, Scaling, where businesses find ways to increase content production that brings results. It’s a critical step to maturity – and we’ve got some great ideas for making your content go further.

What’s stunting your growth?

In a recent blog post Jake Sorofman–marketing researcher at Gartner–identified a key problem preventing organizations from moving through the content marketing maturity stages.

Acknowledging the importance of personalization (or at least a more segmented “personification”), he describes the supply chain of content as a “rate limiter to digital marketing maturity”. The solution is a more rigorous approach to content strategy and creation – marketing organizations need a better way of “managing the madness”.

2016’s best ads

If you want evidence of the increasing importance of content marketing, take a look at AdWeek’s top 10 ads of 2016, which hardly features anything resembling a traditional 30-second commercial. There’s a music video, short films by big name movie directors and a vertical video designed for mobile viewing.

We love their choice for top spot, which went to Under Armour’s Olympics campaign featuring Michael Phelps, developed by creative agency, Droga5. Though honorable mention goes to the gut punch of BBDO’s storytelling on ‘Evan’.

That was our week in content marketing. What caught your eye over the past five days? Share your links in the comments below.


  1. Dennis

    2 years ago

    Every year, I feel like we all look at the industry and say, wow, it’s gotten really mature. And then, Q1 of the new year hits and all the new innovations hit the market and whether its interstitial ads or native advertising, but something drastically changes how digital content is done. I love it and its exciting. I certainly would say that it’s mature and going to be reinveted in 2017.

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