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This week in content marketing: collaboration is a must-have

Colm Larkin

February 24, 2017

This week, sit back and be amazed as we segue neatly from industry analysis and budgets to Michelangelo and Beyonce.

What makes a great digital marketing hub

gartnerEarlier this month, technology research firm Gartner released one of its famous magic quadrants. This analysis focused on digital marketing hubs, which require four key elements:

1. Master audience profile: the ability to track and target your customers consistently

2. Workflow and collaboration: the ability to break down operational silos that result in disjointed, incoherent customer experiences

3. Intelligent orchestration: coordinating content across campaigns and channels

4. Unified measurement and optimization: tying investments to outcomes

Interestingly, it doesn’t seem like any of the reviewed solutions covers each of the four elements flawlessly, suggesting that this space is still in flux and new contenders are likely to join the current crop very soon.

Digital marketing must-haves

With content marketing shaping 2017’s B2B marketing landscape, laid down the 7 must-have’s in your digital marketing budget. Naturally video should be a major priority for businesses, as four times as many consumers prefer clicking play to reading text.

It’s not time to give up on other kinds of content yet but with so much around, quality is more important than ever. Is your creative team set up to do more than just deliver something on time? Remember, you’re “competing with everything that’s ever been published in the history of the internet.”

The Bey team

This year’s Grammys saw Beyonce once again losing out on a major award (which even the winner Adele admitted should have gone to her rival). Author Jeff Goins took the opportunity to examine criticism that having 72 credited writers on her album, Lemonade, calls into question Beyonce’s status as a musical genius.

Challenging the notion that geniuses work alone, Goins shows how the most lauded innovators, from Michelangelo to Kanye, did their best work as a team. Our own Mike Trigg explored something similar in Genius loves company and together these articles are a great testament to the power of collaboration.

That was our week in content marketing. What caught your eye recently? Share your links in the comments below.