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3 ways to break the content marketing bottleneck

Deborah Holstein

January 10, 2017

Automation and analytics tools allow marketers to deliver highly personalized, relevant content to hundreds of audience segments simultaneously. But this enormous opportunity creates huge pressure for creative teams, who need to develop more content ideas and variations without sacrificing quality.

Ultimately the power of your MarTech tools is constrained by your creative team’s capacity to produce the volume of quality content required – what I call the creative bottleneck.

Breaking this bottleneck is not easy but here are three strategies that will help:

1. Involve creatives early

If you’re just deciding on which MarTech tools that are right for you, be sure to ask your creative team for advice on the implications for them. Same goes for when you’re developing personalization programs. Creative input into your strategy now could save you a lot of time and money later.

2. Get your briefs right

Creative briefs need to reflect audience segmentation and include more detailed information on the different targets and iterations required. The better you get at writing creative briefs, the more often you’ll get exactly the content your business needs.

3. Streamline your processes

Automation and analytics tools are the future of marketing, yet the creative process remains stuck in the past for many teams. Take your review and approve process out of email and use a creative collaboration tool like Hightail to speed up how your team collaborates on visual work.

Breaking the creative bottleneck is hard but there is a lot to be gained from getting it right. Involving your creative team in your decision making, improving project briefs and streamlining your collaboration process will ensure that your data-driven ideas become engaging content with the minimum of stress.

An amended version of this article original appeared on DMN.