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Time for tech to play a role in the creative process

technology in the creative process

Yesterday I looked at how marketers too often focus time and energy on their relatively new automation and analytics tools to the exclusion of creative. Yet, it’s the latter – especially when you consider the power of visual content – that ultimately attracts and persuades the audiences our current marketing technology is so adept at identifying and reaching.

Today I will explore how technology is finally making inroads into the creative process and helping to shatter the major bottleneck choking the potential of so many marketing organizations.

Creative fuels content marketing — without it you’ll stall

It’s an exciting time to be in marketing. We enjoy an abundance of tools and technology that make content delivery and analysis faster and easier.

Analytics lets us break down our potential customers into hundreds of segments. Marketing automation tools help us to deliver messages to each one of these segments at just the right times. Programmatic networks help us find our audience wherever they may be. And content tools help us calendar, find influencers for, curate new and syndicate our original content.

Technology allows us to know so much more and do so much more — but at the core, creative fuels your content program. Without it, nothing runs.

A common frustration felt by today’s marketers is having an exciting data-driven idea and momentum is stalled because of a creative bottleneck. Like the existential saying about a tree in a forest…if you can identify 100+ segments, but can only develop two pieces of creative, are you really doing content marketing?

The bottleneck bringing creative to a standstill

The problem is that though everything else has moved on in leaps and bounds, the creative process remains stuck in the past. Two-thirds of marketers admit that they still use email to review and approve visual creative despite only 30% thinking that it’s an effective tool for carrying out this task.

It’s hardly a surprise that the recent CMI report into B2C content marketing trends showed that 75% of marketers do not have an effective creative process.

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Creative’s turn to feel the effects of tech

It’s time to bring the right technology into the creative development process and help marketing and creative teams maintain high quality output even as we decrease the time it takes to go from idea to launch.

Join me tomorrow when I’ll take a close look at the new tools that are finally bringing the creative process into the 21st century.

This article is based on a webinar presentation hosted by American Marketing Association (AMA). You can view the original slides on SlideShare.
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