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Say hi to Hightail

Hightail, formerly YouSendIt

Welcome to Hightail

I’m thrilled to announce that YouSendIt has changed its name to Hightail.

We’ve been planning, preparing, designing and developing our new brand for many months and it’s exciting to finally reveal it to the world.

Hightail is a new identity that represents the current breadth of our services, as well as everything we aspire to become. It also marks the fundamental changes that have happened at our company.

Since I took over as CEO just over a year ago, we have worked hard to develop a culture that promotes true creativity and passion. Turning a good company with a good product into something great will only happen if talented people are inspired to be bold.

With a name that strides like a giant across a landscape of Boxes, Syncs and Shares alongside an audaciously elegant look that contrasts with the endless dreary blues of the cloud space, Hightail leads by example. It is the standard bearer that will help transform steady growth into true evolution and take our business to the next level.

What has not changed is our core offering, the reason why professionals from architects to attorneys, salespeople to singers choose us to share ideas and work together. Hightail remains an easy and secure way to access and share files and folders on any device, anywhere, while fitting in with how you already work and giving you complete control of your valuable information.

And that’s just what we currently do. We’ve got big plans to truly transform the world of digital sharing with ideas so exciting and innovative they needed a brand to match.

Say hi to Hightail.


  1. With the new branding, can you please remove the word “dropbox” from (at least) the URL used to upload files? A certain other company has attracted the ire of some corporate IT departments, who simply create a rule to block all URLs containing “dropbox”.

  2. So glad to read more and understand the rationale behind the change, since I felt like YouSendIt already had a strong brand identity :). Excited to see how your refresh rolls out and enhances your image – best of luck!

  3. Hi Hightail , I wish you much Success in this New/Old concept . I have loved using “You Send It ” and I am sure I will love ” Hightail ” . As a Photographer , sending my files of photos is important to me and my business . Thank you .

  4. Your newsletter links to this page with an https prefix, but the actual page is on Everyone will get a nasty warning in their browser clicking on the link, probably not ideal.

  5. I shall reserve judgement until I see what replaces yousendit. I have been very happy with YSI to date and I am in big believer in “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it”.

    We’ll see.

    Time will tell.

  6. Congrats on the name change, but IMHO it is a mistake. You are going from a name that describes exactly what you do, to a nonsensical word, that you developed a background to, a backstory if you will. The old name was simple, descriptive, and generally good. Regardless, I hope it works for you, good luck.

  7. What lame dumb ass name to go to. The brand name was perfect. What an insane waste of stockholder funds and marketing resources. You had the perfect name and now you have blown it with some lame ass name like this. Nuts !

  8. Congratulations, as someone who’s also recently been grappling with development of new branding I appreciate the effort by all concerned to achieve the end result. Looking forward to hearing more about Hightail in future

  9. Thanks for your great service with YouSendit and we’re wishing you success with Hightail…..own the word!. way to go guys!


  10. Unfortunately, I do not like Hightail. It does not describe what I want the service to do. I wish the new name described what the service is. Actually, I much prefer YouSendIt as a name because it describes what it is I want to do — send my document. Hightail sounds as if it is going to hightail out of there, which feels informal and not reliable, while YouSendIt is a name I can use to ask clients to send it to me or I send to them

  11. I must say I’m shocked. I have been signed up to YouSendIt for a while now and I really enjoy using it. To change the name is somewhat ridiculous I feel. Hightail makes no reference to the services provided, everyone knows YouSendIt and now you are faced with the challenge of letting everyone know about the name change. I’m sure I won’t be the only one dumbstruck by this move….unbelievable. I hope this hasn’t occurred because the new CEO has decided he needed to stamp his authority on the company. To be honest it doesn’t sound like a good idea and that reflects on the people in charge. It gives all of your customers an opportunity to assess whether this is a good thing going forward. Without the name change, you wouldn’t have people like me doubting the common sense involved and reviewing whether this will influence whether I continue on or not…..I hope I’m proved wrong.

  12. Oh dear. Hi-Tail means, “Verb. high-tail – retreat at full speed; “The actress high-tailed to her villa when reporters began to follow her to the restaurant” flee, take flight, fly – run away quickly; “He threw down his gun and fled”…

    I thought YouSentIt was great. Anyone I mentioned it to instantly got what it was about. Now you’re going to create confusion with my customers. Did you consult with your users btw?

  13. i hope this works for you!!! to me though, “hightail” has always been a negative word meaning to flee or run away… the previous company i worked for changed its branding to something people didnt quite understand and they have been slowly going downhill over the last five years… i wish you luck!!! i have been a client for over 5 years and i hope this is a wonderful step for you!

  14. I’m afraid this new name will not go well with french speaking people as the word play it creates as a very strong sexual connotation … and not a good one.

  15. Thanks for the Branding lesson here.
    Sounds like the marketing guys have taken over the company. A bit too “high” concept really. I am not in disagreement that you don’t want to keep the same old vanilla utilitarian boring name XYZ storage/cloud/file share etc but your video comes across like a bunch of Harvard grads who needed to prove their marketing degree was worth the coin. I’d be happy if YouSendit worked consistently when uploading. I’ve never found that but now that you have a new “brand” maybe the world of storage and file sharing will be fixed forever. Sorry… my head was in the clouds for a second there…

  16. Smart move across the board. Really like the name and the open possibilities. Best of luck you you “Hightail”

  17. Just a note, but Yousendit makes a bit more sense to me than Hightail (A term I had not heard before now). Yousendit is very descriptive of what the product actually does. Just my two cents.

  18. I just had a look at the promo video….Oh My God…..what a load of twaddle. Hightail associates with “security”??? I just don’t get it….. Someone mentioned “people sending their aspirations and dreams…” Oh please spare me. YouSendIt as a model works really well conceptually and once a company has been established and builds a reputation it could be called Mary Had A Little Lamb Pty Ltd and would still instil confidence in it’s user base because of what it provides, not what it’s called….I’m totally shocked….speechless. Clearly you spent too much time focus testing with marketing and advertising agencies feeling self important and progressive whereas in reality you’ve just paid a fortune for the marble and schmooze…sorry to be so negative but I feel this is a really bad move….and a waste of money

  19. Just watched your video regarding the name change. it made me want to “Hightail it outta here.” I’ve never seen such a vague, unspecific description of a corporate move. I understand that change is something that is needed to revitalize the brand. Frankly, to me “Hightail” sounds like a name from a Bugs Bunny cartoon and was always associated with “Hightail it outta here” (as mentioned above). I have used Yousendit for years and will continue to use the product. However, as per your video, I don’t want to hear vague, misty, romantic words about what the company could be with a new name, I want to know what you are actually doing. You have a somewhat dramatic, mushy video, that really says nothing and I hate to say it, the name is meaningless with regard to what you do. Unless you are ready to pour a ton of money and time into a full rebranding initiative, I think you will have trouble reaching new customers that don’t about you and see a very nondescript overly corporate sounding name. Actually, if you ran a glider company it might be good.

    Sorry to say this, because I do like what you do, but I don’t think you made a strong move.

  20. Nobody receiveing an email from Hightail will know what it is when we send them a file. We have in internal integration with YouSendIt, I assume eventually we will have to modify this.

    I guess this change explains why we cannot email you to try to move us from trial API access, which appears to be bandwidth limited to a few hunderd kbps, to a full API access/

    This is a poor move in our opinion, it obscures the product.

  21. As a long term paying customer I would congratulate everyone at YouSendIt with their new name and identity. I really like it. Now I would SendYouAllToWork to finally finish a proper Outlook 365 Plugin for Windows 8 64bit.

  22. Great Mission and we love your wonderful service!
    There is no info for users what’s next!
    Looking forward to Hightailing!

  23. I do not understand why the name Hightail and so I Googled it. It is suppose to mean “To go very fast, such as I hightailed out of town”. But this phrase is not used in the UK and is it known anywhere else in the world either? At least “YouSendIt” did what it says on the tin, is this a brave or foolish move only time will tell.

  24. Why would you change a name that has so much acceptance and recognition in the market place. Have you heard of Onomatopoeia?
    It means a word/expression that says what it is – you had it with ‘YouSendIt’. Something quite valuable in marketing I would have thought.

  25. I don’t know about this. Look at what happened when Coca-Cola changed its flavor! I say if it works don’t fix it. I think this kind of stuff happens when a board of directors gets bored. You just threw away a sucessful household name! Well, sort of.

  26. I love the new name…well done. Hopefully HIGHTAIL, in a linguistic sense, will become a word synonymous with fast and efficient file sharing in the near future. Best of luck!

  27. Congratulations! Buona Fortuna …

    As the founder and CEO of an international consulting and training firm, as well as an author and speaker, I am an avid user of “YouSendIt.” The ability to send and share files easily, while receiving notices about downloads and control of what can be seen by whom and for how long has been a tremendous boon to us.

    I’m confident that the “Hightail” experience will be as good and better. I wish you great fortune in expanding and expressing the vision you hold … and look forward to continuing my run with you.

  28. Unnecessary is what immediately comes to mind. Then, if you are going to make this move, you better make it worth it. ‘Hightail’?! Sounds like a children’s book character, and certainly not a high end carrier for information.

    Would rather you put emphasis on your product offering and price competitiveness, and ease of use. The name was fine. ‘Google’ or ‘’ or any other well known services have built their reputations around their product, and thus fortified their name. Hope you can as well, because this name change was a mistake, or at the very least, a waste of time and resources … Thus unnecessary!

    Good luck.

  29. I’ve been using YouSendIt for about 4 years and love it. Congratulations on the new name and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for a GREAT product!

  30. I live in Los Gatos and send my video files down to Lakewood, California so my music composer can create his magic. We started using your service probably back in 2008 and we just started a Kickstarter campaign to finish a movie about the beloved California newt. We don’t transfer files, we transfer passion, our work is our lives, it defines us. Thank you Hightail, I like your new branding. Lance

  31. Really? So you spent a ton of money or did some research that proved why a successful, identifiable brand name that immediately lets customers know what your service does should transform to something hip and bland? Too bad. YouSendIt has outstanding recognition and conveys the purpose of the service. Good luck with the new name. I’m sorry to see it go.

  32. This seems like a joke.

    Hightail definition:
    : to move at full speed or rapidly often in making a retreat —usually used with it

    So, you changed your name to mean RETREAT?

  33. why re-brand with a name that has an origin relating to fast horses when yousendit works lightning fast and already has a unique name recognition?

  34. I have to say that I do not like the new name. It doesn’t say anything about who or what the company is.
    Forgive me, but ‘Hightail’ sounds like a porn site.
    I have been a customer of YouSendIt for several years. I chose it not only because it is a great service, but of the professional sounding name. I would be much more reluctant to send something called ‘Hightail’ to a customer.

  35. not what I would have suggested. Now, your name sounds like candy rather than a professional service. I understand the name yousendit, but what does hightail tell me to do? Leave?

  36. I have never understood why companies, in the name of marketing, branding or whatever, feel the need to fix what was not broken. Good luck with this as the list is long of companies changing their name for reasons that their marketing team purported as being valid, with no added value to the product and which resulted in very little to no success. I hope you are able to buck the odds and survive.

  37. Not overly keen on the new name – hightail it outta here? mmm not sure that really conveys what you say the company does and future offerings.

    We like the You Send It products, however, so hopefully we’ll like your new ideas as they develop better than the name change.

  38. Hi There,
    I have used your service for several years now and it has been reliable and useful. I just watched your video on the rebrand and although I commend your efforts for the work I am stumped by the name. The definition of hightail is to flee, run away and is largely associated to flight animals as a result. Not the strongest of images. Anyways..I hope the services continue to improve and I look forward to the improvement of mobile and desktop apps. Good luck.

  39. Sorry, but your new logo looks like a stop sign for a hospital zone. Did you really think this through?

    ps. Love your service.

  40. Good luck with your new name. Could it be that now the name is sorted out, you can now get Yahoo not to send your e-mail notifications directly to their Spam dump? All the best!

  41. Congratulations on selecting a name that any hillbilly would be proud to announce! (That is, if he could pronounce it with all those missing teeth.)

  42. Apparently the moderator will only post comments that say great things about the name change to Hightail. Since there are no other comments other than from the CEO, I can only assume there are not any other complementary comments.

  43. How about posting a video that describes how the service will change? Improvements, services stopped or gained? A name means nothing to my business if it isn’t providing me with some advantage.

  44. Hightail, as in “hightail it out of here”, means to retreat at full speed. Are you retreating? Very strange choice of name. I’m in my 40s and have never heard anyone use this term to mean anything other than retreating. That’s an odd image to choose to convey to customers.

  45. Sounds like a branding mistake to me. Hightail?
    Did someone in my line of business just make an obscene amount of money?
    I understand changes in focus, but my gut tells me this wasn’t necessary.

    Of course, I haven’t got all the information…..

  46. Congrats on moving forward. Wishing you continued success. Constructive criticism; Turn the music down by 50% on the video, it interrupts your message. Great enthusiasm though. New name So-So, I can live with it. To me it does not present a commanding business statement as something I would be boldly saying as a site name. We as users will be presenting your name with our Logo’s and correspondence. I hope you test marketed the name and it came out positive. Good Luck.

  47. Hey there. The link in your email has an “https:” and it causes the blog link to go to an “untrusted” site. As long as you remove the “s” it works fine. Just wanted to let y’all know. Couldn’t find another way to quickly let you know.

  48. While I am pleased that you are making efforts to stay on top of technology and looking forward to improvements, I must admit that I don’t care for the new name “Hightail”. We use services for business purposes, and I think the new name can have some negative connotations. Much more comfortable in business environment with the name YouSendIt.

  49. Congrats! We’ve been an avid user of yousendit & “hightail” sounded awesome. And the rationale just makes sense.

    Kinda cool to say… “lemme hightail you” or vice versa as oppose to “i’ll yousendit over to u”


  50. Association is “Hightail it outta here.” Which is to go quickly, however, it is to flee quickly, as in the bad guys in old western horse opera movies. Or like a rabbit in the funnies. So for me Hightail is slightly pejorative. Good luck with it.

  51. I guess my question is why? Yousendit was fitting considering the service it provided. Hightail? Really? What does the name change signify? Your new name doesn’t fit with the service provided.

  52. It’s a very ‘corporate’ re-brand visually and in strategy. I would have thought that retaining ‘You Send It’ with it’s very identifiable ‘paper plane’ graphic as a separate service/business could have helped retain the ‘friendly, fun’ aspect of sending files. A nice crisp brand though and I hope that it works well for your business.

  53. I love the new concept and more importantly the meaning behind it. I am always a fan of getting out of the typical “genre” symbol (box or cloud) related or themed names that limit your ability to expand beyond the very category you plan to innovate. Great job! From one brand strategist to another.

  54. Also… The red septagon with the H bar in it – – although not an octagon, is suggestive of a Stop sign. H is reminiscent of a Hospital sign. And in math a bar over a symbol is also kind of a negated logical result. I am sure you debated these downers. Again, good luck.

  55. Yousendit made sense – Hightail is a complete joke.

    I have been a champion of Yousendit since 2004…

    very baffled by this video, and i will not be ‘hightailing’ anything…

  56. Well not impressed with your initial announcement email. NO instructions about gee, do we still access through or now we have to go to Hightail – where I am now and I see no log in or any instructions to people who already have a paid subscription. A brand is an important thing, and whoever is advising you on how to transition sure struck out on this first announcement.

  57. Excellent name – what’s the product offering going to be? Looking forward to hearing more! Congratulations

  58. Excuse me, we just sent you a nice comment simply stating we like your new name and wishing you to break a leg, and you didn’t approve it? I’m confused. Would you kindly explain why? Thank you.

  59. Seriously? I think some branding agency just sold you a bill of goods. YouSendIt is WAY better. The paper plane icon identifies being able to send large files easily. I just want to hightail it outta here in the opposite direction! Fail.

  60. Congrats on the change. I am not the new brand will work…but props on the changes/evolution.

    Hightail doesn’t resonate well in my mind. Keeping YouSendIt might have been easier than trying to explain the new name…. NOTE – @hightail was already taken on twitter…oppps :)

    PS agree with a earlier comment, https “error” wasn’t good….

  61. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But if something was broken, then I guess a name change and rebranding was in order. We just have no clue why. We also don’t know how the service will change. Most importantly, why that name? It means to run away…I think someone mistakenly thought it would be a good idea because it means to run away quickly, and speed in file sending is important. But it conveys an idea that I want to send out files that I don’t like or that have problems I want to get rid of. VERY strange choice. I am not sure I will like saying “I will hightail” a file to you rather than “I will send it via yousendit”.

  62. I don’t like the new name. It is a North American expression, particularly American, and people in other countries probably won’t understand its meaning. As a sometime ESL facilitator, immigrants have enough problems with our idiomatic English. I always thought that “yousendit” was perfectly understandable and descriptive.

    So while I have your attention, I’m a photographer on a MAC and increasingly when I send images to clients who are on a PC, they are having great trouble in opening the link, and in fact have to send it to someone who is on a MAC to do it for them. Any suggestions?

  63. HighTail — what a stupid name – seriously who are these people who think it’s a good name? What on earth does it “convey” to the end user ? NOTHING – it’s a stupid name

  64. I am a branding expert and have no idea why you would risk the brand equity you have and change the name now. Maybe changing from “Hightail” to “YouSendIt” would make sense. Other way around seems like a big mistake…I, personally, like you less now. What the heck does “Hightail” mean? Don’t get it. Don’t like it. Don’t care. Think it’ll cause confusion in the marketplace for no apparent reason or benefit.

  65. I echo the sentiments above >>>> Hightail? Really? Love the enthusiasm shared by the upper management staff. What about your “underlings?”
    How do they feel? I loved “yousendit” much better. Of course, just my opinion. Best wishes to all!

  66. The name seems to imply running away, rather than a speedy solution to moving documents. I understand you are trying to widen your scope of services. But I will miss the logo…and the name does not sound very business-like.

  67. Is everyone who comments on this a CEO? Well I am a founder. “Hightail it to me, Hightail it to you, you can hightail it anywhere. Hightail is an empty vessel just waiting to be filled with meaning”! (Watch the film)
    Blimey that is some marketing rhetoric! Really, you want your brand to be an empty vessel waiting to be filled with meaning. People won’t wait too long for that meaning. Better get your skates on! I get it and the reasons behind it, but I really don’t buy it at this moment in time. Yours, waiting to be convinced.

  68. Neither the name or logo make sense. ‘YouSendIt’ made sense, Hightail doesn’t create any brand connection, and the logo looka like a foreign language stop sign. Good luck with this branding.

  69. One thing I’d like is for you to increase the size of content that can be sent for free. Some other companies who did not change their names offer much more than you guys and that’s the reason I seldom use yousendit/hitail or whatever your name is.

  70. I’m afraid I agree with others that this might not be the best change. YouSendIt is a perfect descriptor of what you do, and I could explain it easily to my clients by virtue of the name. “Hightail” on the other hand evokes crooks making an escape.

  71. Plus, when you search “Hightail” online, the very first listing is “High Tail it to” You guys should demand a refund from your branding consultants.

  72. My first response was , ” What?” My second response is, at the you send it log in, it asks “do you want us to remember your email address?” I’ve checked yes for two years. It has never remembered my email address. I think the new name is quite lame.

  73. Brings to mind the Seinfeld where they decided to merge water companies and call it Moland. I’d rethink the Hightail name in a hurry… just saying.

  74. I love yousendit and use it frequently. I’m a photographer and it works seamlessly and easily to move large file around the world instantly with almost no effort.
    But if when I had been looking for a program/service to achieve these goals for me and someone had suggested “Hightail” I doubt I would have followed up on it. Another person commenting mentioned that the term conotes flight, forced departure at speed — essentially a negative. So, sorry. Don’t like it even a little. I will stick with you as a customer because your service is so good. But if I recommend you to other professionals (as I have often done) I will be saying, “Well it’s called Hightail but ignore that. It’s a great service.”
    You guys talked yourselves into a big silly.

  75. People who haven’t heard of you will have no clue as to what you do. You’ve just made market expansion much more difficult for yourselves. YouSendIt was perfect, and it was an established brand. Good luck with this.

  76. What a shame you are retiring YouSendit. It’s such a stong, catchy and well known brand. It’s also descriptive of the original company business. For example, Citibank is no longer just associated with NY City, and has been able to grow internationally without changing the name. Countless other brands have done the same. This moves makes no sense to me. Hightail is a the complete opposite. Of YouSenit It’s not catchy at all, few people understand the meaning, it’s difficult to associate with your services and creates confusion. Saimply sad.

  77. On an international level, YouSendIt is much easier to pronounce, spell and use. Words with “h” or “gh” or combinations of these create are prone to constant misspellings, particularly in Latin based language settings. I suggest that you also keep the YouSendIt brand and website up and operating in parallel. Besides, you already have this name well established. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. ;-)

  78. Would love to congratulate you but the new name is neither memorable nor associated with what you do.

    Will I remember the new name and use you in future? Doubtful.
    Depends how long typing Yousendit redirects to the new site.

    NB: Your email link to this blogpost was blocked by Google for reasons noted above. Doesn’t fill one with confidence that you know what you’re doing ;-(

  79. Don’t understand the name change and I don’t really care for it. I liked the name yousendit – it says it all – the new name means nothing.
    You wasted all the years of branding and recognition that yousendit has.

  80. So, what was broken?
    What has been fixed?
    YourSENDit was a great name and did what it said on the tin.
    The paper plane was a neat twist and gave the brand some personality.

    HiTail doesn’t mean much and the visual aspect of the brand is as equally forgettable. All fine if you’re selling bubble gum? But you’re not.

    Hope the service/delivery still works well…
    Good luck HiTail.

  81. This is the dumbest idea yet for main reason.
    Yousendit means you send it what the fuck is hightail.
    Everytime someone wants to make things better for us they screw it up like now not happy shmucks morons.

  82. NB: Have only just watched the video

    Sorry but the marketing team have really screwed up here. Maybe Hightail means something in the US. It means nothing in the UK so doesn’t convey any of the aspirational concepts mentioned in the video.

    As the kids say these days: #epicfail

  83. Don’t care for the name. Yousendit was easy to remember, did not sound arty-farty, and did what it said on the tin. Had loyalty to old brand, but not sure I will subscribe again when I now have Dropbox. Hightail is so negative, like let’s hightail it outta here!

  84. Hi Folks,
    What dose this name mean. What dose it stand for? I, like others think this is really a stupid name for a company that dose what you do. I have been using your service for a number of years and the only thing wrong with your service is the incredibly slow servers you have. That is why I went to another sharing company for a time. I think you need to go back to the original name or think of something more meaningful.


  85. So your service now carries a name “that strides like a giant”, eh? Bonkers marketing-speak. Chucks away all the brand awareness that you already had, and probably cost a fortune for some overpaid idiot to come up with the new name.

  86. “The opportunity for Hightail gives us an empty vessel to fill with all kinds of meaning…” exactly. you just traded a full vessel for an empty one. Been a yousendit fan for a long time, I’m not a fan of this rebrand.

    I would also echo other users comments that hightail essentially means to flee or retreat

  87. While I’m sure that your partnering with Hightail made sense, the Name change doesn’t. YOUSENDIT describes exactly what you do. It’s good marketing and branding. It’s great name recognition. People that receive an email link from YOUSENDIT understand what it is. A link to download a product from a vendor. But a link from Hightail? What’s that. Now I know you can pay to brand your links. And I suppose this is a good way to get your clients to pay more, Since I’d imagine that my clients might think they are getting a link from an unsavory sight with a name like Hightail. Best of luck with the merger. But, please don’t change the name!!!

  88. It seems like a bold move, but that’s what make’s us grow isn’t it?. I hope you still have the same high level of service and dedication to have a good producto with hightail, because that is what matters most.

  89. I fail to understand the name change … to something that makes absolutely no sense! Why acquire an established brand, with an existing client base, and then change the name, you may as well be starting from scratch? Previously I’d send customers large files via YouSendIt, now I can say I’ve “Hightailed” you the file … sounds odd, to say the least.

  90. well…Gotta agree…BAD move all the way around.. years of branding and recognition for YouSendIt down the drain. I’m simply not going to tell my large corporate clients to ‘just Hightail the files to me”. Sorry. Back to Dropbox for me (ugh).

  91. Really, really dumb on many levels. Makes me want to switch immediately. I don’t want recipients to get something from a service that sounds so stupid.

  92. Was there a legal reason for changing the name? YouSendIt ‘does what it says on the tin’, like WeTransfer. I hope Hightail works out. There must have been a reason to change from a highly descriptive brand name that’s recognised around the world to one that people will need to digest and remember. It’s a competitive marketplace with Cloud-based solutions popping up everywhere, so hopefully this will be a positive move for the company.

  93. I have no idea even after watching the video what you are doing.
    Most importantly: what changes will I see as a user in terms of costs, usability, etc.
    How about a nuts and bolts email telling me what you are doing for me, and whats it going to cost?

  94. Unfortunately I do not like the name change at all. I wish you had asked people who pay for your business services what they wanted. We needed a name that is easy to dicerne what the product does when it arrives in an email box and YouSendIt did just that and never confused the user. In fact you had the BEST name and the BEST website and that is why you were chosen.

    When I send an email request thru your company website I want a FILE in return or I want to send my files. Something that was too big to send thru regular email.

    As a company you may want a different name but as a user of your services the name does not represent the service I need and am paying for.

    As an end user – we USE your products we don’t participate in name games and our customers are not brilliant. In fact your drop box was easy enough for my 78 year old dad to figure out.

    YouSendIt was exactly why I am paying for your services. I want people to send me things and vise versa. Hightail does not represent the services I use. Why not change the Parent company name and not the service name. This looks like what you are actually doing anyway. Think before you act – it could be the reason why I switch and pay for

    Please keep the YouSendIt name – change the Parent company name only. Or you may cease to exist from such a bad business decision.

    There are only 2 big names in the file sending receiving industry. Why on earth would you want to change?

    The only thing Hightail may do for your company is make it disappear and high tail it on out of here.

  95. I can understand wanting a “broader” name that would encompass additional services beyond sending attachments, but “Hightail”? Did anyone even think to look it up before settling on it? Besides meaning to FLEE, it conjures up the image of an animals rear end, or worse, an animal in heat. The “fleeing” part likely comes from the “hightailing female” in heat being chased by the male looking to mount her.

    Appallingly bad name choice. You’d have been better off making up something fresh, from scratch, without any meaning or connotations.

  96. I’ve used YouSendIt for several years as a paying subscriber. I loved it. I’m going to have to take a mental health day today to deal with it going away. Hightail? Really? It makes me think of deer hunting, running away from something or a girl with a really tight butt.
    You had a clear, meaningful name. Now you have an empty vessel waiting to be filled. Good luck with that. Oh, btw… whoever produced/directed/edited the blog video did a very good job. But the content was rather meaningless.

  97. The YouSendIt branding was clearly superior. The paper airplane logo had so much more marketing appeal than the word “Hightail with a red bar above the H”. I’m very surprised and find it a little disappointing that all of the appeal and brand recognition of YouSendIt was discarded so easily. Despite my negative senses shining through this comment, I do want to wish the best of luck to the new Hightail branding and marketing plan. Best wishes.

  98. Unfortunately, I do not like Hightail. It does not describe what I want the service to do. Hightail feels informal and not reliable, while YouSendIt is a name I can use to ask clients to send it to me or I send to them.

  99. Did you consider the impact to your paying clients??? Our office provides YouSendIt as a convenient way for our clients to return information to our office. We now have to go and update all of our printed client materials!!! Seriously???

  100. Starting to think this is a form of guerrilla marketing to get us talking about this inappropriate new name. Then, you say “sorry” and announce the real new name you intended to use all along. I think this name is a bad choice but I wish you luck. You provide an excellent product.

  101. “Hightail”, sounds to me like a very expensive escort service, not a file sharing company. I am sure there is some big deal reason for changing the name, but now I have to let all my client know that YouSendIt no longer is going to be the source for files I send them. I wonder how many will block something called “Hightail”.

  102. This faux brand ( no authenticity) smacks of
    A middle manger mentality of killing what I inherit
    to prove my worth vs. CEO leadership

    What is the brand personality, associations, and
    Resonance with Hightail? Further, nothing innovative
    Re. Font or design

    Unless you u have a huge budget for branding a name
    with no association to product/business, you will fail

    Hire a brand guy who knows their shit!

  103. Congratulations on your new Brand name and logo! As an artist, I’ve had lots of reason to use your service – with lots of high res graphics needing to be sent . . . and fast! You’ve never let me down, and I look forward to your excellent service in the future – as Hightail!

  104. Really Stupid does not express what you do.

    Also as a company that uses the dropbox feature I REALLY hope that the “permanent” link I have been sending to clients for them to send in files will still work and be the same.

  105. I really like ‘YouSendIt’ and for me it became THE way I was telling folks I would get something to them….’i’m going to YouSendIt…’ and they would immediately know EXACTLY what I’d be doing. Change is great if needed, but if it ain’t broke it don’t need changing. For the Brit who said Hightail isn’t a word used in the UK…. I’m a Brit and I’ve used the word all my life, even though I’m now Stateside. What will those of use who pay need to do, if anything, or will our subs just be renamed as well? I wish you luck but I think you could have worked with the name/Brand you already have. It’s established and part of the vernacular. Now we’re going to have to explain….’oh yes, it used to be YouSendIt.’ For many, myself included, changing the name doesn’t change what I will refer to you as!

  106. Top-notch branding work! I love the new look but still unsure about the negative connotation behind the new name. Yousendit has helped tremendously with my work. Goodluck to this change!

  107. To Hightail means “to go as fast as possible, especially in fleeing.” I think you should fire your branding people because this is a terrible name change. YouSendIt tells the world exactly what your site does.

  108. *Hightail | Define Hightail at*‎
    _to go away or leave rapidly: Last we saw of him, he was hightailing down the street. Idioms. 2. hightail it, hurry; rush; scamper: Hightail it down to the grocery …_

    This sounds like a good name for flighty investors seeking an exit strategy.

    Two uphill battles: replacing the brand equity with the old name, and overcoming the negative connotation with an existing English word.

  109. You can’t be serious! You had a recognised and trusted name in the large file transfer market and you have blown it.

    YouSendIt described perfectly what you did. Hightail??? Dear oh dear. In watching this video it seems like a parody of itself.

    I sincerely hope that this will not affect the prices of the YouSendIt service, or I will have to go elsewhere.

  110. I’m very appreciative of the excellent service that yousendit has provided over the last few years and am looking forward to hearing more about your future vision. The new look is bold and the name is provocative (as evidenced by all the comments it has elicited:). As humans we resist change until it’s proven to be positive. Wishing you success!

  111. I have valued YouSendIt’s capabilities in the past, as the best of the file-sharing apps, and I — for one — like your new Hightail name. To me it connotes the high tail of the white-tailed deer escaping danger at graceful full speed. I look forward to any new features commensurate with your great new name!

  112. The world is constantly changing for sure and I am sure you have studied the marketplace and have sound reasons for change. I am glad that the old logo is still visible on the side.
    much success

  113. Agree with those concerned about the name change and the lack of description. It’s unlikely you’ll reconsider returning to YouSendIt, so this paying customer is wondering what other services are available.

  114. Congratulations, and good luck.

    NEED a throttle that I can adjust, I am getting knocked off wifi and will need t go somewhere where I can customize my upload speed.
    Want to stay with you!

  115. Wow, mistake! I am going to Hightail my business away from you guys and move to one of the boxes or clouds. They offer bigger transfers anyway.

    Instead of changing your name you should have beaten your competition by increasing your send size limits and reducing the amount of times your emails land in the spam folders of our clients.

  116. Not the best of ideas… Coke did not change its name over the years.. for a reason.. brand identity.. which yousendit already had.. now it is lost… my advise is to make yousendit a product of the overall brand and keep it’s web name… this should have been given more thought!

  117. This looks like an SNL Digital Studios skit. “You can HiTail it to me, I can Hightail it to you”? Can’t I “I send it to you and “You send it to me”? Please spend more money fixing your incredibly buggy iphone App. Seriously considering dropping my paid subscription. Wow.

  118. First I checked the date to make sure it was’nt April 1st. Then I thought – Hey! Ron Johnson found a new home – The last thing I want to do in business is to run fast in reverse unless I’ve made a whopper of a mistake. It’s not to late to hightail-it-back to you-send-it.

  119. Frankly, I find it a bit bizarre that the first mention I ever even hear about proposed changes at YouSendIt makes no reference whatsoever to what’s going to be better about the service and makes a HUGE deal about the branding name change. Sorry, but I agree with those above saying “Hightail” is a strange choice. Think about “Vimeo”, “iDriveSync”, even “Dropbox”. Their names reflect exactly what they do. If your marketing team spent the time and money to explore thousands of new names and decided on “Hightail”, well, the last thing I’d do is devote an entire video to explain to the world how much you’ve put into that process. (And I really do wonder if you consulted any users as a focus group per se.) All that said, I really do wish you the best, because YouSendIt has always been known for its rock-solid stability in the file transfer world. So I am hopeful the new substance behind the style of “Hightail” will make us forget about the rather pointless branding issue. But if I were you, and I wanted to build interest in a major change that seems to be coming, I’d be sending emails along the line of “Only x more days until the answer to ALL your file transfer, sharing and screening needs … from the company you’ve grown to know and respect … YouSendIt.” Sorry but I just hate to see style obviously assuming a higher level of importance than substance in your new efforts. I hope whatever you’re planning to change makes the new name irrelevant. We’ve all been looking for a new “Mobile Me” substitute since Apple decided to bail on everything related to professional users (Final Cut Pro being the most painful example) in pursuit of even greater profitability from the masses. Perhaps the new “Hightail” will be it. I hope so. But it worries me a bit that I appear to be seeing a video embedded from Vimeo … and that you feel a need to devote so much time and effort to just explaining why you chose the new name. It has “in-house controversy about the new name chosen by the new boss” written all over it. Good luck! Have to hightail it out of here now.

  120. YouSendIt was pedestrian and utilitarian in it’s name and concept. I have never once for a moment ever thought to myself while using YouSendIt “Gee, this supports my passion and vision.” on the contrary it’s more like “I know this will get the file through rather than using dumb-ass email.”

    I find it a bit odd that you completely abandon all equity of the former identity? The plane was classic, you should have adapted that in as at least a secondary brand graphic with the new brand coloring applied.

    I don’t mind the name itself it’s kind of cheeky. But when I think of “Hightailing” it I think of movement, response, action, get ur done, adjective etc. This typeface styling is stiff, rigid which kind of contradicts the conceptual attributes of the name itself. The design is clean and well done but looks too sedentary in style as it relates to what you describe “Hightail” to be?

    But, as long as you remain as stable and dependable as you’ve always been I’m on board.

  121. Look, I’m a customer and I say, love the Yousendit, lose the HighTail. What’s going on over there? Is this dumb corporate speak?

  122. Thanks for your feedback, our support team will be contacting you about your issue.

  123. They say, “Don’t f**k with your brand. Often a major error. Look what happened to Howard Johnson’s, NBC, etc.

    But the service is the hting. Keep it simple, keep it affordable, I’ll stay on.

    – Loren

  124. I will spare you my opinion about the name change as you’ve already been beaten up over it enough in the other comments. Bottom line? Give me 2 or 3 GB free storage like your competitor (and maybe throw in another kicker or two to better them) and I’ll ‘hightail’ it back to you toot sweet ~~

  125. Well, after reading about the name change and then reading the negative comments to this blog, I wrote a comment saying what I felt when I heard the name. It seems that everyone else, for the most part, feels this is a stupid move. But then when I got back to the top of the comments I decided to watch the video. WOW…so many self assured corporate types making rediculous comments. There was not a single solid reason given for changing the name. You are going to “expand the company to new areas.” You just might find that the new areas are going to be the only areas where you have business. Leaving YouSendIt will be my first priority so that I never have to tell any of my clients about “Hightail”. By so doing, I will avoid having to answer all the questions centered around “Hightail”. “No, it is not an adult website.”

  126. Thank you for telling about yourself; as a Multi year loyal paying customer, it makes me wonder: what’s in it for me?

    Maybe an idea to start there: crispy, short, whats in for me? And why Would I give up dropbox and I became a client to be able to send secure large amounts of photos to my clients; now what more will hightail do to make my life easier in exhange for my loyal payments ? Spare me the corporate talks, 3 min clips and me changes; the client is the only source of profit [drucker]… So, what’s concretely in it for me

  127. been in advertising for 30+ years
    I can’t think of a good reason for “hightail”
    but can think of many jokes – most of which are pretty ugly.
    Sometimes Ad agencies sell you on stupid ideas
    Remember the new coke formula?
    In “B” movies, (few ad dollars used) you title it what it is – so unfamiliar buyers don’t have to guess what it is that you are selling – Zombie Wars – lets someone know if the product is for them or not. Nobody is required to guess.
    What does HighTail conjure up – ugly stuff under a tail or someone running away from the issue – either way you chose poorly.

  128. Congratulations! I am curious see what is in store and if the features are better than Pogoplug secure storage and sharing.

  129. You guys are BRILLIANT. I love the name and concept you’ve created of Hightail. It’s hip, fresh, and current. Thank you for putting so much thought and energy into your service and making it something I’m PROUD to use with my clients. I’m looking forward to being expanded by what you have to offer, now that Hightail goes beyond sending files.

    Don’t sweat any negativity or resistance to your new direction. The most important (and first) thing I learned about being in business is that your ideal customers will ‘get’ your references. I get you. I’m loving Hightail. Rock on!

  130. Wow….this must be a joke…. I think I will Hi Tail it out of here.. wonder what the share holders will think of this expense?

  131. Marketing is about communicating what your product is, what it does, and why it is better than the competition. In the old West, you “Hightailed it out of town” when you were in trouble with someone.” Picking a brand name with an entrenched, negative connotation seems self-defeating and strange. The logo looks like a Stop Sign,another negative connotation. I can only presume you did not test market this name + logo with a neutral group of consumers or they would have given you this negative feedback, as many here report. Second, it is helpful if a brand name in some manner reflects what the product actually does, to help it stick in the minds of users. I immediately “groked” what YouSendIt stood for and the folded paper plane logo reinforced same. Hightail and its logo tells me nothing, other than I should be on the run from whoever is chasing me, being sure to stop at hospitals along the way. How about HighTrail? Did that ever occur to anyone? High meaning “cloud computing + standard of excellence” and Trail meaning “path along which something is sent”. That I could relate to and applaud. But, in the end, just eliminate all the down time that we have experienced in the past and HighTail will work — performance trumps marketing.

  132. Thanks for the email and the video. The transition to the new name is important, and it seems like you are making the right moves there. However, I personally don’t like the new name. I use the service for business, and the name puts you into more of an end-user category in terms of image, IMO. The first thought I had was to look for other services. However, I’ve been happy with your services and would not leave otherwise.

    Perhaps you could offer some of your loyal customers a free branded option so that we can avoid the new name altogether (or at least to minimize the impact of it). Please contact me in order to keep my business and perhaps gain new opportunities.


  133. This is sad. YouSendIt was an elegant, accurate name. Hightail sounds like a video game… or something off-color. Did it ever occur to you to poll your paying customers before making a decision? It embarrasses me to think about telling my corporate clients to upload files to my “hightail” account.

  134. I don’t like the switch. YouSendIt was sticky. I always remembered it and have told a ton of people about you. Hightail doesn’t describe what you do. I would have recommended creating another website for your new service if it is that different and using a new name for that. Yousendit is perfect for what all of us (your customers) are using it for.

    Time will tell but a new name for all of us is irrelevant. What is in it for us? I’d much rather seen an announcement about a new product or offering. You’ve spent so much time, resources, and money with rebranding. I wonder where you would be if you would have focused those resources on understanding us (the customer) and bringing another solution to the table.

  135. hahahaha….. Personally I think you having to work awful hard to convice yourself that this is a good name. Its a lot of gobbeldy gook. The name is completely disassociated from anything you offer. So your right it is an empty vessel. Its going to take a long time for people to connect the dots.

  136. Yousendit sounded professional and business-like. Hightail does not. I don’t mind a name change. Just wish that you picked something more professional sounding. I’m sure it’s fine for the creative industries. For those of us in conservative industries, Hightail is a bit of a stretch.

  137. Really, REALLY bad idea……. Your name described what you did. Now it doesn’t. What complete idiot decided to do that????? Your URL will now be irrelevant.

  138. I’ve been in advertising/design/marketing for over 25 years and I’ve been using yousendit forever, with many clients and vendors.

    Frankly, I hate the name-change to “HighTail” and I’m considering “hightailing” it over to DropBox. You gave me the idea with your new name–thanks!!!

    I agree with the other posters–I do not like the idea of using the name “hightail” with my clients. Did your marketing team consider the psychological ramifications of the actual definition of “hightail”?

    Just not-smart, marketing-wise or otherwise. I now distrust your brand.

  139. Bad branding move – loved the former straightforward name that was backed with significant consumer confidence. YouSendIt told us what it was about at a glance, no reading/marketing necessary – just sayin’!

  140. Your name wasn’t the problem … the problem is DropBox kicked your ass.
    Your video is supreme Ad-Land Bullcrap …
    Trevor Irvin

  141. Quite frankly, if something works, and works well, why change it? I think the name does not work, it certainly does not fit with the definition of the word “hightail” as others have commented. “YouSendit” works perfectly. While you might have found that it does not brand what you plan to do in the future, it works now. I might have thought about the change of name when you were ready roll out new products that would be better served by the Hightail brand. Right now, it really does not work for me. But, as a very satisfied user of YouSendit for many years, I do wish you all the best and continued success with the new brand.

  142. Hey, to each its own. I do not like the name. I watched the video and I got a sense that top management is trying to sell the public the new name. Don’t kid yourselves. If any organization has to sell its image to the general public at the executive level, then one must question why? I think YouSendIt is a better name. The name YouSendIt has nothing to do with the company itself but with the client who uses the services of the company to send various files.
    For example it would be like Google changing its name to YouSendIt. How would I then Googled things on the internet with the new name change.
    Again, to each it own. Here is my advice. It is not too late to go back, remember Netflex. Involve your client with help you with your name change. We are the ones that use your services. Are you not the UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL of the internet? Everyday, hundreds of packages go through these companies to a final destination. Whatever those packages are is determined by the sender/receiver, not the company who makes it happen. You’re just the middle guy.

    I pray God’s best for your company going forward.

  143. I don’t get it. Hightail in general is used as in fleeing as fast as possible. Thats the first thing that comes to my mind. Still a good service and I will continue to use it.

  144. Obviously, you guys either didn’t hire a competent marketing firm or your corporate team just dreamed this name change up unless there was a legal need to do so. I agree with the others before me on this blog … years of brand recognition and loyalty have been sacrificed for a name change that’s unimaginative and lacks meaning. Maybe a focus group would be in order for the next name change.

  145. Congratulations on your re-branding as Hightail. You must have some interesting growth plans to make this name stick. As a branding person, the name seems on first impression to be a great name for a cocktail/energy drink. You drink it and hightail it out of there. Also, I think of hightail as illegal activities. Rob a bank in a western movie and hightail it out of there (reference to the horses tail). So if documents are stolen in a corporation using your brand and it makes the news, I think you may have a branding issue. To me I connote hightail with illegal activities. Yousendit is memorable.

  146. Snore. You fell prey to the branding experts. Your new name is generic and instantly forgettable. Anyway, I have moved on to other services like Dropbox and WeTransfer that have modern interfaces and are exceptionally easy to use with few restrictions unlike…uh, uh, what was the name of that company that used to be yousendit?

  147. YouSendIt was one of the brightest spots on my Home screen. I could always count on large files to transfer easily. Now it’s a potential liability. What I want to know is how much this is going to cost me in terms of lost time–in reconfiguring the settings? And lost face–when I have to send stuff to France with this new unwanted linguistic baggage (how did you not research that?!); and probably, lost money when there will be a surcharge to renew my subscription to cover your losses on this ill-advised move. White letters on a red ocatagon mean STOP at the most subliminal level. So much forr “speed” and “agility”. I think you need to make a special offer to your current paid subscribers. For staying loyal to you through this branding transition there should be a free extension of all current contracts for a season or two. Deal?

  148. Is Daddy’s (just grad from marketing) little girl the new member of the company? I knew it! I hate to say this but it’s a big big mistake. Rebranding is ok, this name not so.
    Now follow my lead: Don’t change the name, you are still on time. And whoever idea was…. Don’t fire him/her, but relocate her to the lowest position you may have…. and lower the salary also!

  149. Sorry to hear about the name change. Hightail describes leaving with haste (retreating) and of course can be “misinterpreted”. Yousendit said so much more and left no doubt about the site we were asking our customers to use. Very disappointed and will probably use dropbox now; it’s recognizable like yousendit was.

  150. HighTail vs YouSendit, this will take some getting use to. Yousendit, you already have an idea to what is supppose to be use for by just hearing/reading the name. On the other hand, ‘HighTail’… Just reading or seeing the name, I have no idea what it is. If it wasn’t for the email stating a name change and reading the post here… I would think it has something to do with horses or something close to that field.

    I just hope with the name change, the quality of services doesn’t either… But will be excited to see the change that is coming…

  151. This is very interesting – Did any of these “young corporate folks” ever hear the expression “hightail it out of there.” That statement means “get away from it – move on – next – not a good place to be – move away.” Thus, for me, the name “Hightail” has a negative connotation. The dictionary defines hightail as “to move at full speed or rapidly often in making a retreat.” Time will tell on this name.

  152. Sadly I agree with many of the negative postings. Are these the rantings of people who don’t like change? I believe not. Not only does “hightailing it” have real communication negativity that will not be overcome with a long term brand campaign, but the interview in your promotional video where the interviewee says “this is an empty vessel” made me laugh. The name HIGH TAIL emotes fairly sexual overtones sounding like an expensive call girl company. And the comment “we work where you work” would be something a call girl agency would pitch. Now she is an empty vessel that’s mobile. I know it is extremely difficult to find a name that is not already service and copyrighted, but this is a mediocre branding attempt to broaden your service field. Guess you invested so much that there is no chance for change now. Hopefully you will continue good service so the customers don’t hightail it out of here. Also the condensed caps are a difficult quick read abd a bit sterile. Oh no, another sexual reference…Unfortunate branding change…I will miss the paper airplane image.

  153. Changing a brand name to something meaningless doesn’t make sense. I hope you have the budget to support it like Nike does. I was glad to see a female exec in the video though. 1 out of 5 isn’t bad…is it? Disappointing.

  154. I had just renewed for another year…have been happy with the services throughout these past years. I have recommended many clients in the past…I have just viewed the video and I am extremely disappointed with what appears to be marketing a brand…I thought the client was the key…
    My first reaction was to cancel my account and hightail it out…again, from my vantage point I think you have made a mistake in this process…if you want a suggestion for a change… you could have used “sendit”…Your company you can do what you want and so can the customer..we also can make a change…thank for your past services…

  155. Considering the comments are about 60% to 40% supporting the name change, I’d say you made a poor decision on the name change. YouSendIt said it all in a nutshell.

  156. Wow, whose idea was this? HighTail, as a brand, sounds a lot more like a shady escort service than a professional file-sending service. As an expression, it just means to run away quickly! Been a long time Pro customer – and have really liked the service – but, our company also has a brand to maintain – and we want to associate with other businesses we can proudly mention to our clients. Not sure “HighTail” will work in that regard. A much better result could have been accomplished by simply revamping your YouSendIt logo and web site — and adding new features.

  157. I’m a graphic designer in the photography industry who frequently uses YouSendIt to end large images to clients. To me this change is a huge mistake,
    I mainly use YouSendIt to send files to clients who struggle to download from our ftp site or don’t want to install Dropbox. For clients like this, having a name that perfectly describes what the service does is vital. Before I could just say,”Let’s use YouSendIt, and I didn’t have to explain anything.” Now I’ll have to explain what HighTail is, and the name will probably scare these sorts of clients away.
    The old name was eay to remember and self-explanatory. Why you would want to drop that and confuse people makes no sense to me.

  158. Hmmm…I can see what you are trying to do…use a verb as a noun so that people will be more inclined to use phrases such as “I’m gonna hightail it over to you.” or “I’m hightailing it to you right now.” It gets tricky when people start saying or are inclined to say “Did you get my hightail?”… not so great…

    So I get it, this was the reason, but all the fluffy talk about creativity, passion and what you aspire to become, is lost on me, and doesn’t fit.

    As others have said, “Why fix something that ain’t broken?”

  159. Congratulations….However, I preferred the name Yousendit. It was very clear and easy to identify. Hightail is ubiquitous and easy to misconstrue as a flashy spammy social network or worse, something offensive in another language.

  160. Hightail usually means to run away. As quickly as possible.
    Sounds like too many committee meetings without much vision.
    Does this mean I have to notify everyone who sends files to my yousendit account that that account no longer exists? Many of them don’t have accounts, so won’t be notified otherwise.
    Thanks for that…

  161. This is just a stupid name and move… When I read your promo and before reading all of the comments, I thought to myself, “This is just a bunch of BS gobblety goop–saying absolutely nothing–created by some ad agency for big bucks–describing nothing of what the company does–for some eco maniac corporate types—almost something a government worker would create to fill his time while he wastes out money! I have been using your service forever and hope that the simplicity of use and economical price (free for smaller files) will remain the same. Hightail is such a negative word, I can’t imagine even an ad agency dreaming this one up :(

  162. Interesting move. I hope it works out well for you, although it will take a lot of work to get there.

    I have to wonder, if you’re explaining this re-branding as an effort to open your company to more opportunities going forward, why not use Hightail as your new company name and keep YouSendIt as a product that your company offers in addition to new products (with equally descriptive and great names) down the road?

  163. Your rookie CEO got snookered by fast talking brand consultants who are now hightailing out of town.

    [1885–90, Amer.; in reference to the raised tails of fleeing animals]

  164. If the brand continues to deliver (no pun intended) on its mission, then I don’t really care what it’s called. That said, I think the new name is meaningless and the introductory video and blog post, utterly pretentious. HighTail may connote speed but YouSendIt was empowering. A very silly and unstrategic move.

  165. Never knew I could agree with so many. Looks like a 90% fail rate to me. Some great feedback here from your USERS, I hope you can keep both names running and see which one wins. I don’t like our company being associated with the new name nor do I like being forced into it without previous knowledge. I hope that a refund policy is in place for my annual payment. To heck with what were the 2nd and 3rd options, what were the 9th and 10th options? You are risking your legitimacy. So far it is not looking too good. Hope I am wrong. If you have to explain (sell) the name, that’s a bad thing. I don’t want to have to explain it to my organization. Best of Luck I hope it works, big unnecessary risk, unless it was a legal issue. I agree with others, you have just impacted my operations without consultation, not a good idea……

  166. “YouSendIt” was descriptive, but didn’t sound terribly professional. OK for personal stuff, and for photographers and other creative arts types, maybe, but for a law firm or financial services company — ehh, not so much.

    “HIGHTAIL” is going to be a bit of a challenge to market. (So was “GOOGLE”, but billions in revenue made it a bit easier for them to get taken seriously.) You might want to tack on a tagline, until the name is associated with the product, e.g. “HIGHTAIL cloud solutions” or somesuch.

    Same fine service, so I’m cool with it no matter what you call it. Good luck!

  167. YouSendIt described what you did: YOU can SEND anything you can’t attach to an email due to size restrictions.

    Hightail sounds like you could be an upper-class escort service.

    Bad move. Ask Netflix. One man’s opinion…

  168. This isn’t an elaborate phishing scan done just to get us to provide you with our email addresses, is it?

  169. Love the service. Confused by the new name.

    Changing your name to not hold yourself back is aces but it would take a Steve Jobsian Reality Distortion Field to make Hightail work for people outside your company. Really.

    I suspect as your re-branding team went through their process their perception of the word Hightail changed. That can happen in a group but I still think the name is confusing and somewhat negative to anyone outside your company.

    Selling Hightail to new customers will take a *tremendous* amount of resources to get anywhere near the current understanding of what your company does with the name YouSendIt.

  170. Quite honestly, I do not like the new name. The old name was recognized in the industry and related to the use of the product. I do not have the necessity to use the product frequently but when I do, because I am going to ‘send’ something, the name springs to mind. To me, this new name bears no relationship to the product.

  171. It takes perseverance and intention to push through a rebranding. There will be resistance and naysayers, but I think it’s bold, it’s memorable, and it gives you the space to move into new features, products and services. The visual design is beautiful, kudos!

  172. My first thought when I saw the new name Hightail was, “Wow! What a negative name.” How obscure can you get? A polar opposite of YouSendIt. Don’t think the name is going to work well with some spam filters. With a strong following, I think YSI could have spent dollars more wisely promoting a good product with a recognized name that says what is does. I do hope Hightail is successful, and builds and expands upon a great product, or else I’m going to hightail it out of here.

  173. Like many of the other responses, I strongly believe changing the name YouSendIt to Hightail is a BAD MOVE! (that’s like Apple or Windows changing their names to something else… which is clearly RIDICULOUS, as their names, like YouSendIt, have already become household names, infused into the lives of their audience) … And so, I seriously hope that the service that Hightail will offer, meets and exceeds the performance and high expectations of the YouSendIt customers you already have! I have watched your video and listened to the alleged reasoning behind the name change, and IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE! As a Creative Director and Brand Specialist, actively working in my field, I can tell you that all the connotations and symbolism that you are trying to attach to the name Hightail does not naturally come across to the client or customer! Instead it all seems quite fake and false… As though you are trying to hard to sell something that isn’t!

    YES, I get that under the YouSendIt brand you wanted to expand and be viewed as more than a file and document sending company. You mentioned that YouSendIt customers and people using the internet share more than just these… They share their ‘passion, lifeblood, work and the things they care about’. Good reasoning yes, that could all be incorporated under the YouSendIt brand… As you can more easily SHARE and ‘SEND’ these things than HIGHTAIL these things! Hightail just does not have the same depth as YouSendIt does! And instead of YouSendIt being replaced by a name that carries more weight and understanding, Hightail carries considerably less! This, as an ironic consequence, this now makes what your Chief Product Officer, Matte Scheinker all the more true of your new ‘Hightail’ brandname: “There are so many factors in business that are working against you… The one thing you don’t want working against you is your name! You want your name to help you… You want it to lift you, you want it to push you in the right direction!” While this may work for you, the name Hightail does not do that for your client, consumer and target audience!

    Even at a very basic level (see the dictionary definition), while the word ‘hightail’ connotes speed, it does not do so in a positive way, as it means to ‘hurry, rush and scamper’ as in to ‘hightail it’ out of here! And if you were to go deeper into the origin of the word hightail, the definition states ‘1885–90, Americanism; high + tail’ is a ‘reference to the raised tails of fleeing animals’. Thus, the speed created by something trying to scamper, rush, get and run away (in fear) from something! Hence, even the sense of agility and speed created by the word ‘Hightail’ suggests weakness, rather than the strength found in ‘sending’ something (where you and the user exude definitive control).

    If I were you, and felt I needed to stamp my authority on the company by changing its name, then, I would have chosen more wisely, and found one without negative connotations. More likely though, I would have kept the strong YouSendIt brandname and used my advertising/branding budget to expand the concept behind it. An easier sell, as the YouSendIt brand is intuitive, and already well known and loved. Heck, you have already bought the YouSendIt company, why not expand upon the strength of the brand, instead of trying to belittle it?

  174. It’s good to see the people who did the First CityWide Change Bank video and rebranding plan got another gig.

    As a YSI user I have to ask…who sold you the “we must rebrand” Kool-Aid? After Jonestown and this, the dude’s pure evil.

  175. This is stupid. I loved Yousendit. I’m gonna Hightail it out of here just to punish you for corporate stupidity.

    I’m sure some research analyst or market consultant gave u this idea. Like when a numerologist tells some big star to change their name just to feel important.

    Hightail? I hope they sold you on the sexual innuendo. Sex sells you know.

  176. Did you not look up the meaning of the word “Hightail” before choosing it as your company name?

    “To move at full speed or rapidly often in making a retreat —usually used with it ”

    Brad says that he wants the new name to convey their key differentiators such as an intuitive user experience, security and control, and working where you work. But I fail to grasp how “Hightail” conveys that message.

    While I agree the name YouSendIt can pigeon hole you, other companies have made it work (e.g. Salesforce). I also think there are other names that you could have considered that doesn’t include words like box, cloud, or sync. Maybe “Workstream”?

    Also, doesn’t Dropbox use the heptagon shape for their new developer platform?

  177. Where I’m from, ‘hightailing’ is what criminals do as they flee the scene. The new name has a very negative connotation and I’m not sure that I want to send clients a link with the word ‘tail’ in it, which has a very sexual connotation. As a color theorist, you’ve nailed the ‘excitement’ with your orange hues and ‘trust’ with the browns; however there was absolutely nothing wrong with YouSendIt. You could have expanded from within. Just as Coke pushes out Sprite and Dasani on a daily basis. YouSendIt could have been your ‘umbrella’ since everyone is already familiar with it…I’m just sayin.

  178. As a customer partial to the service — I used the free mode for years before signing on as a paying customer in 2010 — I’d like to wish you guys well. However, I also have to think about moving on.

    The video gives absolutely no hard indication of what you’re going to do; I’m guessing it’s going to be more of cloud-based services (“beyond ‘send'” seemed to be the mantra), but I’m already getting a batch of quite-good services from major market players (Microsoft, Apple) for, well, free. What could I possibly get that would make it worth the purchase? Uh, nothing here, not even enough for a PowerPoint bullet list.

    The other thing is that every person in this video talks as if if they’ve drunk the corporate Flavor-Aid and are trying to explain why we need to dream the big dream with them. Nobody looks into the lens to talk to me, the customer. Nobody seems to be working, save for the staff working on … marketing materials.

    Didn’t anyone take this outside the company beforehand to get reaction of people not directly in the process? And didn’t anyone think of, well, rebranding the company and keeping YouSendIt as a product name — at least until there was something to really buy other than YouSendIt?

    Whatever’s being offered better be great — because if it looks like most of the effort went into a cool new brand, I’m wasting my money.

  179. Why change the name? Yousendit is basically a household name. Hightail is, for the most part, known within the phrase “Let’s hightail on out of here!”. LAME!

  180. mmm… sounds like an Escort company… I called HighTail and got great girl last week-end… I don’t think the rebranding is a good move. YouSendIt was a good name. You can expand to send anything… but you still send something, even stuff you care about.

  181. The word “hightail” always takes the object, “it.” You don’t hightail here and there, you hightail it. From the Word Detective: “Many animals, including deer and horses, raise their tails when they flee, making the action a good metaphor for a panicked retreat.” The visual reference, is, pun intended, telling. YouSendIt has created quite a challenge for itself. Good luck.

  182. Don’t like this name change at all. Sounds much more like a shady escort service than a professional file transfer service. Just logged-in to send a file and cringed when I saw the new name and logo — not sure I can send our media files out to clients with a name like “HighTail” — why in the world choose a name that means to meekly run away from danger??? On the bright side, though, maybe you’ll sell a lot more unbranded accounts? Time for us to look at other options I think.

  183. I have to agree with the majority of comments already posted – as
    Michael Crane so succinctly puts it “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it.” I sincerely hope that all the marketing hype around your new brand doesn’t result in loyal YouSendit users hightailing away as fast as possible.

  184. High Tail generally refers to deer running away, at least in the Northwest. I love Yousendit; it’s simple to use, and doesn’t cost a lot. I’m having difficulty with the thought of sending my clients an email:
    “your files are coming via Hightail…”
    Bad move.

  185. As one of the above people said, “yousendit” was the perfect name. “Hightail” menas nothing to most pepople in Canada, except retreat, which is not what you are trying to convey, of course.

    I am sad to see the name changed and wonder whether “yousendit” URLs will work any longer. Hope so.

  186. Did you get bought-out? Sounds like a committee worked on this one.

    Nice lettertype but odd choice of name change when you’ve become a fairly established brand. Hope it works out for you…

  187. You all have such a great service and I’ve really appreciated it for many years and have referred many to you. I wish you continued success. I’m not going to lie to you about your new name – it doesn’t mean anything to me (it’s not intuitive from my pov) and I will have a hard time remembering it. Yousendit was so easy to remember and to associate with a key functionality you’ve been very reliably helping us with. I’m not saying don’t change your name. I’m saying, please create a name that resonates and makes sense. 86 Hightail. Thanks!

  188. HIGHTAIL to similar to:

    high·tail (htl) Slang
    intr.v. high·tailed, high·tail·ing, high·tails
    To go as fast as possible, especially in fleeing: hightailed out of town.
    hightail it
    To hurry or flee.

    hightail it – Refers to animals, such as mustangs and rabbits, that raise their tails high when fleeing danger.
    See also related terms for rabbits

    Just my 2

  189. Just sold everyone on (You-Send-It) now I must sell your new name -Hightail – I should send you a bill.
    Good luck – and I wil continue to sell your product.


  190. This change is really ridiculous. So many of our customers have become familiar with YouSendIt and trust the service. Now we start all over again to convince our customers which include government agencies with high security network filtering that the new name is all ok to accept. Really looks like a marketing grad playing with theories from his student days.

  191. I love Hightail, and I got it immediately. “Yousendit” was a goofy name and I was embarrassed every time I had to type in the url. I’m in the web industry and it’s important to me to feel proud of the services I use. The rebrand makes me MUCH happier to use yousendit. I was always looking for something more modern.

    It makes me think the company is looking towards the future, and might finally compete with my other favorites like Dropbox and Droplr.

    GREAT JOB, that took guts!!!

  192. Hightail fails, sorry. When I asked people what it meant, everyone said-you mean like “hightail it out of here.” Leslie Kelsay’s post is in a similar vein. Whatever branding company convinced you this is the way to go should not be paid. Yousendit said it all. This is similar to another situation. Here is a quote from the press release. “ESPS, Inc., a provider of electronic publishing “solutions” is now Liquent, Inc., to better reflect “the ongoing evolution of our technology.” The name change was announced by CEO Rick Dool and Executive VP Norman Corn.” Huh? Well, sadly with Yousendit, I also say, “Huh.” At least I know what “” does.

  193. With such a ridiculous and meaningless name, you won’t attract new customers. YouSend it was speaking for itself all around the world because everyone in the world knows the meaning of the English word SEND. Stupid choice indeed!

  194. Will use service today because I’m a paying customer and need to send something right now, but since I also right now found out about your name change, I believe I will switch. The name is horrible and as so many have said, means absolutely nothing for your business, and frankly isn’t something I want to send to my customer base.

  195. I hate it. This could end up being one of the worst marketing blunders ever. The name “YouSendIt” is what made them move forward. They are trying to create a verb out of Hightail when yousendit has already been used as a verb. Maybe look at the definition of Hightail in Webster before re-naming your successful company (despite the lack of profit). The definition basically describes what the company just did “to move at full speed or rapidly often in making a retreat”. They are moving full speed…backwards. You have one of the most powerful names in file sharing and you change it. Somebody needs to be fired for this one! Just keep the product name (YouSendIt), change the company name and roll-out a new product with advanced features instead of risking your only product. Just don’t name it Hightail.

  196. the stuff that i´m sending are really files.
    not my life, and not anything else.

    when i used it, my customers understood right away what it is/was.
    It feld safe and professional.
    The name, logo and colors where light and clear.

    I live in europe.
    Nobody would understand the new name.
    They wouldn´t know how to wright it or say it.

    From my taste of Design:
    don´t like the Typo.
    don´t like the colour.
    don´t like the word.
    the video isn´t saying anything.

  197. You really haven’t thought this through have you? Well done on picking a name that has no cultural frame of reference outside the United States. It speaks volumes to the insular mindset of the management of the company. Very sad. But don’t worry. Takeover and dismemberment by Yahoo cannot be far behind.

  198. Unfortunately the first thing that came to mind when I heard he new name was hopping in my care and hitailing it out of here…..or being hijacked or whatever, it was all negative…..I love yousendit and refer it to everyone I know…..not so sure about this new name and hope it doesn’t bury your business….One this is for sure…. HITAIL is NOT a fresh new name or face for you… it says nothing of what you do and has so so many negatives attached……

  199. I really don’t get it.
    You had a good name so no need to change. You decide to change.
    And not only you change for no reason but you change to a stupid name (the few people who like it surely don’t use it for a professional cie).
    This a complet disrespect to your customers.
    I use YouSendIt for my cie. No way i’m going to lose time defending your catastrophic choice of name to my customers, not to mention the money cost i would suffer.
    I expect you will correct in the next few days and go back to the intelligent and well known original name.
    I give you a few days or you can be sure that i will take my money elsewhere.
    If you don’t start respecting your customers, i predict you will go bankrupt within 6 months!

  200. Good Luck with the new name. I’ve had great success using Yousendit for the large files we send I hope all stays the same and the only thing that will change is the name. (I don’t really care for the name change though it sounds like a childrens book).

  201. I think this was a horrible idea… I’m an accountant and now this is the convo I will have:

    Me: “Hey, why don’t you use HighTail to send your super secure info to me Mr. Client”
    Client: “What the heck is HighTail?! ”

    it used to be “Hey let’s use YouSendIt to send me your super secure info… client wouldn’t even blink an eye.

  202. Sorry. I don’t get it. The intent of YouSendIt was crystal clear. It works just fine. Hightail?? No. I may end up using the “new brand,” but I don’t understand what was wrong with the old brand. And I will explore other options, because I presume that with this fancy new name there will be fancy new charges.

  203. Did you guys drink the kool-aid ! Take a long vacation and come back
    when you don’t take yourself to seriously. I love yousendit….i just wish i didn’t watch that video or that you would have hired me to be your Pr person.

  204. What a stupid name. You switch from saying “You send files” to “I’m gonna hightail it outta here.”


    We’re long-time paying customers and will keep using it, unless there are other, bad changes involved, but when our customers were told we’re sending them files with “YouSendIt” it was obvious that we were sending them files. Now, they’ll read that we are hightailing it out of town, and somehow that means they’re getting files?

    Really dumb move, although maybe people who who ftp “passion” instead of documents will love the name change.

    Grants Pass

  205. As someone involved in naming and graphic design I’ve used your file sending services many times. Despite your new CEO’s explanation, & the accompanying video, I still don’t know why there was a need for a name change? I understand I’m not in the need to know column. You seem to have not articulated the point. There are so many negative connotations of the word Hightail. As others have said, it appears, at least on the surface, to have been an unnecessary move. I remain unsure if I’ve been dazzled by your brilliance or baffled by the BS.

  206. Thankfully the service you offer is excellent.
    The name “you send it” gave a certain amount of confidence when sending files to recipients, particularly in the business community, even if they hadn’t heard it before.
    Frankly as a name, Hightail sounds highly suspicious.
    I would have thought it would make much greater sense to focus to the aspects of your business that differentiate you from the majority of cloud based storage and file sharing platforms.
    To more clearly define who benefits derived from your services and seriously target that niche, rather than this veiled attempt to cast a much broader net.
    Don’t get me wrong, re-branding sometimes make good sense, it just has to be for the right reasons.

    I seriously hope “Hightail” works for you. As I have said, you have a great service.
    (I also seriously suggest you do a SWOT analysis)

  207. Really? The new CEO thought it was a good idea to change the recognizable brandname of a successful company to a word that means to run away???
    Verb1.hightail it – flee; take to one’s heels; cut and run.

  208. Possibly the worst rebranding since the Netflix/ Flixster disaster.

    It’s so bad I’m going to cancel my service. I’m not sending anyone a link that says “hightail.” How truly awful.

    Also, did anyone realize that “Hightail” means to retreat as quickly as possible? ie: “let’s hightail it out of here.”

  209. Well well well… thank you HighTail for giving me fuel for another blog post… who in their right mind would make such a dumb move? All brand equity carefully built over the last few years – thrown out the window. This is about as stupid a decision as Netflix’s attempt to rename its DVD mailing service to Qwikster a while back. I guess some people just don’t learn from the mistakes of others.

  210. Big mistake taking a brand that told everyone exactly what you do, to something needs explanation. The new name has more negative connotations, it switches people off straight away. I agree with above. If it wasn’t broke why try fixing it? Total waste of time and money.

  211. Changing an established brand name is brave with a capital B – for years now whenever I’ve needed to send something was top of mind – a name that says what it does as the web address. Hightail doesn’t work anywhere nearly as well and the fight to get back the brand recognition might very well be an extremely difficult job. There is the danger of clients ‘hightailing’ it to other companies whose brand name comes to mind more easily.

  212. Good name, great move. Yousendit was a nice name for what the business was, not for what it wants to be. Congratulations and good luck.

  213. Surely there has to be some other explanation for taking an excellent and totally descriptive name with an equally strong logo and changing it to a word no one has ever heard of and — at least to me — brought the word Tailhook to mind with all of the negative connotations of that descriptor.

  214. You guys were one of the first and in my opinion one of the best. Now with lots of competition, you guys chose to do something really dumb. Did you not learn from Netflix? Their name change was a huge flop. How long will it take before we see you back to using “You Send it” after your users Hightail it out of here?

  215. Changing your brand name is a tough decision that requires gutts. It’s something you seldom want to do. Sometimes you have to. No doubt this was the case. All the initial negative reactions are natural and expected. In a few days they will all have faded away.

  216. Hmmm…(as i rub my chin with one eye-brow raised while i contemplate) …….hightail, huh? Ok. Let’s hope it was not some corporate “suit” with a “marketing degree” trying to make his mark is who lobbied for this drastic change….

  217. Read a lot of the comments so won’t re-hash what they said…just to say I don’t think YSI held you back if you wanted to grow. And my first thought was, “Retreat fast???”

    My question is, what is the line over the H in the logo mean? Usually that is over a vowel, so what does it mean over a consonant?

  218. I like the name. The video i could have done without. I use both DropBox and YouSendIt and so hope that you will upgrade your graphics and the ability to see images collectively in a well designed format. I really don’t like having to use both. Personally I miss the old iPhoto sharing system. Surprise me……. please.

  219. Having visions and aspiration of what you want to be, is all fine and good. Forgetting what you fundamentally are, but more importantly – who your customers are, not a good thing.

    If you want to be bigger than just sending files, fine. Create that part, then brand that, don’t try to rebrand what you already established and built a trust in.

    Don’t believe me? Compare your customer numbers from yesterday to a week from now!

    The name? Anybody over the age of 40, and with a basic education in English, would have understood the meaning of the word, and the associations it would conjure up.

    Did you ever consider how your customers actually use your product, or how their customers perceive them, when they receive something sent to them, using this product?

    It is us, your clients, that built this brand name for you. We are the ones that told our clients that this the product we trusted to send our files with.

    So now all of a sudden, the burden again falls on us to try to explain why the company changed name because of some undefined fantasy of being something else in the future?

    Success often breeds arrogance and lack of ability to remember who you are, and what your clients are paying you to do.

  220. There is a hidden meaning to the line above H, look closely & you might catch it!

  221. What a huge risk, changing your well known helpful and descriptive name to a name that has negative connotations (fleeing .. running away).
    However, YouSendIt is probably a limiting name if you want to expand the philosophy of your business from just sending files.

    I was intrigued by the comment I received on my introductory where it said “This message was sent to you because you opted-in to receive Hightail product news and special offers.” Wow .. now we have prescient, mind altering opt-in techniques for new products I never knew existed.

    Hope the marketing b..s is worth it.

  222. Hightail = A really good hipster creative agency selling CEOs on a concept they loved. This new brand will date, hopefully they service gets better because yousendit was great.

  223. New-CEO-takes-over syndrome in full effect.

    “We’ve been planning, preparing, designing and developing”

    but none of the apps have been updated and most of the site is still under the old banner.

    Regardless of the poor connotations of the word Hightail this seems like the rollout has been rushed.

    Still good luck, i love YouSendIt.

  224. Wishing the very best on this new brand identity for Hightail! Yousendit as an organization and brand had established a very successful customer base with all the commitment and perseverance from every employee of this organization. I am confident this new identity will only help in further fueling the success in the corporate world for Hightail and enable the organization to reach far greater heights. Good luck!

  225. As others have already said, “Hightail” is not commonly used in the UK and the name feels crass and awkward. UK also has the experience of another new CEO who took over a postal / shipping company with a good brand name in Royal Mail and changed the name to Consignia – how inept could that be? It did not last long and the company is again trading as Royal Mail.

  226. Huge mistake. You send it did exactly that. Send it. I exclusively used you send it for music transfer but this new name is misleading and confusing. Number one rule is business. DO NOT FIX WHAT IS NOT BROKEN. We shall see but I will also look at other services. This just doesn’t sit well and what a stupid name coming from an established brand and household name for file transfer and sharing. Live and learn. My gut says you’ll learn the hard way but we shall see.

  227. There was/is nothing wrong with the name YouSendIt. Truth be told…YouSendIt was/is very relevant to what we use the service for which is to send files of various formats. What does the name Hightail have to do with the nature of the service?

  228. The hidden meaning of the line above the H? Is it that the negative space creates the letter T? Therefore a HT? Wow, you must have been taking notes while you were being hoodwinked by the marketing ‘gurus’ that sold you this epic disappointment.

    Hoodwinked. Now that’s a good name.

    Let me ‘hoodwink’ that file to you.

  229. Oh no! animation company is called Monkeystack ..half this list is going to ‘literally’ assume that we stack monkeys .. I think the ‘describes what you do..’ comments are misguided. Ambiguity gives you scope. Samsung that a guy called Sam that finished a song? …so confusing ….

  230. No need to rehash what has been said by more others than I felt the desire to count. From an end-user perspective, this move makes as much sense as new Coke and the rebranding of Northwest Airlines, who have the unique honor of no longer having the greatest logo ever created.

    I’ll keep using your service from time to time…until I get tired of having to explain what “Hightail” is. I’m guessing that will be about twice. Strange…I never had to do that with YouSendIt. Not once. Funny how that works.

  231. Well done. I’ve always appreciated how easy YouSendIt has made my life. Now, it seems you’ve added an almost (dare I say it) spiritual dimension to your operations, which I appreciated. All the best!

  232. I have been introducing people to Yousendit for years as a good reliable ftp service with (I suspect) many people not using more than the secure file transfer capability. “Yousendit” described just that.

    I will feel a bit odd trying to describe a trustworthy and secure ftp facility as “hightail”. What I immediately imagined was an animal (cat, deer) walking along, with its tail in the air – and what is therefore immediately obvious? Good luck with your personal ambitions, but I’m not sure Hightail is what the world needs now.

    Regardless I will persevere and judge on the ftp service, particularly security and pricing.

  233. I just canceled my paid account. That’s how terrible this rebrand is. I can’t send a client a “hightail.” How embarrassing! You should fire whomever sold you on this awful idea.

    I’ll move my business over to dropbox. Too bad. I loved your service.

  234. Congrats on the new name! I’ve used yousendit since 2006 and love the product I am a musician / songwriter I send songs parts all over the world with yousendit the new name sounds great!

  235. Yes I agree with many of the other posts. I am not sure you NEEDED to change the name or branding. Yousendit says it all. And you have created a well known, respected and trusted profile under the original banner of Yousendit.

    I would assume with the name change will come new services. I would have preferred your video to detail what new things I can expect from your newly named site.

    For me….I will probably still call it Yousendit….I’m just too used to it.

    Best of luck with it all…but did you really need to do this. When something is working well……..why fix it?

  236. You have me thoroughly confused – I have a YouSendIt account. But you are no longer YouSendIt. But when I click your link that says JOIN HIGHTAIL it opens to YouSendIt. Could your launch be a little more clear? A Branding Genuis/Guru once told me: “A confused mind says “no.”

  237. What rubbish! It does nothing for me and my business except confuse my clients and me, until you explain the benefit which offsets this significant cost. The obvious question which you didn’t answer in your “shiny” intro is “Will I need to change anything in my system, which works quote OK?” Genuine logical people don’t give a hoot about shininess or branding – we just need something simple that works.

    Gen Y rubbish!

  238. Anxious to see what lies ahead. I love You Send It. We should “embrace change”, as it is inevitible. Good luck and I hope it’s even better than You Send It

  239. HIGHTAIL! Really…… To tell you the truth HIGHTAIL don’t make any sense at all even it mean “moving fast” did your people get this word in the dictionary?

    yousendit is already a very good branding and it make sense it describe what it does.

    Comment on the logo HOSPITAL Stop? or a Helli-pad? maybe a security company? The logo is strong but it does say anything about your company.

    Hoping the money you guys spent is worth-it. Video waist of time… didn’t excite me at all, even the cast in the video looks uneasy with the brand name changes.

    This will be a big challenge for you guys to get this up, hope your marketing strat works.

  240. Hightail? I think I need a Cocktail!
    You had a presence and a strong market position – a name change? Why?

  241. If you have more to offer, offer it. But to rebrand without offering a product or service that is *better* and *different* seems like an empty gesture.
    YouSendIt had mindshare. Hightail leaves me cold, I just think of “hightail it outta here.”

  242. Congrats but have to agree with a number of the above. The name YouSendIt was far better. It was to the point of what you do and most of all very, very easy for everyone to recall. I can’t ever remember anyone asking me “what was the name of the site again”. I had an uncle who had an expression I have never forgotten, “leave well enough alone” similar to “if it is not broken don’t fix it”. I can only imagine that there is some legal reason for the name change, but even then the new name is wanting …. badly.

    I think the post by Peter indicates that your whole marketing department involved in the renaming should resign. His post: “Oh dear. Hi-Tail means, “Verb. high-tail – retreat at full speed; “The actress high-tailed to her villa when reporters began to follow her to the restaurant” flee, take flight, fly – run away quickly; “He threw down his gun and fled”…”.

    Hell I can’t remember it even now and I just read it at the top of this page … Hi-something. Hightailing! That’s it! I fear that you might find a fall in your new users rate due to the rebranding but existing users probably won’t be “hightailing” it to another brand unless you’re planning on making the same “rebranding crew” also work on services too.

    What do you call a user of your service? What is the action of using your service called?

  243. Why would you change your name from a descriptive and well known name to one that does not describe your business and is unknown?

    It would have been nice if your announcement included some useful information, such as what url should I go to, is my log-in still good, are my folders still accessible. You already had my attention but did not use it wisely. I don’t want to have to wait for another email or two to find out if and how one of the tools I use to get my job done has changed.
    I wish you luck. But please value your customers and their time.

  244. I think we really need to see what improvements the new branding really brings in terms of usability, technical capabilities, etc. As long as the new vision/branding brings real value, I’m ok with whatever they call it. I don’t really get what Hightail means frankly, but we’ll see how it turns out vis-a-vis their new vision. In any case, Apple is not a fruit seller, Creative does not exactly sell creativity (far from it as it is), and Nike does not sell anything that sounds like its name. :-) So the end product is what really really matters! :-)))

  245. i dont like this new name, i prefer yousendit, now i will forget Hightail, it just wouldn’t stay in my mind. :(

  246. I find it strange that you would change the name from YouSendIt (it made sense) to Hightail… I associate the word to mean ‘High-tail it outta there!’… it’s a negative term. If you don’t like a situation you ‘hightail it outta there’ to get away from it/them. Strange name to choose!!

  247. New name is very bland. Branding looks ok, but why the hell if you’re rebranding, do all the links point to a YouSendit branded website and the homepage of is just a landing page letter? Why not actually launch the redesigned website when you’re making this rebranding. as your own video said, you only get one chance.

    It looks like you are only half changing, by sticking with the yousendit website, maybe you anticipated the reception that the new name is bad and that’s why you only went half in, so you could switch back…

  248. And, I suppose you are going to change the address of my drop box after I just printed a year’s worth of business cards. Thanks for nothing! Changing your name and logo when they were a perfect match for your product — BAD IDEA! If you have any sense at your organization, you would deep six this plan immediately.

  249. A heptagon? Why a polygon? Why an H with a roof? Why? It makes me crazy. I am a little depressed. I don’t know what to say… “My files are too large and I can’t send them by email. I’ll be sending them to you by way of HighTail”. They will say, “What is that”, I’ll say, “Just look for the file and down load it from your in box”, “Don’t make me explain it again”.

  250. Wow, so many rude, negative comments on this introductory thread! Give them a chance to prove themselves before shooting them down in flames! Don’t like the name? Fine, but why go on about it on this blog? Calm down, time will tell if this rebranding is a success or not.

  251. Having left a strong negative comment earlier today, and now seeing that many others have followed, I have to admit one thing. I totally respect and admire you for actually publishing so many negative posts. When the “being reviewed for moderation” appeared after I finished my earlier comment, I thought for certain I’d see some editing. But I did not. You published it as-is. You really do run a first class company and I sincerely hope this all turns out the best for your future. You have elicited such passionate responses because you have delivered one of the rare products we have all come to depend on for its rock-solid stability. Video professionals are a tough bunch to please, because we ALWAYS need our software to work, especially under tight deadlines. So many times when other transfers have failed for one reason or another, we have said, “Can you please just use You Send It?” And it NEVER failed. So may the force be with you whatever name you choose. And PLEASE don’t pull an “Apple” on us … i.e. abandoning the professional community with the loss of Mobile Me as well as Final Cut Pro. In the end (even if “the end” is a “hightail”), it’s all about the reliability of the services. I look forward to seeing what you’ve come up with on the substantive side of things. Thank you and good luck!

  252. YouSendIt is the only, and i repeat the only file share/send service i have used in the past… five years or more. i like and have liked every thing about it – from the look to the ease of use to the features and services. i haven’t once considered using another service and can’t even remember a time when i might have even thought about using another service. For all things computer related i go to Apple. For tools and appliances, i go to Sears. To read the news, the NY Times. And for file sending/sharing…YouSendIt… i mean… Hightail. So until you give me reason to make a switch (and based on what i’ve seen so far there won’t be one) you’ve got my business, good word of mouth, and support. And i have a hunch that this “name change” and announcement is just the start of some very big things. People are afraid of change and are quick to go negative. Personally, i’m rather excited to see what comes next. Brave move. No guts, no glory. It’s all about the execution. The timing. and the Consistency of service. In it to win it YouSendIt… Hightail it is.

  253. Good, as long as it is not a tail between the legs but a wagging happy tail, as an older happy user of yousendit, i am ok with the change of name. What’s in a name as William S. once said. As long as the service and possibilities are still the same. A new name might ignite a new spirit among those who work for the hightail company. And sometimes, in times of economical crisis, a new spirit might just be the needed thing to continue and find new markets. Good luck hightail people, don’t be disappointed about the negative (scared?) reactions of the people above. Now, for the older lady, do i have to download the program again, this time asking for hightail or what do i do? Yeah, a little blonde, sorry! ;-) Marleen

  254. I have always loved using … so easy to use. No change of loyalties for me unless your service deteriorates and I can’t see any reason why it should. I believe it will only get better. So, good luck.

  255. I agree with so many of the comments already posted. Why change the name? I have used YouSendIt since I bacame self employed and trusted it completely. Improve, update but to rebrand with a new name is totally confusing and adds hassle when none is needed. Why?

  256. What Hightail DO next and the services and products they OFFER will make or break the company, NOT the change in name or brand. If what you offer is excellent – people will come to you. I certainly won’t be moving to a supplier whose name ‘says what it does on the tin’. I’m pretty ambivalent about the Hightail intro video, I think we all have more important things to worry about, but some clearly aren’t. Be interesting to see what Hightail will offer next. Good luck.

  257. why not have the new name YouSendItBetter, or SendItBetter. Hightail says nothing to me,, & most of your people are high-tailing away, it looks like… I don’t know who did the marketing research for you, but, it doesn’t seem like the right choice.. I have not used this service but a few times with getting music books. Wish you guys the best, :) Tommy

  258. I’ am always interested in inovative idea’s and solutions …. if they are for the better ! .

    in this case .. i have my doubts …

    When you have a name that says it all … why change it into something that says nothing, is not even easy to remember … yousendit .. is a service you do not use every day. So when needed it has to pop up in the top of your head as number 1 ! and that is exactly what ” Yousendit ” does ! it pop’s up before the competition. Why ? because it just does 100% what is in the name. with HIGHTAIL … i doubt if i even will remember it after a week ! let alone, after my annual holidays … . By changing the name , I guess you did the COMPETITION a HUGE favor !!! ( ok i now only time will tell ) But what i see here ,is from a perfect “underdog” position that had it all to make it with the right promotion !! to a cocky name that sounds more like an empty meaningless box… ( witch is even said in the video by the ceo ????? Hello … changing the name and not yet having a clue how to fill it … !!! guess all is in the cloud .. even the brain ;) that means it is there somewhere but nobody knows where !!! …. about the video itself … please be unique as you claim to wannabe because copying hte Apple style … sorry does not work. looks more boring than interesting … certainly if you listen to the content ..! I appoligize for my critcal voice, but i still wish you and the company all the best and a lot of succes !!! and who knows i might remember your name and website one day .

  259. I have used YOUSENDIT for many years which has been an exceptional service. Don’t understand why you would change a successful brad name but wish you the best of luck and will continue to use the service unless I see a change in service characteristics.

    My concerns are; will there be a change in the security of data storage and who will have access to it? Who will have access to Client databases.


  260. I agree with most of the earlier comments. Yousendit was a name almost synonymous with sending big files online. I do not know after so many years and with an established brand, why the ‘Tail’ had to be held ‘High’. All that can be said just now is ‘Best of Luck’ !

  261. Something very simple needs to be explained with a lot marketing blahblah only a few will read (!) and understand … therefore it’s not simple anymore.

    While it makes sense changing the name, the name itself is at least highly questionable.

  262. Will we still be able to use the addresses for our clients/customers?
    I am sure you will still retain possession of the domain name. Microsoft rebranded their web mail service (several times), but their customers can still use their existing and addresses even though they have rebranded to . Shouldn’t YouSendIt/Hightail do the same thing?

  263. I also don’t understand why you changed the name. Your new logo looks to me like a stop sign…..I personally liked the You Send It logo better.

  264. Hightail – reminds me of a cheap Australian wine. Not really impressed with the name change, but will allow continued good service be the decider in whether to continue paying for the service.

  265. Yes. You will still be able to send large files, share folders, electronically sign documents and store your content in the cloud. We will also still have our iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows apps.

  266. I agree with a lot of the comments. YouSendIt was a good brand, not too sure about Hightail, but all the best with it.

    I did lose weight, thanks for noticing!

  267. I too have been using yousendit for ages. I don’t really see why it is so important to have a name that is nondescript, which just feels like your being trendy. I don’t really care, it just seems strange to change from a name that simply states what you do and who you are to some weird nondescript logo just to be cool. I love your service, and I hope this isn’t a ploy to charge more money with this young fresh look.

  268. I don’t get the name change. I’ve been paying and using you send it because it was a simple, superior service and I loved the straight forward name. The new name doesn’t say anything to me. And it’s
    certainly not more memorable. Hope the service doesn’t change in
    a similar way…

  269. What’s in a name? I don’t care what you call it as long as you continue to provide the service that I pay for.

  270. This is great but why can’t I log on to either site? I have files I need to download ASAP. The download links are bringing up a blank screen.

  271. People are so funny. Their business name is not up for a vote and classic how people HATE change, even if just a name.

  272. Great to be innovative!!
    I guess the “descriptive” name of “Yousendit” was right for what you did, but when you have more ambitions, it is good to change logo and name. I find “Hightail” promising.
    However, I did not get , as yet, a good insight into WHAT you want to go doing. Still because of your enthusiastic presentation I expect a lot of it. Don’t disappoint me now and inform me :-)

  273. I like the new change. I’m a graphic designer and I can see why some don’t welcome the change. Why change something they were fine with. However from the business standpoint it makes perfect sense. I love the new look! It’s innovative and moving forward with technology. You just don’t “sendit” you are more than that. Great, wonderfully done video!

  274. Here’s hoping that the service remains excellent. But my confidence that it will is wobbly given this demonstration that your leadership makes changes that are distractions from your core service.

    Here’s hoping that “Hightail” remains a useful service.

    By the way: I really like the “Hightop” mark and your creative director’s explanation of it.

  275. Hi guys. Your rebrand is fun to watch, good luck. I have some feedback. First, there is nowhere I can find that I can send you feedback without it being listed as a post. In this case it’s like declaring at a crowded dinner table that the person across from you has spinach in her teeth: There is a typo in the header of your dentist rapper show – “Filed of View”, which I assume is supposed to be “Field”. Small detail, but important to a company intending to be detail oriented. It would be reassuring if someone responded to this note. Best wishes to you. Signed, Chris, member for a while

  276. Wow. You just got lost in the galaxy of trendy, over-thought, non-referential “brands.” Hightail is something animals do when they’re scared. Love your product. I’m 53. It’s the one I remember.

  277. We are having trouble logging into You Send It today, is there now a new page to log into or should our old links and passwords still work?

  278. Pingback: URL
  279. I get it. You’re changing the name to reflect your new ambitions of going from just sending files to full-circle cloud-based work collaborating. I’m just not convinced it’s the right strategy. You’re distancing yourselves from your core service with a highly accepted USP — “where I go to send files” — and moving into a murky environment already saturated with Dropbox and Google Drive. Good luck with that.

    The new branding does look cool, though. ;-)

  280. This seems to be a typical case of some new person taking over and doing a name change for the sake of doing it. The new name does nothing to me frankly. It is a very bad decision to change the name which had become synonymous with every professional in advertising and designing world as well as all other industries. Many a brand names have been ruined in such a manner by the whims of some new person taking over the Company or the biased decision of the marketing professional head.

    Sorry ZERO marks for this change. I feel sad.

  281. I HATE BEING TRICKED ! open a page , to Hello Its not this anymore its this after you give them all your info. GRRRR.

  282. Name is a challenge, when I recommend to friends..I cannot remember the name and suggest they search for yousendit!

  283. Hi, I am an italian former Yousendit user. I was so happy with Yousendit. Simple, clear, clean, quick. I often invited friends and collegues to make an account and we used it for work since years. The best thing was that it was NOT dropbox. Now Hightail makes it a lot confusing. I stopped to invite friends. I dont know if the new name says something to english people, but for us is meaningless and we even have spelling problems. I can’t remember it. The look changement is confusing, the former paper-plane was so appealing. And the content? Are you giving more? Are you hiding the fact that you are giving less? What I know is that with yousendit I dropped my folders to send in the app and it zipped automatically before sending automatically. Now I read that I have to zip manually my folder with my own software ad then send it as a file. Wow. So I still am using the old Yousendit express on the desktop. But what to do on the new pc? So the question is. WHY?? Why to change something perfect instead of just adding new cloud-based services? Is it just for FASHION?

  284. Like several others, I also had problems with your change over. then I had problems signing on as expressed by others. I considered cancelling your service but realized I had already paid in advance for a year. You need to provide update instructions for Outlook365. I can no longer get outlook to automatically use yousendit when needed for larger messages. Do you have a fix for this? Are you compatible with Office 365?

  285. Everyone in our office calls it yousendit still and will continue to do so. We have started using we transfer a bit as some people upstairs thought yousendit was finished…. why change the name, someone take it with them, own the rights when they left?

  286. I don’t particularly care one way or another about the company name or branding. What I do care about is that — ever since the rebrand — sending files to clients is a crapshoot. Upload the file, create and test a link…it works. Send the file…. link is invalid. Check the file again: link might be valid, or might not.

    The only advice from customer service has been “we are aware of the problem. keep trying the link. it MIGHT work.”….. which is unfortunately something you can’t say to a high priority client.

  287. I agree with Chris’ posed on the 16th. With you send it I never had an issue. Now the two times I used it this week it didn’t work.

  288. I am not usually a naysayer, but your name change is a fail in my book. Hightail is not memorable at all and I still struggle to remember it. YouSendit was easy to recall and made sense. Dumb move that killed your brand equity.

  289. Will somebody PLEASE tell me how to pin this new program ot my task bar?????? Why does High tail keep it such a big secret????

  290. Hey whatever happened to “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”? Had You send it for two years absolutely NO problem now…can’t pin it to task bar and can’t send a damn thing what is it with you people? Are you morons or what? Everything was working fine then you up and change it..look at the comments of your customers you are ignoring us…you guys should run for Congress they do the same thing ignore us.

  291. Several problems in my view: 1) I’m deaf and the video isn’t captioned, so I don’t know what they are saying about the changes. 2) To me, Hightail is a word with negative connotations: “You better hightail it outta town!” 3) How do you have a “long” H? That long vowel symbol is above the H!?! Does that dash mean something else, or is it just decorative? 4) I haven’t yet have someone tell me that they can’t download the files, but glad to know it’s a problem so I can watch for it.

  292. Have to say I agree with the sentiments here. I can only assume the financial viability of the business was an issue longer term or why else would they have embarked upon this?

    Don’t like the new name nor the interface and yes I have found it buggy as well. We paid for a 12 month subscription which I am glad we used the service a lot early on because I doubt we’ll keep using it.

    Sourcing replacement services now as I simply don’t trust where this is going and we need a system we can rely on.

  293. It would seem that no one takes any notice of past attempts to rebrand. This year Flickr changed its entire site without consulting the paying client, i.e. us. Then Photo Express did the same thing, both resulted in inferior sites and a mass exodus. The phrase, ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’, is one that CEO’s should have implanted in their brain.

    Reading the comments above I now have no faith in the ability of ‘Hightail’ to send a large, hi-res file to my client and will be ‘hightailing it’ elsewhere else.

  294. Hi folks;
    Why on Earth did you change the name from YouSendIt? Hightail? Really? I do not get it. That is a marketing no-no if I have seen one: brand congruence and stability once you have a tribe following you is omni important.
    I also do not get how so much critical feedback goes unaddressed. Not sure about this at all, but I will give the free file share a try and see if this is as buggy as some of the folks reported here.

  295. I too am very disappointed with the new interface. Luckily for me I didn’t delete the old desktop client at home. It still works. Not sure for how much longer but for now it still works. At work they deleted the old “YouSendIt” client and replaced it with the new “Hot Folder” WTF? I can’t just drag a folder of files to the client and “Send It” to a clients email address leaving it to zip and upload the files while I go on break or to lunch. If there is a way to do this I would love to hear about it! I personally think the re-branding was done to somehow seperate themselves from that “One-Day Event” that happened awhile back where nothing worked for about a day? I may be wrong but that is my guess. I just want things to work like they used to. Luckily for me they still do at home. I’ll be very upset if my old YouSendIt desktop client quits working at home. The Print Craftsman

  296. Dear yousendit,

    Why is a basic sending paid?
    With Dropbox I can still send stuff for free?
    Respect better service and business models online, but this really turned me off.

  297. Swimming against the tide, but I like the new name and look. It makes sense for a broader scope of products.

    And it’s hipper :)

    …bugs will be worked out with a bit of time.

  298. Oh dear. Such a shame. I relied on yousendit and didn’t have a single problem in years. Hightail is full of bugs and I am, I’m afraid, switching to ShareFile via WE Transfer. I think you’ve shot yourself in the foot by messing about where it wasn’t needed, Brad, but best of luck.

  299. Hi Brad,

    Just saw that change. I really don’t care about the name. But if it just a rebranding, why I should have to create a new account ? I logged in with my Yousendit account and have to create a new access ? Sorry, I’ll go somewhere else…

  300. Hightail is a stupid name it why changed your brand that worked for years that thousands of people recoknized. its realy a bummer it seem to take so much longer to upload files, dont like the new user app, im going to keep using the old one

  301. Sorry guys – have to agree with the rest of the comments here. I think the general consensus is an overwhelming rejection of the new direction. I think you’d do well to consider reintroducing ‘Coke Classic’.

  302. I used to send on Yousendit 6 heavy files to my clients overnight; now it takes one file 26 hours? I can’t stay in business this way. Tomorrow I have to send five overnights to some pissed-off clients who were expecting their files two days ago. Go back to where you were while I try to find a site half as good as Yousendit was. I may check back in a month to see if anythig has changed. Seeya

  303. Something has changed with the speed of your service, it is now taking forever to upload large files, and we are on 100mb fiber so I know the issue is on your side. Have you implemented some type of tiering plan that only allows the people on the Enterprise plan to have the faster speed that everyone used to have? The Enterprise plan touts “Faster uploads and downloads available” so I’m guessing that means all the other plans are now “Slower uploads and downloads”.

    Also, I have a real hard time with the name change. YouSendIt made perfect sense to me, Hightail just sounds stupid and I will never refer to your service by the new name. It just causes consumer confusion. From a marketing standpoint this change was really stupid.

  304. having read most of these comments after being confused by not finding YouSendIt I’m not even prepared to try the new version. Sounds hopeless.

  305. What is “thrilling” for me is that after the warm (and conventional) welcoming of Brad, the CEO, absolutely every single post is indeed a complaint and after 24 of them before of me they don’t lower themselves to appear giving some kind of explanations.
    I absolutely agree with all the precedent statements and don’t understand why any financial or company changes should affect a service that was working fine for all of us…

  306. It would be terribly distrurbing to me to have that many people comment about how poorly my new company is doing. And I thought I was a subscriber to yousendit. Do I have to resubscribe to Hightail? Don’t think my year is up until Spring 2014.

  307. I’ve just tried sending out a document 3 times, very highly labor intensive. All 3 times it was a huge fail! Tried contacting tech help to no avail. Got a lame email saying that I may be contacted within 12 hours, are you kidding me? Have you heard of the term deadline? Why didn’t you leave the system alone? It was working just fine. Hate You, and I think that I will hightail right out of my account.

  308. ALL my data online has gone invalid when i have just paid you 3 months ago for a whole year. HOW DARE YOU. Its straight thievery and considering how much time it takes me to upload everything since bandwidth is abysmal in India, its callous and inconsiderate beyond belief.

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