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New survey highlights the perils of getting boxed-in


January 13, 2014

New data from a survey of more than 250 enterprise IT admins found that nearly one-third of businesses have permanently lost important files simply because they were unable to find them. According to this Osterman Research survey that we commissioned, 89% of businesses spend at least 30 minutes a day just searching for files. And with the multitude of cloud service options and providers, it’s no wonder.

Feeling Boxed-In

Cloud services are a staple in today’s workforce, which means businesses have a wide variety of choices when it comes to picking a file sharing service. However, only 19% of businesses are completely satisfied with the functionality of their service. Why aren’t IT admins happy? 63% cite lack of security as their top concern, followed by difficulty in using mobile devices (38%) and overall disdain with the lack of intuitive capabilities (31%).


The consumerization of IT has turned into quite the headache for IT admins – from keeping track of where employees are storing files, to how they are sharing and accessing them. Especially when 73% of businesses use more than one cloud service a day.

When multiple services or platforms are brought into the mix, businesses need solutions that make it easy for employees to get work done. The fact that 71% of businesses frequently forget where they’ve stored critical work files highlights a serious problem. Talk about anti-productivity.

Storage Wars

The most popular locations for frequent file storage includes: file servers (73%), desktop at work (44%) and email (39%). With employees storing their files anywhere and everywhere, it can be difficult to track down a file when you need it. And when 45% of businesses only offer 1GB or less of storage, IT admins need better options.

Time is a precious commodity that we would all like to save. As this survey highlights, some cloud solutions have holes that end up hurting instead of helping user productivity. Mobility needs, security concerns and the rise of the always-connected professional will continue to grow in 2014.  It’s becoming even more critical to make sure users have a cloud solution that not only enables unlimited storage, but also provides professionals with the ability to search across multiple platforms in order to easily and securely get work done.