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Our latest collaboration: Hightail is now OpenText™

In February, we announced the exciting news that Hightail was acquired by OpenText™, a global leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM). This news opens many new doors for Hightail and our customers.


Over the past three years, since the release of Hightail’s creative collaboration features (Hightail Spaces), we’ve designed an approachable, intuitive product that helps marketing and creative teams work better together. Now, with OpenText, this acquisition marks the opportunity to continue to build Hightail’s vision for creative collaboration with more resources than we would have as an independent business. Additionally, future integrations with OpenText products will add value and help customers who need to collaborate on multimedia files with both internal and external teams.


“The acquisition of Hightail underscores our commitment to delivering differentiated content solutions in the cloud that enable marketers and creative professionals to share, produce, and securely collaborate on digital content. I am excited about expanding Hightail capabilities as well as integrating Hightail into OpenText Content Suite, Documentum, Core, and Media Management, allowing our customers to seamlessly and securely collaborate with external trading partners and vendors.”


– Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText Vice Chairman, CEO and CTO


Q & A

We know that this news may leave our many loyal customers with questions, which we want to be sure to address. Here are a few that we’ve already been hearing:

1. How will this impact my current Hightail account?
Nothing will change with your existing Hightail Pro, Teams or Business account. We are committed to maintaining the same level of support and service we offered to our customers prior to the acquisition. This includes pricing, which will remain unchanged for current account holders. Billing for subscriptions paid for by credit card will continue to show Hightail as the vendor until further notice.

2. I’ve finally gotten my team using the term Hightail it when we talk about sending files and sharing projects. Will you be changing your name?
We love that teams have embraced Hightail as a technology solution and a verb! While you might see a change to our logo, we do plan to keep Hightail in our name (at least for the foreseeable future).

3. Will you continue to address product feedback and release new features?
Yes! The show must go on. We still have a product roadmap and we are continuing to prioritize fixing bugs and designing new features, along with building new integrations with OpenText.

We’re looking forward to our new collaboration and Hightail will continue to help teams #createbetter.


  1. I look forward to the exciting new changes to in conjunction with the merging to opentext. I know you will provide creatives with same first rate service.

    Tim Breen
    Graphics Manager
    Hi-Way Distributing Corp. of Amercia

  2. I have subscribed to Hightail but am unable to have access to my files . Can you pls assist me

  3. Will the age old problem concerning adding but not being able to remove names and email addresses from the list when I send out files?

  4. Does this mean that Hightail is now going to be available to customers like before? Please advise!

  5. I use Hightail exclusively to send large files and do not utilize any of the other services that are offered. That was the only service that Hightail offered originally. That said, over the years, I have actually noticed a decline in the quality of service for which I originally signed up. I have mentioned this to a number of customer service persons, with small alterations occurring at times. The current issues I have with the file-sending aspect of Hightail are the inability to access and alter the address book and the lack of prompting email addresses when the first few letter/numbers of an email address are entered. Also, there is no correlation between entering a name and have the email address appear. The system does not track email addresses by the email addressee’s name! This is an awful aspect of what used to be a relatively easy system to use. I ask, again, to please make this portion of Hightail easier to use. It was what the company was founded upon. Don’t lose a good and long-term customer. Will this new acquisition solve these issues? Feel free to email me directly with a response. Thanks.

  6. I have use Hightail exclusively to send large files but the main issue I have is how to clean up email names and addresses. This is extremely frustrating to have the address book that is not user friendly. I trust this will be resolved with this acquisition. I have been with you for many years and would like to continue. Thanks.

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