Not enough time for content marketing? Here’s what to do.

In the recent Content Marketing Institute (CMI) discussion that I hosted, the panel debated why nearly half of the marketers surveyed by CMI said they weren’t spending enough time on content marketing.Here’s how our panel of marketing leaders suggest solving this problem.

Focus on quality
Amanda Todorovich from Cleveland Clinic suggests that marketers are wasting time if they are only concerned with getting material out there. Mediocre content will be ignored by audiences so marketers should think about creating less content of a higher quality in order to see results.


Mediocre content will be ignored by your audience


Live up to expectations
Marketing writer Andrew Davis believes that as long as you’ve set expectations for your audience and meet those consistently, you’re doing enough. And once you hit a rhythm of delivering consistent content regularly, you’ll get better at it, giving you time to do more.

Collaboration is the key
According to Michael Weiss of Creative Circle, the most successful content is the result of great collaboration but marketers have to learn to create space for it to happen. At Monster, Managing Editor Margaret Magnarelli operates a newsroom-style content creation team that together can respond quickly to new content demands.


The most successful content is the result of great collaboration


Don’t do it all yourself
Thao Le notes that Hyland’s often relies on its audience to provide content and ideas for the company’s social videos. Andrew Davis also believes in not doing everything yourself and recommends partnering with other brands to share the burden of content creation.

Watch this video to see more highlights from the discussion.

You’ll find more insights from the CMI 2017 B2C content marketing trends report here. You can also watch the panel discuss the merits of measuring website traffic to measure success.

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