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An elegy to elegant software

Tim Ciano

March 15, 2016

Our Systems Administrator, Tim Ciano, offers a uniquely poetic critique of Mac’s latest OS software release, El Capitán.

Beachball Of Death

An elegy to elegant software
Inspired by Walt Whitman

El Craptain’s no Captain! My heart once fawned
Predecessors granted software harbor, heart is now long forlorn
Sycamore and oak peaks, along El Capitán creek, adventurer stirred
While stability presumed intermittently collapses, inelegant and graceless:
Whether discoveryd or mDNSResponder renewed
Cruddy self-assigned IP instead
Projecting defect to veritable systems surrounding
Such venality! Enough said



  1. Jordan

    3 years ago

    This is too true. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poetry, it touched me. I can relate!

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