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4 reasons why Hightail matters to IT departments

When I’m talking to people about how Hightail can help their business be more effective, I’m typically having conversations with marketers and creative teams who want to ensure they’re in position to meet the growing demands of creating content.

But at most points in a software purchase, IT departments are involved and their reaction to the service Hightail provides is always interesting.

You may not think there is a lot of crossover between the needs of IT and those people whose jobs involve developing content for marketing and social media. But collaboration is just as beneficial when it comes to system administration and supporting the technology needs of a business.

Based on my conversations with IT professionals across a range of businesses, here are four ways IT departments can lean on Hightail to be more effective.

1. Protect your content in multiple ways

Internal systems for sharing content are only accessible when you’re behind the firewall, but that’s usually it as far as protection goes. With Hightail, you can protect your brand with a range of account settings, including unique access codes, user management and user permissions. Audit logs of all activity are also available and provide important visibility into who’s accessing your organization’s content.

2. Take collaboration out of email

Not all IT documents are static. You often need input and feedback from various teams on your processes and doing that over email is always painful. Besides no one knows better than you how sending the same file back-and-forth over your network is a total drain on resources. Add in turnover and the time lost in miscommunication or lost assets can become a nightmare. Hightail provides a better place to share your work and get comments right on the document, making the feedback process more efficient.3. Be a hero to your marketing team

I mentioned at the top that Hightail is aimed at marketers, especially those dealing with a lot of visual content. If the marketers at your business are like the 75% who admitted they don’t have an effective creative collaboration process in place, introduce them to the benefits of Hightail. Once they start cutting content review times by half, you’ll be their hero forever.

4. Avoid the training tax

You know how it goes. You spend ages researching great new software to help your teams then no one uses it. Either the product has too steep a learning curve or it doesn’t gel with how people typically work. By contrast, anyone familiar with popular consumer experiences will instantly know how to use Hightail. Chances are they are one of the 40 million users who already have Hightail accounts and have been using it in the workplace for years.

There you go, just four great reasons why some companies choose to get ahead of the game using Hightail. How else do you think that collaboration can benefit IT departments? Let me know in the Comments.

An amended version of this article originally appeared on LinkedIn.
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