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Working together is the future for mobile


August 20, 2013

These are exciting times for mobile devices in the workplace. Phones and tablets have traditionally been used for personal consumption but the landscape is changing. Tablets are set to outsell PCs for the first time this year. Mobile use cases are striding beyond email, web browsing and sending a few photos.

High-resolution cameras mean that mobile phones are increasingly used for professional content creation. Applications like CloudOn and Office 365 allow people to create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on their phone or tablets. People want to work together wherever inspiration strikes.

Technology research firm, Forrester projects that 905 million tablets will be in use worldwide by 2017. It is increasingly a professional tool, with 58% of respondents surveyed by Forrester saying they use a tablet at their desks. 49% said they use one to work away from their desks.Hightail iPad app home page

The tablet is becoming the device that people bring to meetings in order to present material or take notes. It is the easy grab’n’go device to take to a brainstorm.

At Hightail we are true believers in the tablet as a collaborative work tool. When you leave your desk to join your team at a morning stand-up, a beanbag-strewn workspace, or career-defining meeting, you need your work at hand. Our completely redesigned iPad app lets you access and share all your files wherever you are. With unlimited storage, we really mean all your files.

Our iPhone and Android apps have also been completely revamped to make it quicker and easier to access and share your work from anywhere. When an Oscar-winning documentary includes footage shot on an iPhone, you know there is a huge need for a secure service that will upload your mobile photos and video straight to your collaborative workspace. PC Mag agrees and includes our new iPhone app in their latest Top 100 iPhone Apps list, while our Android app was recently featured at their Editor’s Choice.

That’s where Hightail is now and we’re just getting started. We are completely re-imagining the way you work with others. We believe your mobile device can help you be smarter and more informed. We want to work where you work, even if that’s 30,000 feet high.

Stay tuned as we continue to roll out new features and key innovations over the short and long term.

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