Why You Need Seamless File Sending, Storing and Work Collaboration

Linda Zid
January 14   •   3 minute read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Shouldn’t sending large files and sharing content be easy?

Sending and storing files has always been a challenge, but we’ve seen a significant upgrade in file-sharing technology over the last several years. From floppy disks and flash drives to email and cloud storage, each new advancement in technology has brought a greater ability to share and send files more easily.

While it’s much easier to send files now than it was 20 years ago, sending and storing files for work still raises a lot of concerns. Many shared files are too big to email, and transferring between flash drives and computers is time-consuming and difficult. Many have turned to cloud storage as a solution to their problems, although basic cloud storage can be expensive to host.

Additionally, you need to consider what happens after content is shared. Typically teams are turning to separate communication and collaboration software applications to continue the conversation around content. Having your content shared and stored in separate applications than the conversations around it can cause delays in work since employees are constantly switching between applications.

Hightail’s solution

Hightail’s file sharing and creative collaboration software is better than just having a dedicated online storage space, and it’s the file storage and sharing platform you need for your business. Additionally, using creative collaboration software will bring your team to a new level. It allows for constant communication, task management and tracking, and most importantly, file sharing and storage.

Hightail’s unique brand of collaboration software gives your team the ability to share and send files, and have the benefits of collaboration software. Once you create a Space within Hightail, your entire project, from the content that you’re sharing to the next steps, versions and assignments, can live there. You can message team members about files you’ve sent for their approval; you can view high-resolution previews of design images or templates without having to download a large file; and, once you’ve viewed a preview, you can comment directly on the preview.


The internet was created to keep people connected and to share information. Over the years, it’s become increasingly easy to share information—maybe even too easy sometimes. Sharing files for work is just as easy. A simple click, drag and drop and your file can be sent anywhere in the world.

Because not all content you share is meant for the world to see, you don’t want all of your files easily shared. Choosing to share files and information for work places that information at risk. Not every company has the appropriate security measures in place to protect this information or regulate how it is shared. If information is shared in the wrong way, or to the wrong person, uninvited individuals can sometimes gain access to your work.

Fortunately, Hightail has created a safe and easy way to secure your file delivery. Hightail allows you to decide who sees your content, and gives you the ability to require access codes and set expiration dates for users’ access to files. Hightail’s secure infrastructure also allows for easy backup of shared files, and gives you the ability to track delivery and downloads.

Hightail provides three levels of security, allowing users maximum control of sharing and security. User-level security gives you the ability to set passwords for downloads, verify the identity of users who download your files, track downloads and share files as view only or with full-edit access. Enterprise-level security allows you to set global controls for data sharing and integrates with Active Directory and LDAP via SAML. Cloud-level security brings you 256-bit AES encryption, as well as the highest industry standard security.

Seamless Integration

While many people turn to Hightail for its ability to create a perfect team collaboration environment, many people have also recognized the value of the security Hightail offers. Hightail integrates seamlessly into a company’s day-to-day workflow with options like single sign-on, and is easy for beginners to understand. It keeps your data secure at all levels, ensuring end-to-end security for all your company’s important information.

Check out Hightail’s Features and Pricing Guide to see what Hightail can do for your company. Hightail brings quality service to individuals, teams and businesses, with varying options depending on your file-size sending and storage needs. Start increasing your team’s productivity and secure the information your business chooses to share and store.

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