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Welcome Hightail v3.5 for iPhone and iPad


February 10, 2014

The Hightail mobile team is delighted to announce a major new update to Hightail for iPhone and iPad. V.3.5 of our app includes some great new features and enhancements that will make working on the go even easier for everybody.

As we analyzed data from our existing iOS users, a few things really stood out. First, PDF is a very popular file format for professionals sharing information. So, we decided to make PDF reading in Hightail shine.

With the latest Hightail app, you can now open PDFs on your iPhone and iPad and switch between thumbnails and full-page views to jump around the document. The app supports hyperlinks, embedded content and modern layouts. Most importantly, it is more robust than the default PDF reading ability of your Safari browser. text fileHope you enjoy it.

Another interesting nugget we discovered was that people like to use Text files (.txt format) as a simple way to write notes, make lists and more. Our iOS update introduces a way to create and edit text files right from the Hightail app, so you can access them later on your other device. This adds to our Cloud-On integration in providing a wide range of content creation capabilities for your iPhone and iPad.

e-Sign is the third area of the app that we have improved. You can now create smooth signatures, save them for later use and add them to documents on demand.

Creating a signature and saving a signed document is now much faster and it’s easy to share your signed document with others. Once you start using e-Sign, it will quickly become a powerful tool, especially when you’re on the road without access to printers and scanners.

One final new feature is the ability to keep using the app, even if it’s in the middle of completing another task. So if you send a really large file, you can get on business, while that file is sending and easily check the progress of your sent file from the Tracker section.

No major release is without minor improvements, bug fixes and annoyances that the team squishes away regularly so you will hopefully notice a smoother experience overall as you use Hightail away from your desk.

You can download the free Hightail for iPhone and iPad from the App Store, or if you already have the app, use that link to get the update. Don’t forget to rate it and tell us what you think.

Register for our webinar here to see a live demo of the newest features.

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