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Start every day the collaboration way with My Hightail

There’s a new place to start your day. We’ve just launched My Hightail – a live view of all your recent collaboration activity. It’s a great way to know what’s happened on your project, what you need to do next and to keep you on top of things throughout the day.

My Hightail is designed to show you all the latest updates at a glance – a quick shot of comments, to-dos, new versions and approvals while you drink your morning coffee. Or think of it as your collaboration GPS, smoothly guiding you along all the twists and turns that a creative project takes until you reach the final destination.

Here’s how it works:

First, select the My Hightail tab from the top menu

My Hightail Spaces dashboard

Now you’ll see this screen where all your activity lives.

My Hightail Spaces dashboard

In What’s New you’ll find all the latest action in Spaces that you follow: new files or versions uploaded, comments added, when you’ve been mentioned in a comment and, of course, any invites you receive to follow a new Space. If it’s happened in your Spaces, you’ll see it here.

My Hightail Spaces dashboard what's new

Next are your To-Dos. These are all the activities that have been assigned to you, whether someone has requested a follow-up or you’ve been asked to approve a file.

My Hightail Spaces dashboard to dos

Clicking on any of the items in your feed will take you right to the related Space so you can take action straight away. When new files are added, you can view them quickly right from My Hightail. If you only want to see certain actions like Approvals or Comments, use the options on the left to filter what activity is displayed.

My Hightail Spaces dashboard

When all of your team is collaborating with Hightail – check out our Business plan to find out more – you can use the Team View to see what everyone is doing. This is a great way to ensure your creative projects keep moving without needing to request updates from your team.

my hightail spaces dashboard team view

If you just want details on that final deliverable you sent to the client, Tracker remains the best place to see when your files have been received and downloaded. You can also track Spaces you have shared and followed here.

my hightail spaces dashboard tracker

Sign in to Hightail now then bookmark your My Hightail page to start every day the collaborative way.

We’d love to know what you think of our new feature. You can leave a comment below, tweet us or leave your feedback here.

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