Welcome to CreativeLand. Population: Too many.

How would you describe the creative process? Our favorite way of thinking about it is to compare how teams develop, review and improve visual content to one of our favorite childhood board games, Chutes & Ladders.

Your project can be proceeding at a slow and steady pace when a breakthrough idea or insightful creative review suddenly accelerates your progress, like those ladders that bring you closer to the top of the board.

Then something as simple as a misunderstanding about feedback or an unclear approval delays your launch by weeks – those pesky chutes.

We think of Hightail as the ladders helping your creative team to shave time off their projects and avoid those eminently preventable setbacks. So, we made CreativeLand, our creative process twist on the classic board game. 

Why not take a break and grab your team for a quick game. Simply click here to access a printable A4 version of the game, find some coins and a die and see who’ll get their creative project to the finish line first. 

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