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This week in content marketing: social CEOs

Colm Larkin

April 21, 2017

This week in content marketing, we examine why it’s just as important for a company’s CEO to be socially active and how new social CEOs can do it well.


According to founder of Inspired HR, Debby Carreau, too many business leaders limit their social activity to LinkedIn. But as the figurehead of their brand, it’s important to develop more of a social presence and really engage with customers and prospects.

Writing for Enterpreneur, Carreau offers five tips for CEOs looking to be more active online. It’s a great gradual guide to getting involved that culminates with the need to start building your own content where she highlights visuals like infographics and videos as being valuable.

Own brand

To be successful, CEOs shouldn’t just parrot their brand’s style and content. Engagement will only happen if you take a personal approach to sharing your company’s messages. Fitness entrepreneur, Amanda Bucci’s five keys to building your personal social brand will help.

In this Inc. post, Bucci shares the lessons she learned on her way to half a million Instagram followers. Her central tip is to create new content constantly. You’ve got to feed the beast, otherwise your audience engagement will fall away.

Fast food fight

If you want a great example of how a big corporation can become a social media natural, look no further than Wendy’s. We’ll let their recent Twitter takedown of fast food rival Hardee’s do the talking.

That was our week in content marketing. What caught your eye recently? Share your links in the comments below.