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This week in content marketing: making collaboration work

Colm Larkin

December 9, 2016

If (like Hightail) you had a holiday party last night, you may be feeling a little delicate this Friday. Which means it’s a good time to curl up with your device and check out three of our favorite content marketing reads from this week.

Make collaboration great again

Project management app Workflow recently held an event in London on the future of work. One of the sessions was chaired by Creative Review editor, Patrick Burgoyne where the panel discussed creative collaboration and the key themes are summarized in this article.

One point that resonated with us was the need to balance creativity with structure: just because creativity is messy doesn’t mean it won’t benefit from good processes and tools. We also liked the call to engage decision makers early, which is a drum Hightail’s Mike Trigg has been beating for a while.

Series of activities necessary to complete a task

If the idea of giving creativity more structure had you nodding in agreement, you’ll like this Content Marketing Institute piece on defining a workflow that keeps content production on track.

Writer Robert Mills breaks down the process of creating most types of content and outlines ways to ensure everyone knows their role and how to be clear about when tasks are due. We might print out the tip “ASAP isn’t a deadline” and post it around our office.

It’s the content, stupid

Wonder why better creative collaboration and defining your content production workflow are important? Business 2 Community’s top 10 digital branding and marketing trends for 2017 has the answer.

Along with a rise in GPS-based SEO and a major challenge for web design, B2C predicts that content marketing will come under huge pressure as CMOs start demanding “hard conversion metrics”. All the more reason to enhance your ability to generate content and test what’s working faster.

That was our week in content marketing. What caught your eye over the past five days? Share your links in the comments below.