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Sharing a file is just the beginning of something great

Mike Trigg

July 15, 2016

Creative collaboration - The CreatorCreative collaboration is a form of everyday magic. It’s what happens when marketers and creative teams come together to bring ideas to life then refine, improve and approve them until they’ve created content the world will want to see.

What starts as a spark in someone’s imagination becomes real as a photo, image, landing page, video, illustration, presentation or sometimes all of these things. This unique process starts the instant a first version of an idea – perhaps a written brief, maybe a napkin sketch – is shared with another person to react to and build upon.

From Hightail’s early days as a pioneer in online file sharing, we’ve always known this initial share is the (often nerve-wracking) beginning of something special. For our core audience of marketers and creators, so many things happen after that file is viewed by the next person: reviews, exchanges of feedback, new versions, final approvals. There are so many details to be worked out on an idea’s journey from that first spark to finally setting the world on fire.

Top 10 Reviews Gold Award File Sharing HightailJeph Preece in his 2016 review of the best online file sharing services on Top Ten Reviews also understands the act of sharing is just the beginning. While we were honored to be awarded a 9.95/10 and named the best overall file sharing service, what made us most proud was the recognition that file sharing is about more than just syncing and storage. It was Hightail’s creative collaboration features that set us apart – providing a Space for magic to happen:

“Hightail is the best file sharing service we reviewed because it combines an intuitive interface … [and] the security and tracking features ensure that you have full control over your files.

Another feature that makes Hightail one of the best online file sharing services is the intuitive digital workspace, which is called simply Spaces…You simply invite guests to your Space and it becomes a place for collaboration. You can leave messages and comments within Space for easy communication between everyone concerning what was edited and why.

You can even pinpoint the exact spot within the file that your comment stems from by highlighting that area, providing context for your comment. For example, if you’re editing a photo in Spaces, you can highlight the area of the photo that you edited so that the other users know exactly where to look”

Hightail’s mission is to free the world’s creativity. The sharing of files is really the sharing of ideas, represented as images, videos, presentations and more. And the collaboration around those ideas needs to be simple, fast, secure and hassle-free for everyone actively involved in bringing an idea to life.

Previously, marketers and their extended teams were underserved as there were no apps specifically to help them manage this complex creative collaboration process. Innovative, forward-thinking marketers and creative professionals were forever feeling frustrated and held back by email-driven communications or heavyweight project management solutions that needed significant setup, training and no one – not the creative team, nor their executives or project stakeholders – ever adopted.

These exceptional teams were forced to work twice as hard as they should in order to bring their innovative, creative ideas to the market. And when attempts to bring the spark of an idea to life are dampened by laborious processes, the invention and enthusiasm so crucial to the creative process is cruelly smothered in a mess of fruitless feedback and ambiguous approvals.

Rather than accept all that lost creativity, Hightail lifts the barriers blocking effective creative collaboration and helps these innovative teams take their ideas from concept to approval and launch faster, smarter and with greater impact than ever before.

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Innovative marketers and creatives deserve innovative apps that make creative collaboration easy and, dare we say, fun again. Some may find it hard to shake existing habits, no matter how clumsy or inefficient they are. It has always been the first movers, innovators and pacesetters in their field who seek out and find a new way of working. Their reward will be discovering the trick to making more magic and collaborating to create ideas that impact the world and bring better business results.