How to Share Large Video Files

If you’ve ever tried to send any kind of video file, you know that it can be difficult, if not impossible. Sending a video over text message or email is hard, because it either takes forever, or the file is too large. There are some video compression applications available, but they’re often clunky and not easy to use. With all the technology available today, and the ability to record videos easier, sending a video file should be just as easy, right?

Different File Types

Fortunately, OpenText Hightail has created a content collaboration platform with the unique ability to easily send and share large video files. Using Hightail allows you to share images, PDFs, presentations, videos, and more for your team to access easily as high-res previews and streams. These formats such as .mov, .jpg, .png, .mp3, .docx, .ppt, .ai, and .pdf are supported as preview images and streams.

Content Control

Sharing large video files on behalf of your business likely requires additional security precautions. When you send a video or other large file with Hightail, you’ll be able to control who will receive and views your content, while also having the option to protect your work with access codes, expiration dates, and track downloads. When you send a video file to your team, they’ll receive an email notification letting them know that the file has been sent. You’ll also receive emails with delivery tracking and download tracking. Additionally, Hightail provides enterprise-grade security for file sharing to ensure that your files are covered on an individual user level, enterprise level, and on a cloud level.

On the go

We know that you need Hightail to work where you work. Our mobile app allows you to access your Hightail accounts, files and projects directly from your mobile phone. You’re able to view files, approve work, leave comments, and upload pictures or videos directly from your mobile library.

Hightail also allows you to connect your online storage accounts (like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and OpenText Core) to your Hightail account. This allows for easy uploading and sharing of files or videos, no matter where they are stored.

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