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How much is 10GB?


February 25, 2014

Hightail Professional users can now send files up to 10GB. You might wonder, how much does 10GB really let me send? Well, we thought it would be fun to give you some suggestions.

Hightail Professional Users can now share 10Gb of Data

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  1. Robin Axford

    5 years ago

    A fantastic and very welcome addition to the already solid and reliable service that is Hightail. Many Thanks!

  2. Ken Sexton

    5 years ago

    Why doesn’t Hightail update their current loyal Pro Plus Customers to Hightail Professional?

    I am currently paying $164.89/year with a maximum transfer file of 2gb limit and the Professional Plan is cheaper at $159.99 with 10gb transfer file limit.

    WHY – WHY – WHY ? ? ?

  3. Ken Sexton

    5 years ago

    Thanks to Danielle, getting upgraded to the Professional Plan will save many headaches here at Viking Satcom and the unlimited storage is an excellent Kicker bonus.

    Many organizations could take lessons from Hightail’s Customer Service and the solutions they come up with…

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