How to Hightail

We need to talk about downloads

Whenever you send that first draft of an idea to your client, you always wish you could control the circumstances of how they experience your creation. Maybe the lights are low, the fire is roaring and they have a glass of fine wine in their hands. They are happy, relaxed and ready to fall in love with your work.

Of course, the reality is they probably grab a quick peek during a rushed inbox scan between meetings. Not the ideal scenario for a considered response to creative work, but for the most part there is nothing you can do about it.

You can’t control your client’s calendar but there is a way to gain a small but significant influence over their experience. If you’re sending your images, designs or videos as email attachments or using a file transfer service, you’re introducing extra steps to the process where your client must save the file to their computer or download it from the cloud.

Those seconds may seem short but they are opportunities for distraction, frustration and delay. While waiting for the file to download, your client may turn their attention to another email or task and your work gets forgotten about in the subsequent rush to the next meeting. That waiting game may annoy them a little and cloud their perception of your idea with unnecessary negativity.

And that’s not even considering those clients who are out of the office and accessing your message on their phone. Downloading a video file over 4G or flaky free wi-fi will not happen quickly and they may not have the right app to view it.

“We work with touring musicians or chefs running three or four restaurants across the country. They’re on-the-road people who don’t have time to sit around and figure out new software. But they find Hightail very easy to use.”
Ruth McCartney – Founder, McCartney Multimedia


Sharing your work with Hightail allows you to provide your client with a link that will take them directly to the image, presentation or video – no downloads required. With one click, they will see a high-res preview of your file – whether that’s a JPG, PNG, PDF, PPT, Word doc or hundreds of more file types. They can also instantly stream a wide range of video and audio files.Not only does this help you avoid the critical distractions and delays that downloading brings, our mobile apps for iOS and Android, provide your on-the-go clients with instant on-the-go access.

“I first tried Hightail with a client who travels a lot and they loved how easy it was.”
Jennifer Mawby – Creative Director, Social Motion Media


By using Hightail to make it easy for clients to access your work, you’re also making it easy for them to review and approve it. They can leave feedback right on an image or timestamp of a video – turn on guest comments so they won’t even need to have a Hightail account – and provide approval with one click.Another benefit is knowing that they’re always viewing the right version. If you have multiple iterations of a file, Hightail’s Versions feature will display the most recent one, avoiding the issue of clients digging out an older version from their inbox.

“Relying on each individual on the client-side to have the right file often leads to issues because they’ll review version two that’s on their hard drive instead of version four that they haven’t downloaded yet. With Hightail, every new video is in the project Space so the client always knows where the latest version is.”
Nathan Bobik – Creative Director, Shot Cut Entertainment


To see what your client will experience when you share your work with them on Hightail, watch this short video.

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