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Why video agency Shot Cut aims for a 100% success rate

Shot Cut Entertainment logoShot Cut is a video ad agency based in Australia. We spoke with Creative Director, Nathan Bobik about introducing businesses to online video, focusing on the best idea and getting to approval faster.

Shot Cut is an advertising agency specializing in video
We handle anything video-related from online campaigns to TV commercials. Clients come to us when they want more of a video focus than they’ll get from other agencies. When we started in 2011, video was still about that old model of broadcast content for TV. We didn’t have a lot of experience in that world so we worked mostly in online video. Now that businesses are investing more in online content, we’re the ones with the experience and can show clients new ways to reach people with video.

We do everything in-house
When you work with Shot Cut, you’ll get to know everyone working on your project and that same team will be there for the next one. It’s a more personalized experience and that better relationship not only makes things more fun, it helps creates higher quality work. We have a lot of loyal clients that we’ve enjoyed working with over the years on some really exciting campaigns.

Shot Cut Entertainment

We want a 100% success rate for our campaigns
We prefer not to pitch five ideas and ask the client to pick their favorite. Instead we focus on the one idea that we think is going to be successful. If they don’t like it, we’ll use their feedback to develop the idea into something that works for us both. We’d rather step away from a project if we can’t align our directions but more often than not, this collaboration process works.

Hightail streamlines our post-production process
There’s nothing worse than the blurred lines that happen when you’re constantly sending new files or download links to a client. Relying on each individual on the client-side to have the right file often leads to issues because they’ll review version two that’s on their hard drive instead of version four that they haven’t downloaded yet. With Hightail, I just create a Space for the project and share that one link. Then every new cut is uploaded there so the client always knows where the latest version is.

It saves time for everyone
Our clients now use the comments in Hightail to mark their changes right on the video timeline. Getting all their feedback in one go speeds things up for us by at least 35%, which makes getting to the final version much quicker. It saves our clients time as well, especially when they have multiple reviewers having have conversations about their feedback in Hightail. They spend less time going back and forth with each other and get to resolve any issues in one easy place.

Getting approvals is much smoother now
One of our clients asked me, “Why haven’t we had something like this before?” The feedback from them has been fantastic. They love that they can stream the videos but also download them and that they can highlight any area of the screen to add comments. The interface is very easy to understand, so I haven’t had to explain anything. They just figured it out for themselves. Hightail makes our business run better.

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