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Introducing the Enterprise administrator dashboard


September 23, 2013

As an Enterprise administrator, you want to be confident your organization is getting the most from Hightail. We get it. Our team built a beautiful new dashboard so you have easy access to relevant stats about your organization’s use of your Enterprise account. Let’s walk through it.

Active Users

This graph shows you how many of the enabled users on your account are active. Beneath the graph, you’ll see the total number of active users in your organization over the last 30 days. This snapshot will help you monitor your users’ activity every time you log in to Hightail.

Hightail Admin Dashboard

Transfer Amounts

In the next section you’ll see how much data is being transferred to and from your organization. We break down this information by size and number of files. The graph on the left shows you how much data (in megabytes) is being uploaded and downloaded each day, while the graph on the right shows you how many files are being uploaded and downloaded each day.

Hightail Transfer Amounts


These charts help you monitor how your users are sharing files and folders across different domains. The “outbound” pie chart shows you a breakdown of the most popular domains for outbound sends and shares (files uploaded). The “inbound” pie chart shows you a breakdown of the most popular domains for incoming sends and shares (files downloaded). This information is important because it allows you to see what domains your users are interacting with —  and set security policies accordingly.

Hightail Collaboration for the Enterprise

We built this dashboard with our admins in mind— we want to put the most pertinent information in front of you, so you can easily manage your Hightail license and get the most from your purchase. If you want to learn more, check out these detailed FAQs.

Not an Enterprise customer yet, but wish you were? Get in touch with our team and we’ll hook you up.