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Hightail partners with CA Technologies for improved enterprise experience

Hightail has partnered with CA Technologies to enable SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) for its users via the CA SiteMinder and CA CloudMinder applications. Companies using CA SiteMinder and CA CloudMinder can now seamlessly deploy Hightail and provide an improved SSO experience for their users across all of Hightail applications.CA Technology CloudMinder and SiteMinder Hightail integration

CA Technologies is one of the largest independent software corporations in the world. CA SiteMinder and CloudMinder provide secure single sign-on and flexible access management to applications and Web services either on-premise, in the cloud, from a mobile device or on a partner’s site. Both applications are deployed by top firms in almost every industry including banking, oil/gas, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and government.

These SSO applications help address several user and IT challenges. Today, users access a number of cloud and on-premise applications and most have to enter different login credentials for each application. This not only dilutes their experience, but also hinders adoption of these applications. The growing number of applications and user access points also poses greater security risks for enterprises and increases the number of help desk calls received by IT.

By partnering with CA Technologies, we can provide our enterprise customers with improved user experience as well as a faster deployment. By allowing users to access all cloud and on-premise applications through a common policy access layer, SiteMinder and CloudMinder enable users to login to Hightail using their existing enterprise login credentials, eliminating the need to remember multiple logins. Also these applications help reduce IT workload with regard to deployment and management. Companies using SiteMinder or CloudMinder as their SSO application can now add Hightail into their enterprise quickly and seamlessly. IT efforts are also reduced as they don’t have to manage one more set of user accounts.

Hightail is deployed in more than 150,000 companies and allows users to easily and securely collaborate with enterprise content. This partnership with CA Technologies is another step in enabling a better user experience and increased security for our customers. We are also compatible with other SAML IDPs such as Microsoft ADFS, OneLogin, Okta and Ping. Learn more about Hightail’s SAML capabilities here.

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