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Managing your business account is now easier with SAML provisioning

We’re making it even easier for administrators of Hightail Enterprise accounts to add new users, while also bolstering data security.

Since last year, enterprise users have been able to log in to Hightail using their corporate account details, thanks to SAML authentication. Now we’ve extended our SAML services to provisioning, meaning accounts can now be set up automatically when the user first logs in to Hightail via the corporate single sign-on page.key logo

Once a Hightail Enterprise account has been set up for SAML, all the admin has to do is enable and configure it using our admin console, then invite people to start using Hightail. The user is redirected to their company’s Identity Provider (IdP) and authenticated via their corporate account information. Once authentication is successful, the user is automatically provisioned with a Hightail account and immediately logged in to the service.

This “Just-in-Time” provisioning is a great way for your business to reduce admin costs, as your account administrator doesn’t need to spend time setting up individual users. It also helps ensure your valuable account licenses are going to people who actually log in to the service.

Because there isn’t yet another username and password to remember, SAML authentication also encourages initial adoption and ongoing use of Hightail, helping people work more effectively. And your IdP controls authentication ensuring each individual’s online files are protected by the same password policies as the rest of your valuable corporate information.

Hightail SAML provisioning service is currently available on the web or by using our Hightail Express and Hightail for Outlook apps. Hightail for Desktop and Mobile apps will follow shortly.

So: making things easier, reducing costs, helping people work more effectively and increasing data security. Sounds like this hits all the right notes. Play it SAML.

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