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Having Trouble Collaborating With Your Team? Here’s a Solution.


Is your team stuck in a communication or productivity rut? Do you have a hard time getting ideas off the ground? Once your team has a direction, is it difficult to maintain momentum? If your team struggles or has struggled with any of those problems in the past, you could benefit from using team collaboration software.

What is team collaboration software?

What is team collaboration software and what are its uses? Team collaboration software supports your team’s creative, communication and logistical needs. It allows users to share content, coordinate, solve problems, cooperate on projects, give assignments and complete tasks.

The main goal of collaboration software is to enable your team to achieve their ultimate level of productivity and complete their individual and team goals. It provides team management with a tool to track assignments and projects and be involved with the day-to-day operations of their team without seeming overbearing.

Team leaders can create workspaces or channels for each project and track specific workflows. This can be limited to specific individuals within a team, or expanded for the entire team. All users within that channel can receive notifications about assignments given, and when those assignments have been completed.

The primary user who created the workspace can allow others to access, view and make changes, and whatever modifications are made on data and files are synced across all users. This ensures that everyone involved is on the “same page” and has the latest version of the current project.

Team collaboration software should also have an effective messaging system. It should allow for instant communication between co-workers in and out of the office. Good collaboration software also is available in mobile apps, allowing access to messages for those not always at their computer.

Team collaboration in Hightail

Hightail’s solution to team collaboration software means creative teams no longer worry about uploading and sending attachments of designs, pictures or other images. Hightail allows users to view high-resolution previews, make comments and suggestions directly on the hi-res preview, archive older versions and feedback, and assign next steps all in one application.

The solution to many of your team’s problems can be found in collaboration software. It can connect your team, allow for easy project reviews, track assignments, and enable your team to reach new productivity heights. Want to learn more about how Hightail can take your team’s productivity and collaboration to the next level? Contact our team collaboration experts.

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