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Get to “yes” faster with approval chains

Creative reviews all share the same goal: that an image, video or design gets a clear green light to be used in a marketing campaign, social message, website or any other relevant format.

So why is getting that “yes” from a specific person or multiple parties often so fraught with ambiguity, such a cause of delays and a potential source of later recriminations?

The answer, for the most part, lies in the process. Too often creative teams use an approval process that essentially relies on word-of-mouth and has a huge potential for confusion and uncertainty.

It may be a real-world conversation that leaves no record and plenty of room for blame to be cast should problems occur later. Digital communication tools like email and IM leave a trace but often lack clarity and require time-wasting follow-ups (does “I like this” mean we’re good to publish?). Or the conversation drifts into next steps, media buys or other details, leaving that “yes” tantalizingly absent from the correspondence.Hightail takes the pain out of approvals with a clean and clear-cut system for getting your creative project to “yes”.

When your content has reached the point where you’re ready to go for the green light, simply select Request Approval then send the relevant file (or files) to a specific person for approval.Your approver will receive an email with your request or see it on their My Hightail dashboard. They can quickly give you a definite yes by clicking the Approve file button, removing any doubts about what they really mean.

If they’re not completely happy with what they see, they can leave precise feedback right on the image or timestamped on the video so you know exactly what needs to change to get the work approved.Most creative projects have layers of authority, each of whom needs to seal their approval. In these cases, you can use Hightail’s approval chains to request a “yes” from multiple people in a specific order. Only when the first person in the chain has approved the file will the next person see the approval request and so on, until the work reaches the ultimate approver.

It’s easy to see at a glance who has approved a file and where it’s still pending by hovering over the approval state at the top of Space.

To get to “yes” faster on your next creative project, kickstart the approval process in Hightail.

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