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Feng Shui your creative collaboration with Collections

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When you have lots of creative projects on the go and multiple Spaces to collaborate in every day, you need some harmony and structure in your life. But you also don’t want to spend hours administering a rigid and unforgiving folder system.

Hightail’s Collections are a lightweight and flexible way to organize your creative projects in Spaces. You can group Spaces any way you like – by project, client, media type, time period, you name it. And each Space can live in multiple Collections.

Think of Collections as a playlist for your Spaces. They are also a great way to share multiple Spaces at once and, with just a few clicks, you can show off a Collection of your best videos, last month’s marketing campaigns or work for a specific client.

Hightail Spaces collections creative collaboration

Your work, your way

To start organizing your Spaces now, simply sign in to Hightail, click New Collection from the left sidebar, give it a name then select which Spaces you want to add. If you want to manage a Collection or share some or all of the Spaces in it with your team, click the check mark on the top left of any Space in the Collection.

Hightail Spaces collections creative collaboration

We’d love to hear what you think about the life changing magic of tidying up with Hightail Collections (we’re sure Marie Kondo would approve), so please tweet us @HightaiHQ or send us your feedback here.

Hightail Spaces collections creative collaboration

Oh, and if organization is just not your thing and you embrace the chaos, you can always find what you’re looking for using our smart Search feature. Type in your search term and we’ll look through Space names and descriptions, file names and comments to find the perfect match.

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