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Had enough of timecodes?

“I want to discuss visuals, not timecodes.”
Richard Farr – Founder, Digital Video Experts

“Writing timecodes in an email is time-consuming and not very accurate.”
Tim Rose – Senior Video Production Manager, Polycom

“Constantly having to note the timecode and describe what you want changed drives me bananas.”
Rob Finch – Creative Director, Blue Chalk

Timecodes from Hightail on Vimeo.

If you’re tired of writing down timecodes or getting inaccurate feedback from clients on your videos then you need to start thinking about timestamps.

Hightail’s PipPoint™ timestamped video comments let you mark the exact second where you want to leave your feedback. And if you want to get even more precise, you can highlight the exact part of screen you’re talking about.

That person in the background, a shadow that needs lightening, an out-of-focus object — however detailed you need to be, Hightail can help you stop having to write a script’s worth of description or note endless timecodes and get on with making a great video. Here’s how it works.

1. Upload and share your video
Create a Space for your project, drop in your video then share the unique link with your team. Everyone can start streaming the video instantly without having to wait for the file to download. POWER TIP: Get the conversation started by adding your own comment to the video.

Digital Video Experts' Hightail screenshot

2. Collect precise feedback
Anyone with the link to your Space can add timestamped PipPoint™ comments on any second of your video. Simply click on the screen when you want to leave feedback then add your comment. You can also drag the cursor to highlight a specific part of the frame.

Digital Video Experts' Hightail screenshot

3. Have real-time conversations
All comments on your video happen in one place, so no need to waste time collecting multiple emails into one manageable document. You can even @ mention specific people like your editor to ensure they know a change is required.

These three simple steps will speed up your post-production process and get you to the final cut faster than before (and here’s how we help with versioning). To say goodbye to timecodes, try timestamped video commenting for free at now.

“It’s useful to know exactly what clients are talking about. Just on one cut, Hightail saved us an hour.”
Richard Farr – Founder, Digital Video Experts

“If a reviewer wants a cut made, they mark the exact spot. It makes the process a lot faster.”
Tim Rose – Senior Video Production Manager, Polycom

“I love being able to give feedback about color correction and actually put the note on the part of the screen that needs to be darker.”
Rob Finch – Creative Director, Blue Chalk


  1. I am an individual video producer with a small portfolio of clients. I currently use a Pro plan. What would be the additional cost of PipPoint time code video comments in my plan? I don’t have enough people to justify the Business Plan at $25/month/user with its ten user minimum (i.e. $250/month minimum).

  2. Hi Peter. You already have access to timestamped comments. Simply click the Spaces option in the menu at the top of your screen.

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