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Maximize productivity, minimize tools with Hightail’s Adobe Plugin

Designers can now ship work & collect feedback without leaving the Adobe Creative Cloud using an intelligent, conversational chatbot UI

As a member of the Customer Success team at Hightail, I’m on the front line for receiving product feedback and requests from large creative teams with complex processes. This week I’m excited to share news on a most wanted release – an integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud.

We’ve worked side-by-side with designers, creative agencies and Adobe to ensure we were building a plugin to suit the unique workflows of creative teams. The top goal was to keep designers focused on designing. Our command-line approach allows users of the plugin to manage the creative collaboration part of their workflow in just a few keystrokes.

Let’s take, for example, the traditional approach of saving a new design option in Photoshop, uploading it to a workspace, signaling the team it’s ready and sending a notification requesting feedback. With another solution, the designer would have to manage a series of forms and selectors and switch back and forth between applications. With the Hightail plugin, the designer could do all of this with the /sync command and tagging the file with a comment:

/sync Option 2 #comment Here’s the latest design direction. @user please let me know what you think.

The command above would kickstart four processes on Hightail:

1. Create a new version of the file

2. Upload the new version to a shared workspace

3. Add context and log design decisions

4. @mention team members as work progresses

And my favorite bonus from the plugin: you can keep burning down your to-do list and respond in real-time to creative feedback directly from the Creative Cloud.

With the Hightail plugin for Adobe, designers can continue to produce work without interrupting their flow, cutting out the tedious process of switching between multiple file sharing, project management and communication tools. The plugin for the Adobe Creative Cloud is now available in the Adobe Exchange, and I’ll be attending the Adobe Max conference in Las Vegas this week to debut and demo how it works. 

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