Customer spotlight: BIGEYE

Colm Larkin

August 11, 2015


When you hear the description “boutique agency”, it is natural to assume that this means a small firm providing very specific marketing or advertising services. Maybe a tight-knit team dedicated to digital marketing or a group focused on media management. Yet, despite having no more than 35 people under the roof of its three-story building in downtown Orlando, BIGEYE is focused on broader challenges.

“We are not a niche agency”, explains Senior Director of Media and Strategy, Wágner dos Santos. “When clients come to BIGEYE, they’re looking for an agency that can provide complete solutions to their problems. Agencies that are only digital or media focused are limited whereas at BIGEYE, we have integrated marketing and advertising solutions. We can look at a problem holistically and determine the best solution as opposed to just applying a particular service offering.”

BIGEYE video shoot
The BIGEYE video team on a location shoot

This approach is reflected both by the fact that BIGEYE’s agency includes an in-house video production team and by the wide variety of clients that the agency has helped throughout its 13-year history. A portfolio that features clients from industries including entertainment, healthcare, food and beverage, finance and tech highlights this diversity. One of the major attractions for all of these clients is BIGEYE’s process-driven approach that combines creativity and metrics.

“Yes, clients are interested in great creative and the big idea,” says Wágner, “but more than ever they want it to be measureable. They need campaigns to drive sales or lead acquisition. We have a lot of proprietary measurement tools that quantify the success of our advertising and marketing methodologies. These metrics are what make us unique, which is why clients come to BIGEYE as opposed to other agencies.”

Packaging design for Barnie's CoffeeKitchen
Packaging design for Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen

Open door creativity
The process begins with a single document. When a potential new client comes to BIGEYE, an internal document is put together that collects everything from information about the client and the personalities working there, to specifics about the scope of work and budget, previous campaign assets and research like target audience profiles. This becomes the foundation document for all future strategy and creative briefs and it’s made available to everyone at BIGEYE using a shared Hightail folder.

“The challenge is to find the right balance between process and creativity,” Wágner notes. “We have a fairly common agency structure with creative directors, art directors and designers but as a collaborative boutique agency we make sure to bring all members of the team into the discussion. Everyone at BIGEYE has a voice and is encouraged to share ideas openly, whether you’re in marketing, accounts or operations. Obviously, the account manager and creative team have to finally own a project and bring it to life but our communicative and inclusive approach differs from other agencies that can be more siloed.”

Integrated Campaign elements for Newland Community’s Circa at FishHawk Ranch, recipient of numerous 2015 American Advertising Federation (ADDY) Awards.

A place to share ideas
Such an open-door policy demands easy access to client assets and documents and everyone at BIGEYE is equipped with Hightail’s desktop and mobile apps. As well as the ability to send large media and design files to clients, shared Hightail folders ensure effective creative collaboration flourishes at the agency.

“Hightail is invaluable,” says Wágner, “it is the only tool that we use for the sharing and distribution of files in the cloud. We’ve tried other products in the past, but we’ve always been able to rely on Hightail. Everyone has the Hightail desktop app so we can access our shared client folders and important documents like templates. We have the mobile app installed on our smartphones and tablets so when we’re out meeting clients in other parts of the country, we can quickly access the latest Keynote presentation via our tablet or phone. Hightail is so important at BIGEYE that we include it in the documentation we give to new hires about how we work.”

Billboard campaign for Member One Federal Credit Union
Billboard campaign for Member One Federal Credit Union

Check egos at the door
The hiring process is critical for BIGEYE’s small open creative environment. No matter how skilled or talented a person, the ability to fit in with the company’s culture is critical.

“There’s a certain mix of individual that we look for,” explains Wágner, “it’s not particularly documented in any way but it’s evident when you come here. Egos are not allowed. Attitudes are not allowed. Our CEO, Justin Ramb does a great job of ensuring we have a group of people that excel at their craft but are also easy and fun to work with. Clients always comment on how they feel integrated with us and that we’re more like a partner than an agency.”

App icon design for The Daily Mom
App icon design for The Daily Mom

However, personality will only get you so far and being part of the BIGEYE team means also being someone that will help the agency evolve and grow.

“Part of the secret of the BIGEYE sauce is that we’re continually educating ourselves on the evolution of trends and technology,” adds Wágner. “We never use dated practices. We’re always looking at where we’re going with media and digital marketing and fine-tuning those processes so that they accurately resonate with consumers and continue to deliver ROI and impact KPIs.”

BIGEYE’s fully integrated approach to marketing and advertising that embraces open communication and cutting edge technology ensures the boutique agency always makes a big impression.

To find out more, visit the BIGEYE website and follow them on Twitter.

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