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Customer spotlight: Scales Advertising

Colm Larkin

March 16, 2015

Scales Advertising business card

When Scales Advertising describes itself as a “full-service agency”, it’s not messing around. Lots of ad agencies use the term, but few have such definite proof they mean it as this Minnesota-based firm that specializes in outdoor and recreational markets.

Working for a ceramic grill brand, Scales not only created a website and animated promotional video, but also developed a popular social media campaign and designed packaging, brochures and merchandise. A unique, outdoor fashion label came to Scales for a website, TV commercials, fashion photography and label designs.

Scales Advertising creative area

Whether it’s coming up with a tagline that helped a client get listed as one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies, or designing stunning, appetizing packaging for chocolates; Scales thrives on creating and sharing ideas. But that wasn’t always very easy.

“We used to send files to clients using FTP,” recalls the firm’s IT Director, Andrew Satnik, “but clients frequently had trouble using it. I was tired of fielding calls from people telling me they couldn’t download the work we had sent. We needed a new approach, but we had to solve the problem without breaking the bank.”

Andrew tried Hightail and was impressed with its simplicity. He knew both the Scales team responsible for sharing files with clients would find it fast and easy to use.

“With a service like Dropbox, using folders means there are a lot more steps. No one else seems to get the simplicity of just sending a file except Hightail. Switching to Hightail eliminated all the problems with clients not being able to download files. It made things a whole lot easier for us.”

Scales Advertising studio

In the competitive outdoor market, brands need to be fiercely protective of new products and campaigns until they’re ready for launch. With such a deep involvement in all aspects of their clients’ promotions, Scales is always very security-conscious.

“It was definitely on our minds when we chose Hightail,” says Andrew. Around that time Dropbox was getting a lot of negative press about security, which is why we didn’t consider keeping it. Another key thing about Hightail is that when our clients get a file link email, they see the Scales logo. This branding is very important as it assures them they can trust this link.”

With simple file sharing, trusted security and customizable branding, Hightail offers the kind of full service that Scales Advertising understands and needs.

Learn more about Scales Advertising at and find them on Twitter and Facebook.