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Content marketing is major challenge, says Marketo report

Liana Tallarico

February 6, 2017

Marketing automation service Marketo recently surveyed more than a thousand of its North American customers and used the findings to deliver a benchmark report on the state of marketing in 2017.

Content emerged as one of top challenges facing global marketing, especially for enterprise organizations for who it ranked as the number one concern. This finding aligns with last year’s Content Marketing Institute report that cited content creation challenges as one of top three issues faced by struggling marketing organizations.

68% of Marketo respondents are publishing content at least once a week. But creating enough fresh, relevant material remains the biggest challenge when it comes to scaling the nurture campaigns that 80% of those surveyed are running.

Social shortcomings 

The frequency of social media posts — which falls well short of industry best practices — also suggests that the lack of enough good content impacts their ability to increase the volume of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn updates.

And though some expressed interest in exploring new channels like Facebook Live and Snapchat, 65% didn’t plan on trying anything new. This could be an indicator they are still trying to optimize their existing channels and strategies.

Tech to the rescue

If technology could help solve these content issues, it would probably be welcomed by this group. 60% currently use six or more technologies and 68% believe these solutions integrate well with their workflow.

The problem could be that they’re simply not thinking of using technology to enhance the content creation process. According to CMI, 85% of marketers do not use content collaboration or workflow software.

As services like Hightail become more prevalent over the coming year, it’ll be interesting to see whether content remains the number one challenge in next year’s Marketo report.

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