Content marketing concerns: the troubling state of creative collaboration

We asked more than 1000 marketing and creative professionals from businesses large and small about how they are dealing with the ever-increasing pace and volume of original content creation — and you all spilled the beans. We’ve all been keeping a secret and now we’re ready to own our truth.

The current creative process is broken and we can’t ignore it any longer

Marketing content is the fuel that drives business growth. And the quality of your team’s collaboration is what drives the quality of the creative needed to deliver business results and increase sales/revenue.

While the demand for original content has grown, our creative development processes have not evolved and now the same-old, same-old way that marketing and creative teams have worked together is collapsing under its own weight.

87% agree that it is important for their organization to maintain content quality while easily scaling existing resources to meet the content demand. Yet an ineffective, broken process is stressful, ruining team morale and negatively impacting quality of creative output and putting business goals in jeopardy:

– 77% agree the creative review and approval process is stressful

– 53% say the increased stress is a result of more people becoming involved with content review and approvalIt’s not “just” a marketing problem, it hurts the whole business

More than half of the marketers we spoke to say that all parts of their creative development process are problematic and 62% believe that correcting misunderstandings and miscommunications resulting from the broken process wastes time and costs money. Even worse, 48% say that an inability to create quality content at a fast-enough pace adversely affects revenue growth.

Teams need for a better way to collaborate

Even though marketing and creative teams complain about it, 85% say that teamwork and collaboration — when it’s good — can be one of the best parts of their jobs. No wonder they want to experience that feeling more often.Interestingly, though they recognize the positive impact of their powerful new analytics, automation and authoring tools, 36% believe that there is no technology solution to fix the problems they face with creative collaboration. That’s just not true.

Marketing and creative teams need a technology solution purpose-built for their unique challenges; one that truly helps them develop amazing creative, together. Only by eliminating the day-to-day stressors and inefficiencies currently crushing creative collaboration, will our teams be able to continue producing the kind of high quality, personalized original content that is essential to business growth.

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