A content marketing bottleneck is costing your business

Today’s automation and analytics technology provides marketers with the unprecedented to deliver highly personalized experiences to customers across a range of channels, all while measuring ROI down to the penny. However, this wonderful gift for marketers has created a new problem for their creative teams, who now must generate enough content to fuel these machines.

The daily grind of feeding the content beast with new, personalized images, videos and web pages is placing huge pressure on creative teams and creating a content bottleneck that reduces the value of a company’s MarTech investment. Ultimately it impacts businesses in three significant ways:

  1. Wasted money

A University of Virginia report found that professionals spent 70-85% of their time dealing with feedback and approvals on content. Fixing the problems of an inefficient creative collaboration process will increase productivity and save businesses money.

2.  Missed opportunities  

Bottlenecks prevent the creative team from delivering enough personalized content, meaning that opportunities are frequently missed to target potential customers with smarter and more relevant messages and content.

3.  Lost innovation

An Adobe survey showed that 77% of creative professionals feel more pressure to be productive than creative. Teams whose energy and engagement is sapped by inefficient creative review and approval cycles are unlikely to produce business-boosting creative ideas and campaigns.

The benefits of fixing your creative process

Without quality content, analytics and automation tools are powerless to lure new customers and engage existing users. Adopting purpose-built creative collaboration solutions like Hightail will fix issues caused by an over-reliance on email and the complexity of marketing teams who typically must partner with multiple external agencies, as well as internal stakeholders.Addressing this long-standing pain of creative collaboration will bring immediate and quantifiable benefits. By shattering the bottlenecks that delay the time it takes for content to go from concept to completion, businesses will save money, take advantage of more opportunities for value, boost creative innovation and drive more revenue.

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